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  1. Hi,


    I live in Greece and I am interested in finding Acacia obtusifolia seeds to start a new project. I am planning in growing about 20 trees in a place of mine!

    Tell me what you want in exchange and ask for my seed list I can send you!

  2. 1. 200 hundred seeds crushed

    2. put them in a tea bag and inside some clear cold water

    3. put them in fridge for 30 mins

    4. drink

    That is the most easier way. Talking about 30 seeds we talk about a threshold experience.

    It's what are you looking for in the end.

  3. Banisteriopsis caapi ~ “Vine of the Souls” or “Ayahuasca”

    Psychotria viridis ~ “Chacruna”

    Salvia Divinorum ~ "Pipilzintzintli"

    Trichocereus spp. ~ “San Pedro”

    Rivea corymbosa ~ “Ololiuqui” and/or Argyreia nervosa ~ “Woodrose”

    Erythroxylum spp. ~ “Coca Leaf”

    Nicotiana spp. ~ “Tobacco”

    Mitragyna speciosa ~ “Kratom”

    Silene capensis ~ “Root of the White Ways”

    Calea zacatechichi ~ “Bitter Dream Herb”

    Catha edulis ~ “Khat”

    Psychotria viridis I think that is very difficult to grow in Greece.

    S. divinorum needs a greenhouse

    Erythroxylum is out of the question to grow

    Nicotiana will destroy the place because the second year the place will be filled with this plant

    As for khat I think that it's a bit difficult to grow.

    Additions to your garden are :

    Peganum harmala

    Naga jolokia [the hottest chili in the world]

    mandragora autumnalis (works better in greece than M.officinalis) [if you search you can find seeds, but I'll give you next year if mine will give me some]

  4. Well there was a ancient Greek/Hellenic myth about the strenght of the Centaurs.

    According to the myth, after consuming amanita muscaria, the could shoot an arrow and pass through a humans chest, killing him instantly.

    Also another myth saying about the Maenads, that after consuming a mushroom they ripped human babys and animals killing them or they could travel a great distant with ease.

    I can say that at least in small doses A. muscaria every time gives me this feeling (the feeling of superhuman power and that I can go anywhere I want without getting tired)

    Also It's a Great sex enhancer. A machine-gun fucker :)

    But this is a thing a friend of mine experienced.

  5. I trade one of the 3 DVDs of entheogen documentaries and other matterials, for

    psilocybin spore prints (or 3 DVDs for one spore syringe), If anyone is interested please send PM.

    UPDATE : Since I saw that some people don't have spore print to trade, but want the DVDs, I would like to add that I am trading the 3 DVDs for :

    Live plants (3 DVDs): Salvia divinorum, Lophophora williamsii or anything that you have and I don't.

    Seeds (1 DVD) : Tebernanthe iboga, Merremia tuberosa, Elaeagnus angustifolia, Solanum villosum

    DVD I


    Extreme Celebrity Ayahuasca

    JungleTrip Ayahuasca


    Shamans of the Amazon

    Entheogenic Plants

    Gnostic Media Revolve Trailer

    Horizon : Psychedelic Science

    The Remembering

    Phrmacratic Inquisition

    Taboo : Mind Altering drugs

    Tribe Sanema : Virola

    Hooked – Illegal Drugs

    Pt I :Cocaine

    Pt II : Opium, Morphine and Heroine

    Pt III : LSD, Ecstasy and the Raves

    PT IV : Marijuana


    One Life : Detox or Dies

    Tribe Babongo : Iboga

    Ibogaine Reports

    LEAP ( Law Enforcement Against Prohibition )

    Common Sense for Drug Policy

    Eddie Ellison : Cannabis Reclassifies


    Jack Cole – End Prohibition

    Jack Cole – End Prohibition II

    Jack Cole TV Interview

    John Gayder – Green Truth

    Larry W Campbell : Association Conf


    LSD : The Beyond Within

    LSD : The Beyond Within Pt II

    Space Cadet – LSD Being Tested on British Troops

    Hofmann’s Potion

    The History Of LSD

    DVD II


    Magic Weed : History of Marijuana

    Grass : History of Marijuana

    How to make Hash

    How to Grow Marijuana

    Reefer Madness 1938

    The Hemp Revolution

    Timeshift : The Cannabis Years


    Ecstasy Rising

    Mind States

    Mind Stated 2004 : Intro

    Mind Stated 2004 : Extra Features

    Mind Stated 2004 : Extra Features

    Mind Stated 2004 : Ann and Sasha Shulgin

    Mind Stated 2004 : Outro


    James Arthur – Amanita Muscaria

    Guide to Mushroom Cultivation

    Peyote Mescaline

    Blueberry – Peyote Vision

    Last of the Medicine Men : Peyote Pt I

    Last of the Medicine Men : Peyote Pt II

    Mescaline Extraction

    Therapeutic Potential of Psychedelics

    Therapeutic Potential of Psychedelics Pt I

    Therapeutic Potential of Psychedelics Pt II

    Therapeutic Potential of Psychedelics Pt III

    Therapeutic Potential of Psychedelics Pt IV

    Timothy Leary Pt I

    A LSD Science and Experience

    Getting High – The History of LSD

    How to Operate your Brain


    Sacred Weeds

    Amanita muscaria Pt I

    Amanita muscaria Pt II

    Amanita muscaria Pt III

    Salvia divinorum Trailer

    Salvia divinorum Pt I

    Salvia divinorum Pt II

    Salvia divinorum Pt III

    Henbane Pt 1

    Henbane Pt II

    Henbane Pt III

    Blue Lilly Pt I

    Blue Lilly Pt II

    Blue Lilly Pt III

    Terence McKenna

    3 Gigabytes of Interviews and Documentaries

  6. At about 12:00 in the morning I ingested 1,5 gr of Saffron powder, cultivated in Greece/Kozani. One of the finest Saffrons. I was in my house alone and the temperature was about 25 C.

    + 20 Calmness and beauty comes in waves. Very discreetly and they end with smiles.

    + 35 Light nuisance in the stomach that after a little it disappearred completely.

    + 40 I decided to make a bath. The sense was amazing. All this action had been transformed in sensual art. It was the best way in order to I feel the attributes of crocus. My body corresponded in changes of cold and hot water. I could describe the feeling as hedonistic but not sexual. I began to wash myself slowly so that I can follow the needs of my body. I sat down in lotus position. I felt solitary beauty and happiness. Each part of my body, appeared to me unusually beautiful. I was impressed by the details of my hands and feet. The music without being heard differently, created the atmosphere that I wanted. The bath lasted 30 minutes.

    + 65 Prevails a sense of calm

    + 240 Slowly the attributes of crocus have been disappearred. Only thing that remained was a subtle type of joy and relaxation.

    As a last note, I would like to say that further study of this plant's properties should be made. To date 1.5 gr is a safe daily amount, while 20 gr is given as a lethal dose and 10 grams can induce abortion (per Monographie der Kommision E; cf. Czygan 1989, 414). It's subtle feeling was described as sacred .

    Indeed, Saffron as a cultivated plant in ancient and present Greece were used ritually and was regarded as sacred. Especially in ancient Minoan culture.

    Also Saffron was sacred to the Goddess Hecate