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  1. I want finally to grow Schisandra. I tried it already but failed to germinate the seeds. Who has the plant, were did you get the seeds and what did you do? It is the right time of year and I like to stratify my seeds outdoors.

  2. In Australia solar and wind would be the way to go. Germany has much more solar installed than Australia but half the sun! Our energy needs cannot be met, we need to consume less. For example all new houses built in Australia made by developpers need AC, only because they are built in the wrong way. There are entire buildings without natural light. They build a new library here and the whole complex is air conditioned (no one needs that in our climate) and on the top of it you cannort turn off rooms which are not used. We could easily cut our energy consumption in half without suffering and further with a little bit of constraint. No one in Sydney would suffer if there would be a functional public transport and people would not have to use cars, but our gov. builds new motorways.

    Of course solar is not without pollution either.

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  3. Hi, If you have something interesting (herb, edible, useful, seeds cuttings or plants, legall) to swap, have a look on my website what you want in return: mountainherbs

    I want plants which survive frosts to at least -5C and can be shipped to NSW. I have some more plants which are still not included on the page and plants with 0 are still maybe available. Just leave me a notice on the contact form. If you happen to be in the Mountains we do not need the "service" of Australia Post.

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  4. I chime in late here... Couldn't read the whole thread! I am confused lately.. All what's on mainstream news is a lie. Half of the stuff on alternative news is written by government paid shills, people who simply invent something and the other half is maybe right. Who can tell weather or not all of this is propaganda?

    But on the other hand side: coal is dirty, destroys our land, pollutes the air - isn't that enough reason?

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  5. This is a very tame question.....

    But still. From my profile, you can see that I am selling herbs plants (the cool climate ones) and I want that herbs are freely available. I know that I am allowed to sell the coltsoot plant, but I thought you cannot sell the herb as such. I tried to search google for it but I could not make arhyme out of these text (I don't speak legal). There was one astonishing large list with all sorts of plants and poisons mixed up, but nothing which says what not to do with them. I found two online sellers of the dried herb in Australia. (Not that I want to sell dried herbs). Does anyone know the legal status of coltsfoot?

  6. Thanks, the pebbles idea is good. Maybe I shuold treat them like succulents - they like a mulch of stones on the top. Our climate in the Upper mountians is not very forthcoming to ephedra - which species would you recommend? I tried one used in Chinese medicine and I want to try it once again and the one which is called mormon tea (as far as memory serves).

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