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  1. godless

    Unable to send PMs

    mine are all good
  2. hoping for an iD on this fella from dawsons, ill take some more ID worthy pics in the next few days
  3. godless

    Sun vs Shade

    yeah id say the thin section will remain that way forever, even if the new growth fattens up, could be wrong though. I don't like to say anything with %100 certainty lol. what ratio is the shade cloth, 30%should be fine.
  4. godless

    Sun vs Shade

    at a guess id say poor soil, personally I do everything in full sun. the shaded one has etoliated.
  5. godless

    Unable to send PMs

    just click 'submit reply' without writing anything and the page will refresh with a window you can write in This seems to work for existing messages, but not for creating a new one
  6. Ive got the PMs sussed, just click 'submit reply' without writing anything and the page will refresh with a window you can write in
  7. godless

    wanted myrtillo geo crest

    @MountainGoat id have sent you a pm but it aint working. you gunna go for it? if not I might give it a shot.. you get first dibs if you want it.
  8. godless

    Post a random picture thread

    cutie bubba
  9. godless

    wanted myrtillo geo crest

    pretty nice looking stock too.
  10. godless

    wanted myrtillo geo crest

    actually it is 70cm tall, if they get charged for cubing I can see how it might cost 40
  11. godless

    wanted myrtillo geo crest

    fkn hell, I didn't notice the postage cost!
  12. godless

    wanted myrtillo geo crest

  13. @waterboy 2.0 yeah I can get into them and see whats been said previously, but unable to write a reply to anything. I click on the message icon, then click go to inbox and they all come up but yeah...unable to reply to anything, it just doesn't give me the option.
  14. im having issues with pm's, I cant reply to anything, anyone else having issues?
  15. 6 more big guys in the ground, got one more to go but its not quite healed well enough yet. then got a few to cherry pick from my stocks, at least 2 more.
  16. is there any interest in these? make it worth my while.. and the owner.. apparently theres two types of opuntia that are the best for fruit (according to Robert at fields) and this is one of them, not sure on the specific IDs ( if anyone can help with id let me know) The bloke told me anything impacting the fence is fair game, so if your keen hit me up with an offer. people do come every year to pick the fruit so I cant go too hard.
  17. godless

    The Random Thread.

    too many rabbits.....In China..
  18. godless

    don't cha hate it when..

    SO SICK of this "cactus of the 4 winds" bullshit. when I can be fucked im gunna go out and take a photo of every 4 ribbed cacti I have and make a post about it. ffs people they just revert anyway, and while were at it, same with melted wax, 90% of them revert. I feel guilty every time I sell one.
  19. godless

    Loph help!

    that looks rough as guts dude, I recently had most of my collection wiped out due to mites but I used my move from one joint to another as a kind of quarantine. im no expert but it looks like what I had as mites. time for poison im sorry to say or it will just die off, that's probably why the stock is having issues as well. just my opinion and like I say im no expert, im happy for someone else to chime in and correct me.
  20. i thought peeps might find this interesting, some will remember that rosei 1 from fields about 18 months ago(I have not been there since December 2015)...some of them appeared to be growing flat, almost as though they were squished, there was debate about what they were going to do... go dichotomous or maybe crest. Here is a pic of what one I have is doing now, and also a pic of one that hasn't done anything yet (just to show the flat appearance)
  21. heres one that appears to have just split, no pupping, from 2007
  22. godless

    prickly pear potentially for sale

    water melon / cucumber sounds about right
  23. godless

    prickly pear potentially for sale

    couldn't say if theyre the same, but the colour of the inside of the fruit is similar to my ones. the fruit that chick has is a fair bit bigger though. maybe with optimal growing conditions mine could achieve the same result, I don't think they get any special attention.
  24. godless

    prickly pear potentially for sale

    species, cultivar, clone name.. you get my drift