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    So...Im back, the user formally known as....

    yo stu, sup! RC do you mean mick taylor or the Unabomber? both are good but I do like the Unabomber, before terrorism got such a bad name. I think ill just leave it as the default, gotta be a good little boy and both pics are slightly hostile, who knows I might settle in eventually and personalize my profile, but im trying to be tame. no ones told me to be so, I just feel that way. kinda feel I shouldn't even be writing this, just treat the site as a resource and not participate in community, it only seems to get me into trouble. I'll just ask questions, answer the odd one, and fling a pic out now and then. hope my comment about terrorism doesnt start a shitstorm, that's the kind of mindset im in. probably slightly paranoid. MasterB I had not forgotten about you I owe you dude.
  2. godless

    Peruvian Army

    I got these babes in the ground, one snapped under its own weight, some were just slightly too big for perfect planting size, ive staked a few others that were leaning. photos coming soon, ive decided to just name them PA (Peruvian Army) 1,2,3,4 etc ill mention again that the numbers in the original post should be disregarded, they've all been jumbled since then but now theyre planted ive given each one a solid name.
  3. cheers mate, thanks for the reply, much appreciated..im still on the fence though, leaning towards polaskia..cant say ive had much experience with myrtillo seedlings but older plants have much thicker spines than what im seeing here. The red tinge does seem to match up with polaskia, based only on my google searches..picked this baby up one day for 8$, about 10cm tall, was just in the mix with everything else, no tag. Id be over the moon if it was a myrtillo. at least we know its not a trich now.
  4. Polaskia? what does the red tinge around the aeroles mean?