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  1. is there a grass thread ?  , my lawn is the absolute worst type of grass I've ever had the opportunity to walk on




    on another note why is outback Australia so damned beautiful , feel like I need somebody to  teach me about aboriginal culture


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  2. “You were a slimy creep then and you’re a slimy creep now, and when you die they won’t have to bury you; they can just pour you down the nearest drain, so you can join all the other turds.”

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  3. Yeah skelly , the weather up here is obviously perfect for them still having 20 degree days where I'm at ,  only just started dropping down to under 10 degrees at night in the last week , a lot of my cacti are still powering along like they haven't even noticed they should have gone dormant hahaha 

    i mean the siblings have rooted , doubled in girth and have grown 6-10 cm in the last few months 

    feel blessed to be in the environment I'm in 


    yeah id love to see them become a much more common clone , they are amazing cacti 

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  4. Re-location 

    Seedlings are really starting to come into there own and become easily identifiable from eachother love the individual differences 

    particularly enjoying psycho0 x yowie characteristics putting on immense girth with interesting spine positions and colouring .


    Brother and sister cuts I received from godless have literally almost  doubled in girth being about 8-10 cm diameter when I received them and easily 15cm now despite it being winter there still powering along , cheers again for them mate 


    still havnt moved my bigger cactus as I'm unsure If they will survive a trailer ride and as they are way to big for my little car I'm stuck so any tips would be appreciated 







    new house new location for the seedlings 


    pach x s2s1 that I'm particularly fond of today 










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  5. yeah I agree especially if it was from spooge , fantastic though atleast it inspired some conversation at the very least if nothing else good comes out of it , cheers mate 

    best of luck with your cactus regeneration attempts 


  6. Yeah must have taken ages I have a couple of little Unknown Astros that have not done anything in seven months or not anything I am capable of observing maybe I'm to used to all these trichos growing at warp speed , how old is that one if you don't mind me asking ,absolutely beautiful though  , cheers for sharing 

  7. Lol your right I don't know what I was talking about hah yes it's been a long day don't blame me for brain misfire of course it's not a degraft lol what I was really trying to ask wether it was grown in a pot or not , and watering and lightings conditions is where I think I was going with that lol , maybe stretching without sufficient water would cause small cracks to form in the connective tissue between then cactus bark in the centre and the flesh and as it grows it's stretch it into a cavity that slightly calluses  ?????? Or the posty did the best job of mashing a cactus I've seen yet either way , I'm sad at the loss at what looks like would have been a nice cactus 


    yeah ah I must agree the etoliation is severe but cutting at the new growth once it reach about 12-15 of new growth and rooting that piece caused it to fatten out on its on two feet so to speak and the piece it was cut from started throwing pups turning my little tips I thought where lost into 3 small but fair size cactus , there strong they will come back if you let them do there thing 


    Best of luck anyway mate