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  1. Here are the only photos I really have. I have found that broad phyllode is pretty consistent over it's entire endemic range. Without flowers it's hard to say for sure. If you could smell the heart wood that would help also... Did you take photos of the specimen(s) you collected from? I hand* threshed the pods and the seed basically fell out. Does help if they are really dry. Then winnowed it a few times.
  2. @S35H4T @shadowcreature @Danielle Rose I still need your address via PM. Please get back to me before Friday or you'll be skipped. I will not be holding seed past then, I plan to mail 43 letters on Friday and close this giveaway. Thanks
  3. HWT 24/12/18 (12 hours overnight) Sown 25/12/18 Today: Bit slower than normal but the % is already there
  4. Only a few days left for anyone interested to get your name down for seed, cut off 7/1 Anyone who hasn't replied within 2 weeks of me messaging for their address will be skipped. Happy 2019
  5. Gimli

    Wanted tobacco seeds

    Which variety of N tabacum?
  6. Gimli

    TBM Flowering

    Let's have a healthy dose of skepticism...
  7. Gimli

    TBM Flowering

    Peddle harder
  8. No point wasting good material
  9. Your name is already on the list. Patience, young grasshopper Edit: final threshing and winnow yield is around 80,000 seeds by weight estimate. Pretty chuffed
  10. Thank, worth the effort. Have a little more to process, maybe another few thousand seeds. Drop in the bucket though
  11. Gimli

    Merry Christmas 2018

    Happy festivus
  12. Visited today and picked just over a kilo of seed (pictured). Might go back for more next week. Some trees are still covered in green pods, some are hanging ripe and some have dropped all their seed For now, running this giveaway until 7/1/19 and then I'll get mailing. Still waiting on a few people to send back their address too Happy festivus
  13. Gimli

    Meet up: Perth

    Items for giveaway at the next meet #1) Lophophora 'Jourdaniana' grafted to pachanoi #2) Lophophora 'Jourdaniana' grafted to selenicereus #3) Validus x Lumberjack (rooted), zelly hybrid #4) Peru 'Los Banos' cutting (rooted) #5) Pachanoi 'Rod' cutting #6) Scop x Super Pedro cutting (rooted) Maybe some other stuff by the time this meet rolls around. Same as before, names drawn from a hat
  14. After doing a couple, I think I will leave the film on until the seedling breaks through it. I did a slightly bigger Lophophora onto Selenicereus stock and removing the film was a right pain.
  15. Gimli

    Kentucky Ayahuasca

    Was flicking thru my tv download sites and noticed this. Will give it a watch but it is VICE so no doubt trash https://www.viceland.com/en_us/show/kentucky-ayahuasca "Follow shaman Steve Hupp, as he works with people seeking healing from severe emotional and physical issues. "
  16. Aug 3 grafts already spitting out pups. 13 offsets across 6 grafts so far and more areoles swelling A myriostigma var quadricostatum TPM Not much else has been happening, what with the pere farming and all. 546 pieces so far. Hope to hit 700 by xmas
  17. Gimli

    What did you do in your sacred garden today?

    6 of 7 Acacia courtii. The last one is taking it's sweet ass time losing the seed coat.
  18. Update: given the weird season we're having so far, seed might not be ready until around new years. Visited the plantation of an acquaintance today and they are still bright green pods so no doubt will be the same as my trees. Will go back a few days before xmas To claim some seeds, please post here as per the original post. I will then PM asking for your address. Please don't just hit me with a PM containing your address. Cheers
  19. Gimli

    eBay/Gumtree finds

  20. Gimli

    don't cha love it when...

    You get photos of plants grown from your seed giveaways (Acacia acuminata broad phyllode)
  21. Gimli


    From the album: Grafts

    Lophophora williamsii 'caespitosa'