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  1. In recent years the WHO and FDA both determined that Kratom was not a drug of concern. So that's encouraging. 

    There have been copious studies on Kratom's (relative) safety since the TGA scheduled it as a poison in 2003. Not to mention, a synthetic opioid epidemic. 

    I think it's only one of two active alkaloids, mitragynine, that's included in the poisons schedule.

  2. Toxicity


    Substance alone 

    Substance in formulation 

    SPF, 2018 Classification 


    Acute oral toxicity LD50 (mg/kg bw) 






    Acute dermal toxicity 
    50 (mg/kg bw)






    Acute inhalational toxicity 
    50 (mg/m3/4h)






    Skin irritation 






    Eye irritation 






    Skin sensitisation (LLNA / Buehler etc.) 






























    Table 1 (Complete if relevant)

    This is part of the application to amend the Poisons Schedule. 

  3. How would the drug testing regime be enforced, i.e. what penalty? I can only imagine the scandal of a female MP being tested positive for alcohol - versus her male counterparts like Barnaby Joyce, whose approval rating is still being shored up by a protectionist mainstream media. I'm not sure what the parliamentary rulebook says about drunkenness or illicit drug-taking. But there'd be no point in testing if there weren't any consequences. 

    Furnishing Kirrabilly House with one of the world's best-stocked wine cellars probably doesn't help, or set a good example. On the PM's salary, he/she/it can afford to buy their own. 

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  4. 1 hour ago, Ishmael Fleishman said:

    strong resistance amongst whites and black towards using native South African plants.

    A "mere" 61 species documented in this study of S. African childhood diseases, of an estimated 30000 plants known to traditional healers. The authors point out that the cost of western medicine is prohibitively high, which has led to a resurgence of interest in traditional plant medicines. The study itself does not associate the use of traditional plant medicine with better or worse health outcomes (such as child mortality rates) in rural areas. But I think one of the study's implications is that, maybe not all of these traditional remedies are effective. 



  5. "We have been informed today that Dr. Ben Sessa has been summoned to appear before the General Medical Council’s (GMC) Medical Practitioners Tribunal Service (MPTS) in the UK regarding alleged misconduct. The hearing is scheduled to commence on February 29, 2024. Dr. Sessa has stepped aside from his duties with Mind Medicine Australia pending the outcome of this hearing. Mind Medicine Australia was not previously aware of these allegations or the GMC investigation"


    See also: 






  6. https://www.theguardian.com/australia-news/2024/feb/11/a-raft-of-unanswered-questions-remain-as-australias-first-psychedelic-therapy-clinic-opens

    You've no idea how fucking furious I am at Mind Medicine Australia, the TGA, et al. In a SMH article today, the doctors are gloating that they've got the pure MDMA, the implication being, they're fine with ravers dying from impure ecstasy - "we've got the pure stuff, and we're not sharing" - there has to be some kind of organised revolt against the monopolisation of psychedelic experience. MMA has even roped in Gabor Mate as one of its course instructors, wallowing as they are in $15M of taxpayers' money, and laughing all the way to the bank. Absolutely fucking obscene. 

  7. On 09/02/2024 at 6:30 PM, ZooL said:

    you should be wary of youtubers and the like that clearly have some motive or angle they are tryna push offering easy answers and citing papers to try support their shtick.

    Sounds familiar. mRNA "vaccine" was the easiest answer, and biggest schtick of them all. 


  8. On 18/12/2023 at 12:53 PM, ayaibo said:

    I found on internet some peruvian shop which can sell and send some mapacho around the world but I know Australia is really hard and strict concerning biosecurity, plants...

    I would like to know , what is my best way to have some ? grow it myself here ? or do you think if I buy some in Peru, it will arrive here without any problem?

    If the custom catches it, what could happen to me ?

    I do not want any problem with the custom and the australian gov .


    Nicotiana spp. are not included on the DAFF list of permitted seed imports. The seeds are so tiny, though, so I wonder how they would ever be detectable in small quantities. 

    Worst case scenario (in my experience): you will receive either nothing, or an empty mailing box stripped of its contents, together with a rude letter explaining that the contents have been confiscated and "destroyed." Commercial quantities may attract stiffer penalties, I don't know. 

    Those particular seeds are already available in Oz, in any case.  


  9. As he always does, Dr John links to the research paper in his YouTube description. I don't have the time or expertise to sift through the paper's claims, so appreciate the work he does in communicating the latest science to the public - in far less time than it would take me to read the paper. I've come across several CBD/Covid-19 papers over the years, so it's exciting to see that research trend continue, with preliminary findings corroborated. 


    Officially, of course, Dr John is a crackpot. Just ask Wikipedia, the font of all knowledge. (As a former Wikipedia editor I know full well its propensity for bias and ideological abuse). To my mind, Dr John performs a valuable public service, despite concerted efforts to prevent him from doing so. 


    ZooL, if you'd paid attention you'd have realised that (according to these latest research findings) THC negates the antiviral benefits of CBD, so anecdotes from your stoner days are probably ill-advised. But I take your point, and in future will link directly to the research paper instead of YouTube.

  10. 15Hz binaural beats for assisting with the completion of "complex learning tasks" seems to have proven counter-productive. But these same researchers concede the possibility of other effects: 

    the systematic use of binaural beats in order to improve ... relaxation, for example with the use of the so-called marijuana binaural beats ... bears the risk of stimulations becoming a form of digital drugs ...