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  1. Someone sent me this link (below), I'm not related to this retailer nor even a customer of theirs. Some nice varieties on offer (browse by price> lowest to highest). But only a generic photo of each, it seems. 


    Hey , 

    Just letting you know...

    The store is packed a load of 'Ugly Ducklings' in need of new homes, and Hundreds of Trichocereus Australia hybrids, at a smooth $5ea, or $4ea when you pick 10+!

    Use code 'TRICHO20' in checkout.


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  2. 6 hours ago, Cycloneoo said:

    open pollinated in Matucana

    I would have thought that "landrace genetics" (in my case) if it meant anything at all, would have meant: hand-pollinated. But on second thought, how does any of this sit with self-sterility? I'm starting to think that "landrace" is not applicable at all to Trichocereus spp. (just marketing hype?). Surely in some traditional locale with a favoured variety, the custodians would simply clone the thing vegetatively? If it set seed, it probably would have been "open pollinated" (i.e. productive of hybrid form)?


    Yours looks similar to mine, I'm still hoping it will show spineless characteristics on maturity. I'll try and find it for a photo session. 


    The cutting I listed above has gone to a good home. 

  3. Bunnings Coburg: those PC pachanoi were tucked away indoors, underneath a table, for the past few months. Severe etiolation probably now a selling point. Still >$50 each. And a bunch of interesting-looking Mesembryanthemum spp. in the "Pigface" section, dwarf pink, pale pink, and white flowering. 



  4. Missed out on this recent eBay auction. I'd be willing to pay for just a little piece. Thinking someone here might have been the lucky winner? (Seller has relisted same variety, but is unsure if genetically identical). Shoot me a PM if you can help out.

    Screen Shot 2023-02-20 at 10.00.39 am.png

  5. So ... Swinburne announces a $5M study of treatment-resistant depression and potential therapeutic effects of psilocybin. To be undertaken in 2023. 


    Within a few weeks of this announcement, the TGA jumps the gun, leapfrogging over just about every other nation, to announce approval of the psychiatric use of psilocybin for treatment-resistant depression, etc. 


    I wonder how the researchers and $5M stakeholders in the Swinburne study feel about that. And what implications the TGA decision could have for that particular research program. 


    The fact that the TGA didn't bother waiting on the results of the Swinburne study, signals (potential) political influence on the approval process. Why the sudden urgency? Maybe we need to ask around the big end of town. Someone with even deeper pockets than the Swinburne backers -- surely? -- must've pulled some strings. 

  6. ^ I'd like to know more about the different inoculant types for different crop varieties. Too bad Eden Seeds doesn't seem to have an email address. For example, are the different inoculants different "blends" of microorganisms? Ingredients lists of names of rhizobia could be useful to compare with Australian Acacia studies. 


    Marion Simmons in her book Growing Acacias says that when potting on (i.e. not during germination): 

    "Some soil from around the roots of large acacia plants in the garden or bush may be collected and added to the mix to introduce favourable microorganisms to encourage formation of root nodules and ensure the healthy growth of the plant." (p. 19)


    Not very scientific, but seems to have worked for countless growers in the past. 

  7. I was reading how lentils spread from Turkey to SE Asia, and along the way the rhizobium (but not the lentil) evolved into a distinct spp. But it seems it's more a community of microbes, with considerable overlap between geographical regions and/or Acacia spp. (see Australian acacias research article I linked to above). So I'm of the opinion that any nitrogen-fixing rhizobium would be as good as any other. Though I wonder whether things like alkaloid profile, as well as growth rates, could be influenced by bacteria in the soil. 

  8. We are pleased to inform you that our trial of Psilocybin-Assisted Psychotherapy for Depression is currently recruiting participants. If you wish to be considered for this trial, you must complete our online screening survey which can be found at https://tinyurl.com/PsiloTRD
    This link will also provide you with the Participant Information Sheet, containing important details about the trial. This screening survey is only the first step in determining your eligibility for the trial. If you are determined to be potentially eligible based on your responses to this survey, you may be contacted and asked to complete further screening assessments. 


    Please note:

    • There are strict eligibility criteria for the trial and limited places available.

    • You must currently live full-time in Victoria to participate.

    • If you are determined to be potentially eligible for this clinical trial, this does not guarantee that you will proceed further in the screening process, as there are a limited number of places in this trial. 

    • There may be a substantial delay between your completion of this survey and our research team contacting you. 

    • If you are contacted and proceed with further screening assessments, this does not guarantee you will be offered a place in the trial.


    If you have any further questions about this research, please contact us at [email protected] 

    We thank you for your interest in this trial.

    Kind regards,
    PsiloTRD trial staff 

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  9. 15 minutes ago, jahliveforever said:

    Can you use any rhizobium from an acacia?

    Good question. 


    There are lots of studies like these on legumes and acacias around the world, and their corresponding symbionts.

    I had a potted acacia seedling that developed root nodules, without the addition of rhizobium. I was watering it with rinse water from my lentil sprouts. But the rhizobium were probably more likely to have been present in whatever I'd used as a potting mix?

  10. 8 minutes ago, kindness said:

    no mention of hybridisation on the cactilicious site either

    The price on one batch was reduced because of that possibility, I'm pretty sure. But you could ask seller. 

    I've sown some of the subsequent batch, but haven't seen true phyllodes as yet.