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  1. No I just let it do its thing moon_unit . The growth stalled a bit due to weather and a crowded greenhouse. Hopefully matures and I will bag it up in some moss to germinate.. probably one of my favourite plants to grow... So much mystery and potential... allot of fear and doubt to overcome to start working with it in the future..

  2. Yeah it has been a great unit 2deep2handle. Cheers for the advice. I had my trichs outside for a bit when I had the greenhouse full of caapi. They definitely grow a bit faster in there however I have found disease and fungus more of a problem then outside.. I had to take my bridgesii out as spines were going green and weak..  It has been a learning curve adjusting the vents and humidity over the seasons. Like gardening and life..Trial and errors and patience.. I have some shade cloth across the top and thicker cloth on the side to prevent the afternoon sun kill... The iboga and chacruna definatly prefer more shade. I am on the mid north coast of NSW... 

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