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  1. Ive seen someone who used to use it for cubensis, and got lazy once and left it off. The flush was as good if not better, so they stopped using casing altogether from then on, and is perfectly happy. This is in a small, enclosed fruiting environment with high humidity levels.

  2. I did only say "slightly frustrating" ;) Cause I'm very much a complete noob at growing mushrooms I probably had more questions than a more experienced cultivator so I guess that's why I thought the few tips to be found further throughout the thread were valuable and would have been good to have been collated at the start of the thread. But I'm not trying to take anything away from the tek or its effectiveness, don't get me wrong!

    But cheers for those other shroomery links, I already read the first one but not the second you posted.

    I agree there should have been a clearer write up from the start, that would have been heaps more helpful...

  3. I think he didnt bother writing a specific tek because it was as easy as you see in the photos - spawn in a bucket, put on a shower cap and colonise/fruit. Its that easy.

    Here is a link to a more detailed explanation - http://www.shroomery.org/forums/showflat.php/Number/18892960/fpart/1/vc/1

    And another one here - http://www.shroomery.org/forums/showflat.php/Number/9501009

    There is lots of talk these days about side pinning happening not because of light hitting the substrate, but because the substrate pulls away slightly from the side of the container and provides a brilliant micro-climate for the pinning to happen on the sides. That seems to be the consensus rather than light.

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  4. Its worth reading through the thread, he never wrote a tek on it, but that thread describes everything in detail. There are four holes around the top, and two near the substrate level. The holes are covered with micropore tape, and the substrate is spawned in the bucket, leveled out, and a shower cap thrown over the top, pushed down, and the bucket is thrown under a blanket to colonise.

    Once colonised and starting to fruit, the shower cap can be lifted up to increase fresh air. To fan the bucket, the shower cap can be lifted up and down like a lung - pulling in filtered air through the micropore covered holes. The best option however is to have a small fan on in the room, but not pointing at the buckets, to keep air circulating. This eliminates the need to maually fan and basically keeps them as a completely automated neglect tek. You can mist every few days if you want to stop things drying out.

    The whole thing is protected from fungal gnats so these won't ever be a problem again using buckets, and if a contamination occurs in a bucket, its isolated from the other buckets and can be disposed of easily.

    These can be used to fruit anything, King oysters perform really well in buckets.

  5. 1st year hunting for me - Riverina NSW. No luck to date but I enjoy the walks. Think I've found a nest of pins though. Let's see what the days bring.

    Here's the baby photo:


    Gallerina Marginata mate, death by fungus - dont touch those guys....

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  6. So how about a wild eaucalyptus forest patch?

    I would think there are differences between states as well... SA has some very unique eucalyptus subs, and the WA eucalyptus subs are just ridiculously large, aggressive and potent.

  7. First finds south confirmed as of the 9/5/2013. On track for my very rough 'second week of May' rule of thumb... But very thin on the ground on that day, only 5 specimens located.

    Edit - Subs, that is - not gyms. :)

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  8. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think it's illegal to even take psilocybe mushrooms for spore prints?..

    ..which presents a chicken/egg type problem as the prints are legal themselves.. Yet can't be imported..

    I suppose the only legal way to obtain spore prints is to pluck them out of thin air.

    In america, the way they get around it is the specimens are grown and prints taken in a country where it is legal to do so...

  9. I've personally had a cubensis spore syringe confiscated by customs, and got a letter from the Federal Police. It said it fell under a 'narcotic related item', and if I wanted the package I needed to collect it personally. I didn't, and that was the last I heard of it....

    Other than that, the chance of a spore print in a well packaged envelope being seized is pretty low. Inside a birthday card, then the card folded in a couple of peices of paper or newspaper has never let me down - either to, or from, any destination.

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