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  1. Beautiful cactus HelloNasty! I've seen your post at cactusguide, and I was wondering what percentage of the seedlings turned crestate? Did any of them just turn like melted wax monstrose? What other TPM hybrids are known? and have they displayed similar mutation? My interest is rekindled after seeing that our favorite west coast usa seed peddler now has several TPM hybrids available under their rare-plant list. :D

  2. The most effective thing I have ever found against mites is petroleum oil. Something like "Ortho Volck Oil spray". It is unique in that it is the only insecticide I'm aware of that kills spider mites AND THEIR EGGS. Other things will kill the mites, while their kids hatch the next day, and you're back to square one. And... it makes your plants real shiny and purrdy :D, I'm unaware if its bad for cactus, should be fine for brugs, do some research though!

  3. Hey guys!

    So I picked up this beauty, a lil over a year ago from home depot as a pachanoi. She was my 2nd cactus. Is she a Peruvianus, a true pachanoi, or a hybrid? I thought she was a hybrid for some time, but I saw a Pachanoi that MS Smith said was a true pach that looked remarkably similar. The odd spinal variation and nudges between areoles. What do you think?




    I also found this pic, while trying to find pics of peres in its natural enviroment. I thought its tree-like appearance was quite peculiar, sure wouldn't wanna accidentally bump my head into that! What species is this?










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  4. Amen Ambient, I should have probably worded that "What are the different crests that have been seen?"

    Excellent find on the Trichocereus Bridgesii Cristata DarkSpark! I saw that page before, but definitely need to make it more of a habit to check it up more.

    And Greetings thed00dabides!

    Another good question, has anyone seen or got a pic of a variegated crest?

  5. Yaaayyy! Finally got validated... Greetings fellow Cactiphiles!

    So my first question is what are the different crests that exist?

    I know the basic Pachanoi, Peruvianus, and Bridgesii monstrose crests, but what are the more rarer(or lesser known) ones?

    I received a beautiful "Trichocereus Peruvianus X Juul's Giant" Crest recently. Never having heard of one before, and had true love when I first opened the package. The only other hybrid crest I have seen is a TPM x SS02.

    So what other hybrid crests exist? Also, does a Trichocereus Bridgesii NON-monstrose crest exist?

    Here's My Beauty!








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