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  1. flumsquid

    Post a random picture thread

  2. flumsquid

    Post a random picture thread

  3. flumsquid

    free echinocactus grusonii seeds

    Your welcome ^^ I stilll have leftover seeds from 2011 harvest. if anyone wants some for free pm me . Cheers
  4. flumsquid

    The Sowing Out Thread

    Sowed 300 x l.w. texana
  5. flumsquid

    Kratom for Trade

    ^^ look @ date ;-)
  6. flumsquid

    Messing around with grafts a few photos

    Nice work dude. When would you degraft the larger cacti? Cheers
  7. flumsquid

    Trichocereus terscheckii at Kmart

    ^^ me too ! Where did you hear this chilli?
  8. flumsquid

    What did you do to your cacti today?

    i wait 2 weeks min. although some peeps hold off planting untill they see roots appear
  9. flumsquid

    The Sowing Out Thread

    Sowed all these out today . ;-) Bridgesii x Validus Validus open (SS02 x SS01) x (SS02 x SS01) F2 Juuls Giant open Validus x Bridgesii Validus x (SS02 x SS01) Validus x PC pach PC pach x Validus Spachianus x Juuls Giant Validus x Lumberjack Juuls Giant x Lumberjack Lumberjack x Juuls Giant Juuls x Peru Juuls x Kimnach Peru x Juuls Juuls x (SS02 x SS01) Scop x Peru PC pach x (SS02 x SS01) Kimnach open Kimnach x Bridgesii (SS02 x SS01) open (SS02 x SS01) x Kimnach (SS02 x SS01) x Huanucoensis Huanucoensis x (SS02 x SS01) Huanucoensis x Bridgesii Huanucoensis x Kimnach Huanucoensis open Kimnach x (SS02 x SS01) Peru x Kimnach Peru open
  10. flumsquid

    Columnar Flower Buds. Got some ? Post them here.

    These popped up last week
  11. flumsquid

    Need advice quick - coarse sand question...

    yeh mate i get it from malaga bunnings, most stores stock it near the hydroponic section.I'll post a pic of the bag soon
  12. flumsquid

    Need advice quick - coarse sand question...

    ^^^ and is full of clay (especially brickies over plasterers sand). Both imo, are shit. My local bunnings sells 'propogation sand' .. 5kg bags. This stuff is great. and prewashed. Its about 2-5 mm and is fairly inexpensive
  13. flumsquid

    strange new pup

    weird new growth on old pc pach.
  14. flumsquid

    strange new pup

  15. flumsquid

    strange new pup

    Yeh ,the plant was flowering when the log cut was made last summer. It was cut in line with an old flowering areole. Which may have made this mutation.. This seems consistent with the info in the link shruman posted. (btw cheers shruman!)
  16. flumsquid

    strange new pup

    its in a greenhouse ,it recieves filtered light all day.
  17. flumsquid

    strange new pup

    Heres the one of the normal pups for comparisan
  18. flumsquid

    What did you do to your cacti today?

    Did a loph graft on opuntia .. Fingers crossed...
  19. flumsquid

    graft experimentation :-)

    wheres the pic woof woof?