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  1. Rev

    Some Mitre 10 purchases.

    the fuzz will get more obvios with age again - pups i have only one also dont worry youll get better at echinopsis/trich/etc - same macro genus with time the more you see the better you get seen T thelegonus freaky. it threw me for ages
  2. Rev

    Some Mitre 10 purchases.

    the pilosocereus are great email me when it pup we can trade pups as i have one of those too expect flowers at year 3 or 4 the other looks like oreocereus celsianus at a young age
  3. coral reefs are the best scrubbers CO2 to CO3 in a basic aqueous solution is the best long term sink too bad we are killing them too there are encrusting algae that form limestone skeletons, these are seriously underexploited
  4. high dose acid is far easier than high dose shrooms dont underestimate the shrooms. they are the cuz of dimitri and it shows
  5. Rev

    Mystery fossil turns out to be giant fungus

    nice Panspermia ala McKenna is a goo example of not takeing yourself too seriously and a good argumnet for the peyote cutures tradition of NOT sharing your visions in public lest your a marakame/trained shaman thats the cosmic joke in the shamanic endeavour , some truth, some bullshit, no idea which is which
  6. Rev

    Lophoturbina flowering !

    mushmush.nl best ive ever seen
  7. i know but im not going to tell learning by experience will do you so much good just get on and have a bloody try eh? you arent going to lose a digit then maybe you can teach me something same goes for shrooms "just do it" who cares if you fail, you will learn
  8. Rev

    the 10 most magnificent trees in the world

    chorisia speciosa and dragibus curiosa
  9. Rev

    Salvia flowers *UPDATE*

    they like the cool and hate the heat they like cool montane fresh humid air with no frost eber been up to lamington tops/ oreilly guesthouse ? thats it, thats sally country less light = more leaf/ emerald green more light = flowers and light green leaf they are self infertile we really need seed or anothr clone to make seed hand pollination works i exect in 3 generations of x poll seedgrowing that the vigour, seedset and germination would rise sharply they dont mind moderate humidity but dislike dry winds - they are actually more potent when grown on the drier side ive been sayin for some time- fuschias and begonias baby find where they grow to perfection and sally wants a spot alongside
  10. hi Amanito i love your work just a not that Aussie donators need to be careful that what they export doesnt contravene the customs laws the chances are small but if it says you cant import it, then you also can't export it or else Australia would be a world leader in woodrose exports so spores from australia, or woodrose, or ipomoea, or anadenanthera or many others - but by no means most or the best just be aware but support the fsre
  11. Rev

    Hybrid legality

    JOP you're not getting it tho if its a hybrid its not the same plant, if it is GM it is the same plant just a new variety and living plants unless specifically scheduled are not illegal until prepared (Only cannabis is blanket bannned as a genus in drug law, in customs law Erythroxylum and lophophora are as well) BECAUSE they went to the effort to spceifically ban S divinorum and M speciosa, it is the inherent weakness in the law for instance M javanica and M parvifolia also have psychoactive effects and are not illegal proving intent to prepare is a separate issue same as for any eb plant with scheduled contents or for that matter why your pineal gland is not illegal maybe it would be if it were dried powdered and racked into lines?
  12. you are all heart bro, all heart dont you know your seemingly well to do lifestyle depends on other people being underpaid or not paid? here and abroad im sure youd change your tune if you lost a limb or an eye at work, and/or your job re: not being paid you think these pensioners, unemployed and under-employed (the mysterious void where all those missing unemployed have been sucked to), arent contributing because they arent being paid? The unseen australia runs on volunteers at schools, CFS, disability support, CWA, social welfare, bush regeneration and landcare efforts. if you judge a persons worth by their income youll create a society not worth having ( scum floats dont you know )
  13. yes its an extra $7 a week - not much unless you are on a fixed income like many are so thats $7 extra PLUS the extra dollar or two telstra added to your line rental, plus the increase in fuel price, plus the increase in rent or interest rates plus the medical bills at a non bulk billing GP for you and the family, and the medicines and holy shit - this weeks grocery shopping bill has gone up hasnt it! and theres always more just around the corner if its really 'only' $7 more (and its never 'only $7' at a shareholders meeting) they can absorb into their profit margins rather than expect it to be taken off essential operating costs of joe public
  14. Rev

    Stevia Pollination

    i have a good size stevia bush that makes lots of seed they just blow away on their parasols, but ive never seen it self seed ive never tried to germinate it either what i want is a clone of a seed grown individual, preferably from imported seed in the last 2 years if i got those to x pol id be more interested in trying that seed out
  15. Rev

    Bio Deisel

    i recall talk of converting the trucks at my last place of work to run on soybean oil needed heater tanks to preheat oil and you start and run down on conventional diesel im sure there are many systems worth pursuing
  16. Rev

    Bio Deisel

    what is a cold climate? oils aint oils cold is the same...
  17. we have an illusion of free will which allows for simultaneous yay and nay answer in this world of quantum wierdness
  18. Rev

    Hybrid legality

    its a possibility but it would have to be documented i know about PBR legislation documentation requiremnets and it cost big bucks for each lodgement i would think the problem of botanical ID esp with non flowering hybrid material would certainly give the defence the upper hand on burden of proof and make prosecution less likely unless extraction was evident
  19. Rev

    peak soil

    i have one but infrastructure is an issue if u are in the city you risk being gassed all the way to work, or run down out here a round trip to work is 57.5km of potholed rough sealed cattle truck dodging hard work im still doin it now its cool - did i neglect to mention too stinkin hot 6 months a year i like my bike but for practicality id rather an EV as i have to cart things to and from work if the range was 100km+ id buy one tomorrow as i already run a fuel efficient runabout as the work vehicle and save the 2.5L for family/ long distance runs with an EV i could use green energy and afford to invest in my own grid connected solar PV collectors - and it would pay dividends and id change the other car over to diesel. better for the purpose it has and leaves an option of biofuels wheres my bloody EV? grrr
  20. Rev

    sceletium sp. and water

    20 plants in a tray more trays = less price of course lets say one tray gets you $2.50 a pot its just a herb afterall and just a succulent no need to price it special again i reiterate - group buys and wholesale only no multiple shipping arrangments made! if you need any Legal herb propagated for that matter, cheaply for whatever gain you have in mind contact me
  21. Rev

    b/s posts

    no phloom is the messiah get it right
  22. Rev

    b/s posts

    But you have me all wrong onemind im trying to help you! i can see you have a buildup of negative emotions its a new shamanic technique im working on ill demonstrate it on you as i think you need it fisrt of all i bend you over and kick you as hard as is humanly possible in the arse this is to concentrate thos enegative energies to the top of the spinal column rising like the kundalini once held there in the head chakra i deliver a sharp and heavy blow to the left orbit therby liberating these negative energies through some bloodletting you will thank me in time i know it
  23. Rev

    b/s posts

    cant wait to meet you in person one day we can find out if you really are god or just a bloody nosed brat
  24. Rev

    b/s posts

    i dont give a shit if i get a warning over that as far as i can see by the bullshit youve been on about for days now youre dead in the water anyway when the mods finish their nap seeya next incarnation