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    pan pharm

    Shame about those people - imagine a hard tropane trip by complete suprise! My largest dose was 20 pills and that was intense. REAL hallucinations MJ does have some side-effects that would probably render it 'unsuitable' for gov regulators. side-affects; Euphoria re pseudos- what a haul mmm 1 000 000 tablets at 60mg each = if my maths is still good 60kg of pseudoephdrine - my godfather thats a lot - someone just assured their financial independance thats for sure - i bet theyll be looking for the fork lift driver with the multimillion dollar bank account! [ 05. May 2003, 18:09: Message edited by: reville ]
  2. Rev

    Santalum Album

    http://www.shaman-australis.com/publicpics...andalflower.jpg From CALM science building Album is native from India to Timor but has been massively overharvested. It has been an item of trade for centuries. This is S album and it is native to the dry tropics where it can form large stands. I dont think it likes frost Australian sandalwood is S spicatum which grows in the semi-arid region. As has been said it CAN grow elsewhere but researchg in WA suggests areas with more than 500mm rainfall get much faster growth but much lower oil content. In the 500mm belt it can be harvested in as little as 12 years while desert grown trees can take anything up to 80 years. Coming from the deserts it is tolerant of drought, extremes of hot and cold, im not sure of salinity. In WA it generally like acacia accuminata the raspberry jam wattle As it was once a keystone species for the semiarid lands of australia it should really be encouraged as part of any shelter belting and reveg work on farms. Since it disappeared a number of mammals like the stick nest rat disappeared with it.
  3. Rev

    grafting lophophora

    Isnt that the truth. http://www.shaman-australis.com/publicpics...hspachianus.jpg [ 30. April 2003, 19:13: Message edited by: reville ]
  4. Rev

    Dracaena draco seeds available

    youve got to be kidding!!!They are all over Perth as is evident from this post - i guess noone bothered to look - same as the WA herbarium saying that Catha is a rare tree in Perth.... I never bothered harvesting the seed from them - and they produce a lot because i thought it was far too common to be of interest The one i was looking out for was Dracaena cinnabarina - the medicinal species
  5. Rev

    favourite combos

    very interesting. What blows me away is just how little cactus the gnome used. With a metre being 10 doses. Is this cactus well looked after or something because my own observations of others illegal activities in consuming Pach from several sources (The Perth strain, Medicine gardens stock strain, and their peruvianus) suggests that your gnomes cactus is something in the order of 3 to 5 times stronger than what ive observed. Either that or hes looking for a qualitatively different experience, more mellow, instead of the intense trip my study subjects were after. In this case 1kg or the green tissue only would equate to 2 doses. Maybe its the climate, maybe its fertiliser. Can your gnome recall the source of his stock?
  6. Rev

    pachanoi cutting

    If you have any excess plants i know a third party who would buy them or sell them on consignment for you, in Perth. This goes for other Ethnobotanicals too, of course they need to be healthy well presented and saleable. Contact me via PM is best
  7. Rev

    Aussie Yopo?

  8. Ive tried it on 3 occasions Once was leaves grown all season outdoors in perth and harvested about this time of year. 2 medium leaves eaten gave a distinct effect - relaxing and euphoric, the leaves had bronzed slightly. The second time was my erowid report using 10g of not quite dried leaf in tea. The effects were strong and definite - the planst were grown in a 'sort of' hothouse and were harvested in october? from plants in nthn NSW - all green but mature leaves the third time was mid summer from leaves grown in perth again in a hothouse - no effects were noted. It seems to me like when in active growth they are weak. I dont smoke cannabis so im definitely free of its subjective altering effects. It seems that malaysia has also banned it. A malay guy told me of a tree banned several years ago after the authorities noted heroin addicts boiling up the leaves after coming down. He says the govt cut down all the trees. Sounds like it to me....
  9. Rev

    myco supplies

    So the 19 gauge needles arent big enough? when you inject the water does filter through to the bottom , taking spores as it goes
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    ..which is a pity becausethe same books that outline psilocybe cultivation are also extremely useful texts in general Even stamets and chiltons' 'the mushroom cultivator' falls under this grouping Most places ive seen actually just link off site to amazon. My amazon texts have always arrived unmolested. any people have other experiences? books are a hideously expensive stock item and im not likely to be stocking any for a while but i will be trawling the net for good links and downloads Anyway, yes, the business is 100% legal. Im going to be quite strict on this in correspondence within the business. After all the australian enthusiast dont need another spokesperson, or academic mycologist, taxonomist or Apothecary - plenty of that already and thyer doing a fine job - they need a good supplier to get on with their hobby so just in case youre wondering - no - Cube prints and such will not be on my shopping cart - but anything else can be. At the moment im tracking down the missing elements in some basic mycology kits and supplies that will make culture at home of any saprophytic mushroom much much more accessible. There will be kits and instructions, and there will be straight supplies.For example you'll be able to buy spore syringes or cultures of some edible fungi, or use the premade media and spore syringe making kit to culture your own local species. All nice and easy with an online shopping function and dicrete shipping to avoid theft or other problems. Itll be aimed at begginners needs but im sure those with experience will also find it a convenient source. Like SAB states its intention as helping to build plant relationships i hope that we can encourage people to build closer relationships with the 'Fifth Kingdom' my first priorities are getting it running with quality service, products and feedback from happy customers. [ 22. April 2003, 21:31: Message edited by: reville ]
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    hawaiian woodrose

  13. Rev

    black shroom

    or it can be a case of indigestibility causeing cramps and flatulence there are a whole suite of easily identifiable edibles out there - if you must add to it at least know the ID of what you are about to try so if you die we can strike it off as a definite 'no' Then At least you died in the pursuit of knowldege not just became a candidate for a darwin award
  14. Rev

    Streaking Technique: Reville?

    or as BM says there are invitro clues to strain quality
  15. Rev

    Streaking Technique: Reville?

    3 ways to go about it it seems the never mind technique- forget the whole dipping between method and just wipe through each the dipped in alcohol technique (plastic) and the make your own wire loop technique - in which case it can be flamed i prefer options 3,1 and 2 in that priority scalpels are suitable too but i prefer to have a committed tool the fewer spores the better, but do more plates- the problem youll likely have is that youll have so many isolates youll never get round to testing them all to see which one is best this can be a problem , not so much for the alsready domsesticated spore races but very much when trying to bring wild strains into cultivation - there is a lot more diversity and environment specific genes active in these than in indoor types if working with wild types i recommend cloning followed by taking sterile prints followed by multispore innoculations into cakes - then cloning off the successful fruitbodies - that come from the most well adapted isolates from the multiisolate cake and so on and so forth until you have a domesticated race