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  2. I dont believe and thats all you need no-one can prove anything If there was a god then hes probabaly forgotten us anyway - like the mouldy experiment you have at the back of the fridge, sure its fun to make but what then? probabaly gone off and gotten started on something else - i mean once you innoculate a jar exctly how long do you stare at itespecially after its contaminated.- and the end of the world will come when Mrs. God finds us.
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    i got a new camera

    Nice Nauclea orientalis
  4. Rev

    Noteable Taureans

    Thanks Boss :D Yes theres a few may people here i bet - with plants and all on peoples mind I know 2 BTW if anyone feels so inclined to buy me a present id love a 'Shulgin Sampler' that contains 2 doses of a number of the finer compounds of PIKHAL mmm Chewy Mescaline caramel, MMDA Turkish delight and 2-CB spiked strawberry cremes...
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    cannabis look-alikes

    hmmm. not around yalingup by chance? If so probabli IS cannabis :D Lupins? Cassava? Leonurus sibiricus?
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    Hoodia gordonii

    hey gom ijust sent you a PM but also - champignons? you eat them? amy good? If so ill swap you a sceletium for some goosd prints? I need to go up to bris soon anyway and i REALLY need some agaricus collections from north of here - plenty to the south and west. A few dried shrooms would help too let me know if we can help one another
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    aussie postal service

  10. Rev

    Brush Box

    yeah they are. Pictures arent the best Ruddy brown top, yellow flesh bleeding to orange. Immediate blue taining when split or crushed. Would have weighed the best part of a kilo. I know very little about the fungal flora of the north coast - i dont think many people do - most work has been done in the SE and SW of Australia.
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    boring old winter

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    Schedule "Death List"

    Thats crazy! 1-4b is used in industry in large amounts! how the hell are they going to get around that????
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    Speaking of cordifolia - anyone have this one to spare?
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    Brush Box

    like this one? big suckers arent they http://www.shaman-australis.com/publicpics...ureset1_144.jpg http://www.shaman-australis.com/publicpics...ureset1_145.jpg [ 08. May 2003, 04:35: Message edited by: reville ]
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    Blue Killers

    Watch out for the Bolete species - they stain blue but are not active in the classical sense. The may be edible, they may kill you - nobody knows at present
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    Hoodia gordonii

    Cool. I might try and grow some of the other Hoodias to test later, i found a nice list from a South african company - springhill
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    legal b. caapi ???

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    anadenanthera problems

  20. Rev

    is there a post problem or...

    Hi Vins dont know if you sent me anything but if you did its a no show thanks anyway?
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    acacia obtusifolia seeds avail...

    how?what? I thought these were due later in the year - like november?!?