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  1. Starting to form ribs and getting orange, skins still soft and only a tiny little bit of netting appearing in the skin where the shade clothe has rubbed, I don't know how much more its got in it but maybe another fortnight of decent growth?


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  2. Nice one WB I really like the look of the one on the right, those variegated patches seem to be a good thing when you see the really massive pumpkins. This one is still filling out here, I think it may go 300kg, I think it will rot underneath though as I did not put enough sand down its grown all funny looks like it will crush the stem. I will just keep watering the bugger and see what it ends up at. I dunno how I am going to weigh it. They are going to put it on display at the pub where I work so that pretty cool. Then as long as its not rotten I'm going to try and turn it into a boat for Australia day celebrations.

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  3. I think as far as maturity time its relative to breed/genetics. The Giants and mammoths grow for 12 weeks.. growth either in head size or height depending on phenotype. There are early flowering types as shot as 50 days. But like you say environment and conditions are going to play a big part. I really want these to go 4 metres, which isn't that big an ask from where they are at currently. It is storm season though so you never know a good strong wind would probably flatten the lot.

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  4. DSCF2040_zps48335708.jpg

    4th of December.

    These will be 60 days since germination on Friday. I have been told by the Victorian record holder they will grow for almost 100 days. So far the tallest one is 3 metres he recons I might be in a chance with a record, so I have gone into a gardening frenzy ... I must grow these plants stupidly tall lol . I have built this dangerous bamboo trellis much to the disgust of my neighbour but I think its quiet charming and just top dressed the bed with mushroom compost and rooster booster, every second day I am foliar fertilising. Will keep you posted

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