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    I think you'll find most of the internet is monitored in some form these days Dungog if you looked into it. Facebook and other social media probably gets a higher priority, but this place would certainly be a niche that gets some attention. There's no illusion of security here as this site uses HTTP by default, so everything communicated here is in unencrypted plain text. Also the server hosting the site is offshore, so anything you write on the forum or in a PM can be legally intercepted as soon as it passes through the last Aussie server. When any digital transmission leaves the country it falls outside of local telecommunication interception laws so it's up for grabs. But alas, this site is mostly concerned with uncommon & mostly unknown plants of little or no commercial value, so I can't see it being a priority. We are mostly a social network of people with a diversity of interests and most of us come here for the social aspects of the site as most of the mainstream population just doesn't get us. Just think before you type and you should be OK.
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    People have been talking a lot of shit at, and about, each other lately. I'm not just annoyed by this. I'm sad. I've been here a pretty long time. Not everyone who was here when I joined has made it this far, and I really miss some of the fallen. Chances are that in 5-10 years time, some more of us won't be around here either. Our time here is finite. The time you have to enjoy the people, places, things, experiences and feelings that you love, is finite. If you like someone, be nice, lest the last words between you be angry ones that you live to regret. If you don't like someone (and no one expects you to like everyone) then I would respectfully suggest that the finite time you have left could be better spent on something, or someone else.
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    A wise member here once told me, everyone is fighting their own battles. That really stuck with me, you have no idea whats goin on from someone else. Sometimes you can guess what someone is thinking but you have no idea why or to what intensity. Words are powerfull and we are all people here in this cycle trying to do our own thing, that alone should mean some kind of respectfull bond.
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    if it's got methanol in it then it'll send you permanently blind and kill you, the same way people can sometimes be killed from drinking a bad batch of home brew. http://www.couriermail.com.au/news/queensland/bill-lynam-grieves-for-his-son-joel-who-died-from-a-deadly-home-brew-in-stanthorpe/story-fnihsrf2-1226665206722 http://www.warwickdailynews.com.au/news/father-man-who-died-moonshine-tragedy-faces-court/2092724/