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    Hi zedo. You're wasting your energy trying to use an FOI to find freely available information as an open access article online mate. Here's the link to the actual article for you - https://www.mja.com.au/journal/2020/212/10/isolation-and-rapid-sharing-2019-novel-coronavirus-sars-cov-2-first-patient I don't have a clue if MJA is considered credible in your circles but it is for most medical researchers. For anyone interested, the way to critique what any 'scientific' media article says is 1) read their media article 2) check the media article has a citation of some form, if not ignore the media article 3) if so, track down the journal article via the citation 4) check the journal article does actually make similar conclusions to the media article, if not ignore everything and ignore the following steps unless you're interested in why the media is wrong 5) read the journal article critically asking yourself 'do their claims match the evidence', 'why are they saying that' etc etc., then if you want to be 110% thorough, skim through the reference list and check they aren't all from predatory or poor quality journals (usually preprints would be included in this list but with the unprecedented rapid production of covid papers you could let them slide, but really you should add another step and at the least read their abstract and results) 6) reach an evidence based conclusion.....and voila, your now thinking critically and addressing the scientific literature in the way it was meant to be addressed, regardless of your initial beliefs or biases. Oh and for further food for thought, check this diagram out. A lot of people on both sides of the debate like to use the 'cognitive dissonance' bias to counter others (not saying I've seen you use it zedo) but there's a lot of other biases to consider when undertaking critical thinking activities too.
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    Hi good SAB folks We’re seeking donations of bulk (500+), identified seed to distribute amongst the EGA and ethnobotanical community as part of an upcoming project. We will happily accept new and older seeds, provided germination rates are 50% or better. No seed will be resold, it will be passed on to the community via an up and coming gifting project. Please send donations to: Entheogenesis Australis PO Box 2046 Belgrave, Victoria, Australia 3160 If you’d like to receive a thank you and be listed as a donor for the project, please provide these details in the mail along with your donation. This is the same address as the EGA raffle, so if you were thinking of donating to both please feel free to post the donations together. If you have some special seed in a smaller quantity that you would like to donate, or if you would like to donate but would first like some more information, please send me a private message or get in touch via [email protected] While we are happy to give donors more information, this project is not yet public knowledge and giving away the secret will ruin the surprise. Contact us to know more! We can take donations for this project up till around mid-November, please consider supporting this fun seed project. Kind regards Ronny and the EGA team www.entheogenesis.org www.gardenstates.org
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    Thought some peeps might want the chance to provide their feedback on proposed legislation regarding digital identity, or the 'Trusted Digital Identity Bill'... https://www.digitalidentity.gov.au/have-your-say/phase-3/submission-form
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    Some form of digital ID/passport is inevitable IMO, I remember many years ago proposing and discussing such a thing at uni and how it could/would work, my guess is that the aus or any gov that tries to set them up will fail slowly and never really be adopted as commonplace as they will try use it for the own purposes and just do it poorly, and eventually a company like google or apple will set up a global equivalent that will just somehow be adopted and accepted as a standard. Basically just a "log in with google?" but where you and your log in has been certified as an actual unique person and this just expands to take the place of all similar things as it becomes more and more accepted.
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    If you missed the other threads, EGA are seeking bulk seed donations for an ethnobotanical surprise. If you can help us help the community, we'd really appreciate it. Read this thread to learn more: www.shaman-australis.com/forum/index.php?/topic/47606-ega-call-for-bulk-seed-donations-seed-care-package/
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    Hi ! Just to inform you that I breed from many years the all 4 Mandragora species I have in my collection: Mandragora officinarum Mandragora autumnalis Mandragora caulescens Mandragora turcomanica I developped technology and plant selection to have mandrakes roots (officinarum) with typical human forms for botanic and shamans. Please do not hesitate to drop me a mail or message if you have any question on growing or any other querry! I m located in South West France Bestregarsd to all plant entousiastics & breeeders Yves
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    sept 29 2021 wintering move half done.. enough for one day