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The Corroboree

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Hi !

Just to inform you that I breed from many years the all 4 Mandragora species 

I have in my collection:

Mandragora officinarum

Mandragora autumnalis

Mandragora caulescens

Mandragora turcomanica


I developped technology and plant selection to have mandrakes roots (officinarum) with typical human forms for botanic and shamans.

Please do not hesitate to drop me a mail or message if you have any question on growing or any other querry!

I m located in South West France

Bestregarsd to all plant entousiastics & breeeders


IMG_9669 Mandragora officinarum MNDOF Woman-drake LLQ.JPG

IMG_9664 Mandragora officinarum MNDOF Man-drake LQ.jpg

IMG_9662 Mandragora officinarum MNDOF LQ.jpg

IMG_5715LQ MNDOF Floraison Pieds mères de 10 ans.jpg

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