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Pachanoi cuttings mid sections and tips

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 had to relocate and cutting them was easier to move.  55c per cm  plus postage or can be picked up in melbourne (preston or collingwood) or ballarat. 20201210_193155.thumb.jpg.72d582f00d1ef4acd48f7a015f63d48c.jpg

Numbered left to right rows 1&2  

1.  30cm

2.  44cm

3. 33cm

4. 34cm

5. 33cm

6. 34cm

7. 33cm

8. 34cm

9. 33cm

10. 37cm

11. 30cm

12. 21cm

13. 37cm

14. 30cm

15. 48cm

16. 34cm

17. 30cm

18. 32cm

19. 32cm

20. 32cm

21. 33cm

22. 32cm

23. 33cm

24. 29cm

25. 31cm

26. 29cm

27. 33cm

28. 36cm

29. 17cm

30. 14cm

31. 24cm

32. 25cm

Pm me.



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