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The Corroboree

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When man will treat his fellow man 

As man should treat his neighbor, 

Then every man will have in full 

The product of his labor. 


When man will gladly recognise 

In every man a brother, 

Then will he scorn to live upon 

The labor of another. 


When man depends upon himself, 

With nothing to inherit. 

Then every man will stand or fall 

According to his merit. 


Then every new device would aid 

And not retard the plan, 

And every new invention be 

A benefit to man. 


There's nothing standing in the way 

Except our inner blindness; 

And if this inner man should wake, 

'Twould flood the world with kindness. 


And if it's free we wish to be, 

And safe within his keeping, 

Then we should wake the king within 

For he is only sleeping. 


The carnal man is on the throne; 

He's but a false aspirant; 

As long as man will give him sway, 

He'll rule him like a tyrant. 


This carnal man is robbed and crowned, 

Demands a princely dower; 

'Tis time that man should call a halt, 

Deprive him of his power. 


The inner man should be the king, 

And he should wear the crown. 

The king's within, he must be heard; 

He can not, will not, down! 


One road to the Millennium — 

There is but one, my brother; 

Tis founded on unselfish love, 

The joy you give another.

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