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Pineapple Sage. Mature plants

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Pineapple Sage,  .

Up for offer are fully mature Salvia elegans.  Items will be cut down to send through post.  Huge root system for fast growth in spring.  Some root structures have 2 main stems.  Most have a LOT more.  You should only need one or two plants this it is a fast, strong growing plant in almost any condition. 

The leaves are a great flavor to add to water.  It is my favorite drink right now.  Such a fresh subtle flavor.   The flowers are a great garnish in salads and a new flavor for cocktails.  Infusing honey with this flavor is outstanding.  Rum seems to go well in a sweet,  juice base refreshing cocktail.  Pear juice, Pineapple Sage infused water and your choice of spirit.  SO FRESH  !!! oh and add a hand full of flowers to make it look pretty.  

The flowers are beautiful butterfly attractant and the smell.... Well it's called pineapple Sage for a reason.  Just walk by it and you will know why.

Reports say growing near tomato's adds flavor to you red lovely's.  However growing near mint will affect the mints smell and flavor.  I don't know myself, so I would love to hear back on peoples experiences who KNOW or who buy from me.  

A great plant for only $25 delivered to your door.  $50 for 4.  Remember this is a mature plant, so it will shoot MANY new main stems and be a large plant in no time.  

I am open to offers of trade.

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Hey buddy I've been looking for pineapple sage. 

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sorry mate i only just noticed your reply.  i have a few hundred if you would like some.  ill do you an amazing price.  :wink:  pm me



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