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The Corroboree
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Yo, got Brazilian pepper seed? Cumari?

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Will trade some good chilacoyotl seeds for it.

It's a perennial squash, and I can't kill the thing, unless I dig it up, super prolific it's producing more squash near the middle of winter it's blowing my mind.

From Mexico, grown in USA.

Y'all need a tree, or fence this will grow 30+feet unless trimmed or water halted, but remember after it dries up it will grow back after a good water/rain. Pretty damn drought tolerant.

After you boil it, you remove seeds and can bake them for pepitas and you use the meat of the squash for a tastey drink "agua de chilacoyotl" with added brown sugar, others use it for soups/stews just remember to get the seeds out.

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