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Newb looking to grow Acuminata from seed

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I'm new to gardening.

I bought a seed packet of narrow phyllode Acuminata from Shaman Australis and would like advice on how too proceed?

Best way to germinate?

When should I plant them?

How should I prepare the soil?

And anything else I need to know?

I live in Hay on flood plain in southwest NSW.

Years ago the previous owner had been quite a gardener but the property had been abandoned for twenty years when I bought it last year.

It gets pretty cold at night this time of year but even now some days are quite hot and summer is amazing, up to 50 degrees celsius for days on end with very little rain even when there is heavy cloud.

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Start by googling germinating acacias. My personal advice plant in fast draining potting mix in native seedling pots (google them) pour boiling water over the seeds and let them sit overnight in the water, plant them into the potting mix say about 7mm under covering them with sandy mix. keep moist in a warm place. you should see some germination within 2 to 3 weeks. I'd probably wait until spring summer unless you have a germination (heat box) as it may not reach warm enough temps currently. I am certainly not an expert but have had moderate success with starting them like this. There are a heap of germintion tips online so have a google too.

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