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First heard of dokha today while I was reading about different pipes from around the world. I’ve collected some descriptions of it from around the web.

Dokha is an Iranian tobacco mixed with leaves, bark and herbs, generally smoked in a pipe called a midwakh. It is popular in the United Arab Emirates.

Dokha comes in many strengths, flavours and names. The strengths range from "cold" (the mildest) to "extra hot" (the harshest). It can also be flavoured with strawberries, banana, apple, raspberries and a variety of other fruits. Unlike flavoured shisha tobacco, dokha is not flavoured with molasses. The variety providing the strongest "buzz" is referred to as laf raas (translated literally from Arabic: head wrap)

An iranian mixture of tobacco, herbs, bark and spices. Smoked through a midwakh-small pipe. Cheap and gives u a buzz, hence the name, which means stoned in arabic (adookh)

It is sold almost any mosque shop in the UAE. Yet the most famous are Rabsha, Asghar Aziz and Mirdif Star, all having different tastes depending on how they are treated. It comes in many strengths. Cold being the mildest and hot being the harshest. One bowl of Dokha is thought to contain 100 mg compared to a cigarettes 700 mg. It is smoked by most of the youths and even adults of the UAE. The buzz you get is due to the amount of nicotine in it. It contains more than a cigarette.

Midwakhs come in various styles and prices also. Starting at 10 dhs and going up to well over 1000 dependant on their material usually. Metal pipes tend to be easier as they don't need cleaning. Glass pipes usually break when u tap the dokha out. Wooden pipes-most common and cheapest. Plastic - Magic is a common plastic pipe. comes in many colours. Midwakhs even come in Gold and Design brands such as Louis Vuitton.

This stuff comes from the United Arab Emirates and its a very strong tobacco, you smoke a pinch it will give you a mad head rush. The head rush will last anywhere from 2-5 minutes and can give you the bodyshake or just a really awesome feeling, much stronger than a headrush from smoking a fatty bowl. If your high or mixing it in your bowl it will get you more high. I am lucky to get it, like I said it is rare because of where it comes from but it also is cheap as balls in UAE. Of course if you buy it outside you will be paying more.

Look into it and try and find some if your interested, it is really nice. However I do not recomend it for the lightweighted as it is strong and you need good lungs to get the proper effect.

Midwakh/dhokha is a strong, heavy tobacco smoked through much of the Middle East which apparently delivers some sort of ‘buzz’ to people that smoke it; I don’t personally understand the infatuation some have with it but a few evenings ago I surrendered my sensibilities and decided to try it for perhaps the second time in my life.

It is smoked in a small pipe (usually wooden; otherwise ivory, glass, and a whole host of other materials) and the tobacco is held in the end of the pipe in a small cup, a flame is held over this while inhaling; the tobacco burns, smoke passes through a disposable filter attached to the mouthpiece and the users lungs fill with deadly cancer-causing-carcinogens while the user experiences a mediocre head rush of some sort.

During my recent smoking experience I inhaled a mass of smoke and began choking in an instant. Immediately following choking my lungs out for a while I began to feel nauseated and the sounds of my friends laughing their merry-asses off made me want to vomit all the more. However their personal first-experiences of smoking keyed in (when a few of them probably vomited) and they all shut up for a few minutes while I rested my head and stared at the floor in a considerable amount of stress. I eventually recovered and made up my mind for the second time (sound familiar?) to never, ever sample midwakh again.

I’d like to know more but there doesn’t seem to much more info about. I’m especially interested in what the added leaves, bark and herbs might be and whether these contribute to the effects or are just there for flavour.

Has anyone smoked dokha? Is it available in Australia?

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Not sure if it's available but seeing the high you are looking for is nicotine based I've thought of an alternative.

1. Place 2 packets of lit cigarettes into glasses burn side up.

2. Put in an empty cupboard.

3. Climb into cupboard.

4.Close door and inhale the vapors.

Hope this helps. :P

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Sounds like a "compression session"...not that i would know about such practises.... :innocent_n:

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Hey guys,

Dokha is certainly not herbs and spices. it is tobacco. straight up crazy buzz giving tobacco. There's one company that i know of that ships to australia and that is the guys are super friendly and can explain everything.They love dokha and so do I.

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