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  1. Nice, do you let the seed pod dry to a crisp on the plant of cut it off sometime after the flower drops? I haven't had any success collecting my own seeds yet, I should have some sceletium tortuosum/varians crosses if I can get some to sprout.

  2. first light is 4:45 the trees block the sun till 5:45 then direct sun till 1400. The root system is very strong now, which has made it able to handle the sun, also high humidity during the day. The plant was conditioned naturally ie the position it was in previous season gave it sun from 1h after sunrise till around 1200. As the sun has come around the time in direct sun has slowly increased. Aspect is NE. Also it was 36 degrees when the photo was taken. I guess humidity is very important, as the plant in the pic is only watered twice a week, humidity & love = happy plant.

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  3. Macrolepiota clelandii has white spores & some people eat them, but be warned some people have terrible reactions to them, they have to be cooked well. Chlorophyllum molybdites has green spores & will make you very sick. Stipe looks too thick to be Macrolepiota, that looks similar to the False Death Cap, badass, dont eat. Is there a volva at the base, sort of looks like there is but its covered in dirt, but the thing is a false deathcap dont stain & the Macrolepiota stains faint red/maroon.