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  1. Ate 50g of whole nutmeg (mate did same, was 16yo), it took 3h to 4h to start working & lasted 3 days with 4 distinct phases. Initially blood red eyes, incredibly dry mouth, extreme stoning effect leading to delusions (mate thought he was playing professional soccer match with black bean tree seeds, I chased geese around & each geese had become divided into classes ie King, Queen, Jester etc). Then became euphoric & laughed for a couple of hours at a stereo connected to the longest extension lead I've ever seen (was real) blasting music out in the middle of a cow paddock whilst pouring rain. Then became incapacitated, couldn't move but still conscious. After about 12hours of death like coma, effectively turned into zombies incapable of simple sentence forming. Returned to normal on 4th day. 

    Also after eating (quickly chewed small enough to wash down, not thoroughly chewed) & waiting nearly 3h, nil effect was felt so we assumed nothing was going to happen, ended up getting on a train & got off at desired train station then suddenly become hopeless people, needed constant monitoring by unaffected friends.


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  2. Sandy slightly alkaline soil, soil should crumble after grabbing a wad & squeezing it into a ball. Too much rain or overwatering is how I lose mine. I find they thrive of being ignored. Grows by itself around old cane farms near the coast.

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  3. NMPEA,  N-Phenethyl Dimethylamine & Methylsynephrine (Eria jarensis), Theacrine,  Isopropyloctopamine , alpha-yohimbine, higenamine, hordenine,  Idebenone, Cordyceps extract & DMHA  are used now.  APS White Lightning/BPM Lipofemme/Phenadrine and DS Superstim (effects don't match ingredients profile) are still very stimulating if not tolerant of more powerful stims.


    A good preworkout mix I like for endurance (MTBiking) is 4-8g L-citrulline, 200mg Caffeine or Theacrine (much better than caffeine), 2g Taurine, 3g Glutamine, 300mg Citicoline, 500mg L-carnitine, 500mg A-L-CAR, 500mg Sarcosine (n-methyl-glycine), 500mg L-tyrosine or 225mg NALT, tribulus & gingko if tolerated.


    Just 200mg Caffeine/Theacrine with 5-8g of l-citrulline can give a decent advantage in competitive sport.



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  4. Seeds can be found inside the whole berries which can be purchased at many health food shops or online. I put some in about 2 weeks ago & haven't noticed any come up yet. The berries I have were pretty fresh, still soft.

  5. I have tried smoking ample Sida cordifolia and drank lots of tea but never noticed even the slightest effect except the seeds make you vomit violently. Also about Heimia has anyone else noticed its toxic effects when smoking it? I have steered well clear of Heimia as a tea since I discovered it makes you terribly ill with muscles aching, very unpleasant. My favourite smoking mix is Sceletium or Delosperma species mixed with Nicotiana rustica (preferably dried seed pods over the leaves).

    If tropanes are needed then I would choose Duboisia myoporoides as it can enlarge pupils with waking dream feeling without drying out the mouth too much, compared to Brugs that is (not experienced with Datura).

  6. I have heaps of S.cordy seeds, I haven't found any use for the plant yet except the seeds make you feel very sick. Do you want the seeds still? I very much doubt if any ephedrine is present in the plant and if it is, it is in tiny amounts. I think dealers of ephedrine just needed away to off-load their stock when ephedra got banned so they sold it as S.cordifolia extract.

  7. Fruity C.chinese (like hab's or trinidad cardi yella) for the gradual whole mouth warming effect. Birds eye types sting the tip of tongue & heat build quick & are excellent if mashed up together fresh & allowed to ferment a bit in a glass jar (till the smell makes you mouth water), adding some old fermented chilli speeds it up heaps. Thinking about smoked poblano's is making my mouth water now.

    If you haven't tried fermented chilli both smoked & fresh you are in for a treat.

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  8. They hate (all plants) dark pots that heat up in the sun, cooks the roots. If khat is in a pot it likes to be watered with 20ml Maxicrop Liquid Seaweed Fert per 9L water per fortnight when growing or getting new shoots.

  9. I wished comet ISON to hit the Earth and remove a few million sheeple, so I could reconstruct my own planet of peace and abundance. Free from limiting dogmas and unjust authorities., free from forced poverty and buckets of concrete and lies, like a quick fix that I did not have to be a part of.

    Even if a comet was flying straight for Earth a handful of people could alter its course. No need to wish the death of others in order to create your own paradise, even the most evil people wish to feel love in their hearts. Unbelievable things can happen if you free your thought, if thought forms/images are backed by love, nothing can stop them from becoming reality. That's why 'to win the war we don't need ANY weapons' quote from Bliss n Eso - Jungle :)

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  10. The Great Barrier Reef has been getting hammered more than people think, I once zoomed up & down that reef from Cairns to Thursday Island & our boat did 30knots & we used to get overtaken by full oil tankers/cargo ships on the inner reef! At 2am or so every night oil slicks can be seen all across the reef, the slicks are from leaky engine/gearboxes etc dripping oil into the bilge which either has to be sucked up & processed in a oily water seperator (which takes time & the oil in water sensor constantly clog) or more often it is just pumped over the side of the ship in the early hours when no one can see. All the barrier reef is for most ships is a highway.