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    Ebola. Latest developments thread.

    Yes, ... hi peeps,.... the current Ebola outbreak seems more successful than the previous ones. So I am starting this thread to gather latest info and see how we can be smart about this virus if the situation calls for it. The whole getting on a plane and vomiting of an infected individual to an international destination is a serious red flag to me. So lets hear it. Opinions, information and preparedness. Not trying to create panic. Just keeping the eye on the ball so to speak. Be well frienggggsss!
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    The Great Global Warming/Cooling Thread Part 2

    been a while since I've been on the forum.... still keeping track on how it is all going to shit in great detail hehehe ;-)
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    trichocereus glaucus

    trichocerues glaucus Please let me know if this spp of trich has any Etno value..... I asked before but no one seemed to be aware. I have my suspicions that that there is a good chance that it does.
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    What did you do to your cacti today?

    Been a while since I posted here,.... other priorities. However have been eating lots of dragon fruits lately,............have 7 hylocerues cultivars,.. and 1 selinicerues........ protein smoothies with the fruits mixed in YUMMMM!!! :D Have been doing allot of repotting also,..... and also sold quiet a few cacti to people here on the island (Somewhere in the carib) had a few echinopis bloom on me,..... I was thinking they would never bloom here,... but apparently the do pretty well here..... If only my trichocerues cacti would bloom here.
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    Ripped off of the Shroomery. Here are some selected passages, with pages from the book to follow, from Teratopia: “A large number of grafts are made (1) and, when united, cut across horizontally to expose the maximum area where the two tissues abut (2). All normal shoots that grow out subsequently are nipped out in order to encourage one to arise exactly on the line of the graft (3), carrying up tissues of both components (4,5). This can then be propagated and selectively pruned to try to obtain the stable periclinical form of the chimera.” “Mr. Hirao in Japan tells me that he has seen a number of sectorial chimeras of Ariocarpus Kotschubeyanus, Epithelantha Micromeris, Gymnocalycium Denudatum, and G. Michanovii following the grafting on Echinopsis, some of which he went on to describe and illustrate in Shaboten 25: 8-9 1960.” “a Ubelmannia Pectinifera seedling was grafted on Echinopsis stock. The graft was successful and the scion grew to about 2 cm. After a number of years I noticed the stock had rotted and the rot had also gone into the scion. I managed to save a small piece which I successfully grafted onto a Cereus stock. As it began to grow I realized it was strange and had the color and some of the features of the Uebelmannia but the form of an Echinopsis. Subsequent behavior is totally in line with that of a chimera having a layer of Ubelmannia tissue over a core of Echinopsis. The flowers (which would arise from the meristematic cells below the surface) are like those of Echinopsis. This chimera is stable and reproducible from offsets, so deserves a name: + Uebelechinopsis for the partnership of Uebelmannia and Echinopsis, and 'Treetopper' as a cultivar name for a tophole introduction by the Trees.” “The frontier between what we find attractive and what repels us as malignant is sometimes quite arbitrary. The “diseased” striped tulips and variegated abutilons have already been mentioned. Cactus growers sooner or later may come across a tumor-like outgrowth on one of their pet plants, often covered in a downy wool or colorful abortive flower buds. I have detached and grafted some of these, and the survivors eventually grew out and reverted to normal growth suggesting that the host cells were outgrowing a pathogen. A dramatic picture gallery of tumors that nobody could love is given by Dubrovsky (2002), who found many of the native cacti in the south of Baja California (Pachycereus Pringlei especially) to be scarred with amorphous corky tumours 2-80cm in diameter; some accompanied by a hemiparastic mistletoe, Phoradendron Diguetianum. He compares them to crown galls produced by Agrobacterium Tumefaciens in non-succulents. Haha, been busy! Im on it now.. but truthfully the photos are just hurting me. Thank you 100 times over for posting this, you have confirmed my suspicions and bumped this book to the top of my 'to buy' list What I gather from the first paragraph is... The objective is to slice the united stock horizontally leaving a small piece of scion attached, then repeatedly force it to bud and continually trim the buds until you get an adventitious bud formed of chimeral tissues from between the stock and scion.. Did it have a pictorial? Im assuming thats what the numbers are for, corresponding images.. If I am correct about what I just said, one could in theory trim all areoles off of the scion (does he suggest this?) AFTER making the horizontal cut.. and then one could apply a BAP solution to the area between the two and hope for the best. I dont exactly understand the directions hes giving.. Are you to cut and leave a thin slice of scion, or cut directly through the vascular bundle, leaving tissues of the scion's vascular bundle, and THEN try to get it to form an adventitious bud right out of the remaining vascular tissue? This is the part I dont understand: Quote: “A large number of grafts are made (1) and, when united, cut across horizontally to expose the maximum area where the two tissues abut (2). Have pics? I better be ready to spend a few hundred.. Because If I read that book its going to be like a shopping catalog until I settle down.. hehe. I need this book. Thanks again for posting this, get back to me on the directions in the first paragraph you posted. BTW, does it mention anything in the book about using radiation on seeds to cause mutation? I have repeatedly read that Gymnocalicium michavonii 'Moon Cactus" is created via treating the seeds with rads, but I cant confirm it. If THIS is possible.. then I must wonder if there are any X-ray technicians with Lophophora seed around here? Thanks again, truly appreciated! Edit: I did some reading about the questions I had.. I think the only questions remaining now are.. How thin do I cut the scion and do I want to include an areole or not? I think this will have to wait until spring, I'll have stock ready. I'll try the BAP when I do it, ill scratch it into the skin right at the fused vascular tissue -M Edited by Methadone (09/07/09 12:55 PM) http://www.shroomery.org/forums/showflat.php/Number/11010433
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    The Great Global Warming/Cooling Thread Part 2

    saw that NSW was being battered with a storm in the news and thought it might be interesting to see how you Aussies are hanging in there.......no posts of grief stricken people, because their favorite plants snapped or destroyed yet. Any good surf? hearing of 13 mtr seas..... some of that swell has to be getting higher up the coast. haha ,.. will look at what the charts say jut for the hell of it. anyway,.... been following Climate Change for more then 15 years now........and now seeing that the global temp averages are well above the norm for the last few months is heavy stuff to process, especially when you know that it is well above the average temperature projections is pretty disturbing. With this knowledge, now thinking about how fast the Arctic and Antarctic were already changing it is hard to begin to imagine what the next 5, 10 or further along the road will mean for us. I live in the Southern Caribbean on an island close to the coast of Venezuela,... the last time that we have been hit by a catagory 2 hurricane (tropical cyclone for you 'down undahh' folks ;-) ) was in 1877. We are generally considered to be south of the hurricane belt, we've had close calls, grazes, and tropical storms,...... but nothing really serious,..... In Nov 2010 we got some flooding... you Aussies would laugh if I told you about the extent of the flooding, because what you get in Australia is so much more worse,.... and that was because of some rain approx. 200 mm in one night.....which is allot of course especially if you do not usually get not even half of that in a 24hr period. So seeing what has happened weather wise in the Carib and Atlantic in the last 10 years compared to what has happened in the last century, I am really wondering / worried even what the next 10 will bring. Now we have what looks like a strong El Nino forming, which usually means hot and dry years for us in the Carib / Northern Atlantic, but doesn't mean that they will not form or not track as south. Ohhh well,... will see what the future holds,... or perhaps I should take up a new hobby as a prepper! Freaking cover all my bases.
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    Hydroponic Lophs

    if you make the box nontransparent so that sunlight doesn't get in,... the algea will not grow at all or as well.
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    Zelly is in the hospital

    Glad you and your leg are still with us Z! So cool to get little bits of info about people behind the SAB interface even though war is a horrible thing. Then again,.. the drama that the whole of mankind has been in throughout history is freaking heavy stuff and awesome at the same time.......
  9. Owww,... stimmulants,... what the hell for??? Useless!!! and will make the pan worse due to muscular overstimulation from compensating to keep the pain at a minimum. Better read up on the way bodybuilders eat to grow.
  10. Swimming is really good,........ walking is a NO NO, especially if your problem is severe. So I disagree with Getafix (agree to disagree hi hi hi)...... and yes,.. do take the exercises slowly. BTW I think that Pilates is good to get you started. (I do not agree with some of stretches they do. They can make the problem worse) As soon as you have almost no back pain anymore,.. you should start some more serious strengthening exercises. Always warm up,... do the strengthening,...and lightly stretch just to loosen the muscles up a bit. You do not have to be flex like a contortionist, just flex enough to be functional in daily life.
  11. DUDE!! I had some insane crippling back pains a few years back for long periods of time. If I can avoid it NEVER again! I train regularly now. Like Thunder Ideal said.... core exercises!!! Pilates is awesome,.. but there is so much more and plenty vids to be found on youtube. If you have no back muscles.......you need to slowly but surely put on some meat around that spine Mutant!! Learn from the physical therapist and work a progressive routine into your life. Join a gym! Walking is not so good for the back. Running can be very bad for the back. When your back strength improves and you can slowly start running. But remember that jogging puts allot of stress on the spine, especially if your back is weak and if your movement is not dynamic/efficient. You can beat this problem Mutant! But take it slowly. Maintenance should be at least 1 time a week if you have a good complete routine. Like I said,... but some meat around that spine first..... you should start getting less pain after 2 or 3 weeks of physical therapy,....then progressively keep at it....... set a goal...... hold a plank for a minute for example....
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    Will all the radiation thats just been leaked in the world cause our cacti to crest and monstrate?

    hehehe,... the topic of torturing our cacti has come up again. Possibly my favorite topic......... yeb there is an article out there and on SAB where cacti were exposed to all kinds of extremes of light and freezing........ even talk of gathering americanium out of smoke detectors and exposing the seeds to it etc etc....... haha,..... injecting americanium in cacti ...... < that just occurred to me ......... :D
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    What's the most depraved thing you have ever done?

    I like these some of these confessions. I have a very long list of shit I've done...........way to long............ some of it, really bad stuff. I still feel ashamed of some of the things I've done. Lets just say that it is better that I not mention the really bad stuff I did. I'm glad that I grew out of it. (Thanking God/Universe/Nature for that!) For me this is a good moment for reflection. thx!
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    What did you do to your cacti today?

    Hacked off a piece of my TBCM and grafted it a few days ago. Did the same to my LW crest,... hacked 2 pieces off and grafted them. Confident that the TBCM took. The LW crest I am not so sure off. (Don't ask me why I went ahead with hylocereus (1st time) graftstock that I might have been on the slightly dry side ) Had a look at them today,... and I'm gravitating towards positive side with one of the LW cresties.
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    Lophophora fruit with weird texture

    Grow it and you'll know it! If it is rare it is special!! Then I want the seeds or pups of it's offspring!! Pretty pretty please!!! :D
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    What did you do to your cacti today?

    never before seen fungal attack killed my albino Astrophytum graft. The fuzzy grey fungus was growing from every spine on the graft stock.............
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    Ebola. Latest developments thread.

    Well,... the US is considering closing it's borders to people from the stricken countries. Not illogical. It would be the start of serious consequences for the world economy when countries start doing so. That could also mean that if your country isn't doing enough to combat the disease, then you will be possibly barred from entering by protocol. So how prepared is your country if indeed the disease gets a foothold in the future? It would only be logical that if indeed such measures are taken, that the aid to the stricken countries are upped.
  18. thx for the stock tip Dreamwalker!
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    What did you do to your cacti today?

    yesterday I grfted my first albino Astrophtum myriostigma cultivar Albino :D hope it takes. If all goes well.... pics will follow
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    Zelly's trich crosses, got pics? post here please

    AZS - i would love one that blooms in the hottest part of the year,.............. I live on a tropical Island and Trich's just don't seem to want to bloom here at all. It's about 90F during the day and 82F at night,.... doesnt fluctuate much beyond those temps. :D Lemme know dude if you can or are willing to help.
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    Ebola. Latest developments thread.

    http://www.eluniversal.com/nacional-y-politica/140911/unknown-disease-kills-eight-people-in-maracay-north-venezuela Vzla govy hasn't been very open about the disease.
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    Advice for growing cacti in the wet tropics

    Control the rain.... so under a transparent piece of plexi-glass roof ..... you'll be fine. I have the same prob where I live. If you don't control the amount of water, they will rot and die super fast. Bridgedsi's seem to the be the weakest of the trichs in the sense that the are most susceptible to overwatering and drought. Peruvianus seem to be the strongest. Not sure about Cuzco's Patchanoi's seem to be close behind peruvianus as rot resistant trichs go in my opinion
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    Discovery: San Pedro avoids light

    NOOOOO!!! it just shuns the light,..... because it's "The Patchanoi of Darkness!"
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    Are we holding our hybrids back?

    selection is key! keep selecting the traits you like and make new awesomeness!!
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    Getting fit for Summer?

    I recommend crossfit like exercises for fastest results if you want to improve your strength and fitness level + loose fat. Those 300 or spartan workouts are also super effective. So many great ways to get fit and look good. What all of the effective exercises have in common is that they are HIIT type workouts. (High intensity interval training) About me; I train at least every other day and stay active or 2days on 1 day off,........ Training at home is usually with light weights and lots of reps. usually separate, upper / lower / and mid section. But somedays,.. whenever I feel like it I will do full body workouts. (weights and just bodyweight) Surfing is another way I keep active. My feeling is that I could use some more cardio - walking/cycling/swimming for those last bit of kg's. I guess I am somewhere at 12 to 15% bodyfat. So abs are not really showing. My does body looks like I do something...judging from the comments I get of people that have not seen me in a while. I have been steadily working out for at least 10 years and only in the last 4 have there been some more noticeable changes to my body. When I work out,... I never really think about what I am going to focus on,.... I just feel my body to know what muscle groups need rest,.. and which ones I can hit that day. Also just look in the mirror and look where I could use some more attention. I think kinda suck at healthy eating,.... I think,.... but others would think I am a health freak. I eat 4 meals a day at least or throughout the day. Morning usually starts with a protein fruit shake + oatmeal,.. vitamin C and fishoil. Mid morning mini can of tuna + banana. Mid day or at night a big meal,.... at work handful of nuts (walnuts, pumpkin seeds, almonds + some whey protein) just to stave off hunger. Before bed,... also some protein or yogurt + fiber source..... kinda eliminated cheese and bread from my diet. and 3/4 to halved my carbohydrate intake (rice/potatoes/pastas etc) I avoid sugary drinks as much as I can. I do my best to eat a good portion of veggies every day. Avoid bad fats. Hope it helps