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  1. Jesus On Peyote

    Most over-rated herbal

    This may be heresy but i have to say my most overrated herb was salvia D,back when it was legal. I heard so much about it helping with depression and general enlightenment but i got didly. Now In her defence, i dident use her much and never ever had a dose that would constitute what alot of people call "breaking though" but alas, most dissapointing plant, not for its effects but i guess my owwn expectations. Again, i havent used her much, and i still think she has some to offer. My 2 cents
  2. Jesus On Peyote

    Has anyone ever orderd from Herbalistics?

    What the hell made you think it was a scam site?? Im serious
  3. I was once sucked into this stuff, but hey, who cares, war is peace Just kidding, but the fact is, we dont know..allegations like this are just as bad as radical islam propaganda against the west..the only difference is, while "they" are fighting "us", we are fighting ourselves as well. Im on the fence about the war, i really dont care, iv learnt to take the human factor out of alot of things, anyway historically speaking, my predication is we're farked (depending on how you see the world)... over the next 100/200 years, while democracy accommodates freedom of religion certain religions take advantage of it and before we know it, its death by a thousand cuts.. Creeping normalcy of religion, its destroyed societies in the past. Now that all sounds racist to muslims but its not,either way, death by a thousand cuts is coming, weather its "us' or "them" Political dictatorship, or religious submission is the way of the future. I hope im wrong, and i usually am PS- Who cares who made al Qaeda, just about every government supports the enemy of an enemy in war.
  4. Jesus On Peyote

    burying leaves

    Cool thanks for the replies guys, Yea, i dont just want to bury leaves to get rid of em, i was thinking that if t he leaves and stems compose in the soil and hopefully increase its quality, i may as well do that rather then going to buy a compost bin. Ill just burn up the roots and use your tips for the rest Thanks again, guys. Peace
  5. Jesus On Peyote

    burying leaves

    Hiyas, This will sound like a newb question, but here goes. Im wondering if one has a bunch of old dried out leaves from a plant that they have fallen off, instead of putting the foiliage into a proper compost bin, im wondering if you can just bury them into the soil? I figure the worms would munch though them quickly.. Also, how about stems. and roots, (i donno about roots, doubt it) Anyway, thanks in advance Peace
  6. Jesus On Peyote

    My Forum

    Sorry, not trying to cause any commotion, was just saying. i should have said to ban both not just one of them to be fair, (just for a week) to send a msg to a few unnamed members who may do this type of stuff on purpose. Ill mind my own business
  7. Jesus On Peyote

    My Forum

    Well now that everyone knows about it you might wanna ban one of them for a week to make an example for others?
  8. Jesus On Peyote

    Bob Brown Bankrupt

    Sorry apoth, But you sound like a christian or Muslim preacher telling people their unbelievers and should be ashamed of themselves. i think you missed my point,(actually i dont think i had one) but im just being realistic, iv heard about the mill and dont like it any more then you do, and im not saying people shouldn't support this guy, even though i dont know much about him apart from snips and snaps in the news because im in victoria. Anyway, i guess my point is i am basically living on the poverty line or close to it at the moment it since i lost my job, if i could help i would, but i cant. Now when i say the greens can only be as green as the population lets them, there are alot of well off people that can help him, or at least hopefully believe in what hes doing enough to help him, i am not one of them atm, im not asking for money from the gov, im just saying i dont have it atm.. I dont want this to sound like a hostile post, its not. just explaining after what seemed like a rude post due to a misunderstanding. Love your posts, Peace
  9. Jesus On Peyote

    My Forum

    Hes good and informative, BUT alot of his stuff are cut and pastes and alot of re-posts (and i would think archived), to gather as much info as he can to use as future reference for his coordinated and cunning effort to become a forum leader. To feel the POWAH of sitting on the throne of Ethnobotanicals Torsten, i smell a coup and grab for power! hes always been a peculiar one.. Im only joking, well 70/80 percent joking... Altho, it may be stretching the ethno forum community too thinly, if you know what i mean. On the other hand as they say dont put all your eggs in one basket, for the obvious security and privacy reasons. My personal opinion is though, that more forums should get centralized, one big but pleasant forum rather then many smaller ones so i wont be joining, ill check it out but wont join, cant be bothered looking at many forums, i just stick with SAB, Been here for 4 years so far and have learned so much and had many wacky and good time chatting about everything alot of "peasents" (general population) are to busy to think about. Either way ittle be worth a lookit could be a good addition to the shaman australia's Main page with the links of various stores and forums. good luck my inquisitive teots friend. Dont take what i said too seriously, Im in my "happy place" and am joking round.
  10. Jesus On Peyote

    Bob Brown Bankrupt

    Politicians wanting money, that's new ;/ Last time i checked i had exactly 22 cents, send me some money. The greens can only be as green as the population lets them.
  11. Jesus On Peyote

    Way to go Indians!

    A crock of shit, lets see the official statistics on assaults in australia and then sub divide them into ethnic groups and im sure its pretty much a free for all. As for the latest fighting, they where not african, it was indians vs middle easterners,both of which have not really been assimilated into oz culture, of course there may be tensions (especially when the media is loving the drama). The media is playing a gigantic role in puffing this up as a good news story..both in india, and australia. Comming from a Greek background, my dad and uncles got into their fare share of "racist" propaganda. I say, FUNK IT and let nature take its course.
  12. Jesus On Peyote

    tibet..better off under china?

    i fully agree, Go china. Tibet is not a nation that will survive without billions in aid, why waste the worlds money? its just too small to realistically support its self. Plus, the whole the dali lama, its western backed. the WEST wants tibet to be free and democratic, so they can set a foot hold around china...political fact. Historical facts- the Korean war Vietnam war Billions military Support for taiwan And more recently trying to support Mongolians to sway its policies against china and to the west. Any logical mind can identify that the encirclement of china by pro western nation is real. And just like any other nation, they have a right to defend themselves. (Against encirclement) As for the spiritual side and that of culture, i dont agree the Chinese should "change tibet's culture to a more china friendly one. One last thing, Im all down with human rights and all, but historically this is a natural progression in many ways. The whole survival of the fittest, i know it sounds mean, but thats how we got to where we are today. and one more last thing the Tibetan kingdom,even b4 Indians tried to claim it, was a harsh place.. AND one last thing - Its the hippies and do gooders who resist Chinese occupation more then anyone..why? their spiritual hippies and think the Tibet religion way is the way. Sure, their texts do say smart and right things, but so do the torah,bible and koran. This has been a longer then usual post, and i havent articulated my words as well as i would have wanted, but you get the idea. Now i beg not to be flamed, its Just my opinion.
  13. Jesus On Peyote

    looking for papaver seeds

    Ah so thats the history of how poppies came known with ww2s end, thanks for that meanie.
  14. Jesus On Peyote

    looking for papaver seeds

    I see poppies growing all the time, are they illegal to grow just in SA or all of aus? surely having a good patch of poopies cant get you raided, its the peace plant of world war 2. stupid laws ;/ Check your PM Moses, got a link for ya
  15. Jesus On Peyote

    Codeine poppy

    Shawing, sprouted nicely,and quick as. thanks velvet.