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  1. hey everyone i was wondering how you propagate catha edulis (or cathy as i like to call her) by cutting?
  2. thanks Mycot that was very helpful makes it sound alot easier which is nice for a little encouragement. i want to do some microscopy work and am looking for and willing to pay $30 - $50 for a pan,cyan print or a cube print
  3. Hi guys, ive just got together my items need to grow mushrooms, im looking forward to attempting shiitake mushrooms and other various spores. but i have no spores ! ! ! alarming i know, lol. ive been very good with trades in the garden, some could vouch for me, but i havent grown as a mycologist. could anybody help me get some spores or cultures:) i'd be willing to Buy or Trade. pms wanted thanks mint.
  4. no i havent, ive replied to most! infact 5 mins ago i was re-reading your PM. im just busy lately, hope you dont mind?
  5. mint

    apes evolved into humans by taking magic mushrooms book

    zen peffler blue greenie i think you write to persuasive
  6. Hey first timer, and cant figure out where the meet is! RMBG? fill me in
  7. mint

    Seeds Australia WAS closing down

    this is ridiculous..... :'( when the time comes where we can do something about this surely there will be a sticky to notify us all.
  8. Hi guys, Wanting to buy some fresh p.v leaves, wanting to try some cuttings. pm me, THX.
  9. hi guys, can you put vermiculite and perlite and soil mixture in overn to sterilize? will perlite or vermiculite catch alight? out in the garden atm, and want to get this soil sterilized today so i can plant a few herbs and spices and vegetables. thanks.
  10. Hi guys, i hoped someone here might have abit of expierieance to lead me in a decent direction and save me buying something i mite not need to. im starting LOTS of pc seeds, and having them in a clear container ofcourse, i want to achieve a procedure that is low maintenance. My theory is to start seeds in the garage and move outside after 2 weeks then lay shade cloth over the containers and remove shade cloth over time when the seedlings can handle more light. so i was thinking laying, 90% shade cloth with a 70% shade cloth ontop = 3% sunlight over the containers outside after a month remove the 70% and left with = 10% sunlight after another month remove the 90% and replace the 70% = 30% i have no idea how much light they can handle i know its not much because they go red quickly but surely 3% filtered sunlight is enough?
  11. mint

    URGENT: soil stertilization

    Ferret, how could you choose: NOT to appreciate this procedure its going for a completely sterile medium and introducing very powerful beneficial microorganisms (canna CANNAZYM) to populate the soil and creat billions of micro organims per tablespoon of medium. to try and grow the healthiest plant i possibly could. and to note the cost is very little. infact all it is, use of oven, and a little fertilizer, and your left with IMO better soil than you could purchase from any store in Melbourne, so you can eat your dirty vegies! but in few years time ill have super vegies! and i am growing something valuble, its something that i am putting into my stomach, that my body feeds of and enzymes that get into my body, that to me is one of the most valuble things in this world, more valuble than cars, clothes and loans advertisement has us chasing.
  12. hey guys, just pm me, thanks!
  13. mint

    wanted: thick caapi vine

    hey ubza yeah me to if anyone can provide pm me, but ubza first ofc.
  14. hi guys, im thinking of growing loph in jiffy pots and was wondering if anyone has had any positive experiences with this method? would the spot for the seed be too deep for a loph seed, i mite have to use them upside down and prick a small whole and place the seed there if so.
  15. mint

    URGENT: soil stertilization

    http://www.avocadosource.com/Journals/SAAGA/SAAGA_1981/SAAGA_1981_PG_124-127.pdf hope that link works, scroll down to the graphs. on average the plants ran in the test showed that they would grow 10 cm higher after 60 days of growth compaired to non sterilized soil AND PASTURIZED. if i have to ability to pop a $30 10L pot in the oven to sterilize 9L of soil at a time, i would, little work. and good for your plants, if you care for them, key word being care then you would sterilize there soil. happy lil plants
  16. I am planning on growing as many cacti i can fit in 4m x 1m x 1m area with a second level 70 cm above ground and 4m x 30cm calculating the area between seeds and the aread i have i can fit 890 seeds atm im going to be using the takeaway tek with personal adjustments, its going to go a little like this, rinse growing medium in fine sifter (so you dont loose mix down the drain) thoroughly until water coming out is not cloudy lightly soak medium with Canna VEGA and Canna Rhizotonic 1/4 to 1/2 or even 1/8 strength unsure of a good strengh and unsure if the nutrients will survive the sterilaztion process drain soil until moist sterilise soil in oven OR steam sterilize ( if canna vega fert does vaporise away and recondense this method could be benefecial by adding fert to the boiling mixture and let the nutrient rich steam provide nutrients to the soil just a theory advice wanted) OR sterilize in a pressure cooker not sure which method is best advice is welcome place growing medium into airtight white plastic containers 45cm wide 50cm long 20 - 25cm high that let in shadded indirect light spray the top layer of soil in the container with a mix of nobles pureau water (hopefully keeping the container sterile) and Canna Vega & Canna Rhizotonic again 1/8 strength as said in takeaway tek. the theory is having plent of nutrients for the little roots to eat and grow up to be big thick luscious roots ;) sowing pachanoi seeds roughly 7cm apart giving me 500 seeds in 3.47 meteres sowing williamsii seeds roughly 3.5-4cm apart in a shallower air tight container maybe 15 - 20cm deep giving me 240 seeds in the left over .5m area and on the second level of my hot house which is 70cm above the ground and 30 cm wide 4m long i can fit another 152 seeds having 390 loph seeds sowed. duct taping all containers around lid to ensure no airflow for contamination and natural terrarium effect. place air tight containers in a hot house build 8 1m x 1m frames for 70%shade cloth which can be mobile will remain on for first month to 2 months then taken off. to let in stronger light. THE HEAT FACTOR: heat is always a bitch if you ask me, i just hope it doesnt get too hot in the containers and in winter i will place polystyrene under all the containers to insulate the cold from the concrete, then snug containers with hay to insulate the winter cold. The hot house will have fair sized gaps for airflow and 70% shade cloth until most of the summer heat is over hopefully the reduced light threw the containers palstic block out some of the heart unsure of a perfect soil mix at this moment advice also wanted on medium parts. do trich species like deep or wide pots? how deep do you think the soil in the container should be 7cm - 10cm? will this support 6 months growth,
  17. mint

    URGENT: soil stertilization

    dark light, i am flushing with CANNAZYM after i sterilize which will coat my soil in good enzymes. couldnt find a big enough steamer today so i bought 2 big pots, that are oven proof, i think i might BOIL my soil in water, im not sure if it will sterilize any advice?!
  18. hi guys, ive ordered 500 san pedro seeds, and i want about 300 loph seeds to go with it, tried http://www.cactus-seeds.com/index.html vlado's business but his all out of loph seeds ! i bought 50 from the s.a.b but it will be too expensive to buy 250 more! anyone know a decent place to buy these loph seeds i speak of?
  19. ahh water trade seen you threw the forums alot, you've done fine, no need for stress, you offer average prices, and a good response time.
  20. all websites i've listed are in Australia
  21. mint

    Glaucium Giveaway

    meee toooooo ftw!
  22. mint

    ebay find, in vicco

    i made her/him an offer see what the say, only live 20 mins away from me aswell
  23. hi guys, to update you on my situation, the website i listed earlier above is half the price of what seeds australia hast quoted ne, sadly there out of loph seeds so i will have to purchase them from seeds australia or s.a.b. cactus-seeds.com offer 25c a seed for loph seeds australia offer 45 c a seed with a discount