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  1. Magicseven

    Eaten again!

    a little while ago i made a post concerning my Salvia officinalis mysteriously having bites appear. slowly as the plants grew there seemed to be less chewing until none at all so i assumed they must of been tasty to some insect while still in their infancy. after surviving the chew fest i started only checking them out a few times a week until about once a week. today i go down to visit my babys to find everything eaten except for some untouched stalks, save one that has fallen over. my guess is that some rodent, even a possum (i live in a very possum dense area, so much so it could be a national dish) took a fancy to my plants. my hope is to see if they can recurperate but for future protection does anyone know of some good alternatives to rodent control? ive read peppers and spices in a foliar spray can help but unfortunately such a method dosnt appear to be rain tolerant and would require respraying after each rainfall.
  2. Magicseven

    plants slowly getting eaten

    i have some Salvia officinalis (mint) growing at the moment after recently being planted. as far as im aware the sunlight is good, not to intense during the day, good soil and drainage. the problem is that the young ones leaves are slowly getting more and more holes in them, starting off fairly small but have progressed to fairly noticeable damage. my hunch is that they are being eaten by passing insects. ive examined the leaves during the day and night for pests as well as the soil but to no avail. no snails, caterpillars, mites, weevils or aphids. unfortunaelty i dont have a camera so photoes are not available, however does anyone know of any general natural means of protecting my young plants from this invisible onslaught? any help is much appreciated
  3. Magicseven

    Dream herbs experiences

    well i got together a list of dream herbs i wanted to try a while back and so far i can tick 2 off. my first one i tried was the tea "Tension tammer", i read through passing on a random internet site that the tea helped with achieving lucid dreams. although the tea itself was quite pleasant/relaxing and im sure all the lemongrass and ginger it had was doing good for my insides i failed to notice any actual changes to my dreams. i used the tea for just under a week until i noticed i couldnt taste it anymore(twas very strange). the main ingredient that pops out to me is eleuthero, however i have been unable to find any information on this substance and i assume if there is any changes that could be caused by the tea it would be from this one. my next one was silene capensis. i followed a pretty straightforward method that is mentioned regularly involving shaking the root powder in about 200-250 ml water and then drinking the resultant froth. if anyone has never tried this stuff before be warned. it tastes like dirty water as in you have just added soil to a drink, shook it up and ravished yourself on it, it even looks like dirty water but its completely clean. as noted by everyone it takes a number of days to notice any effects. by my 3rd or 4th day i hadnt noticed anything and thought i had stuffed up the dosages but noticed the memory of my dreams the night before was vastly improved and in the true spiritul fashion silene was originally used for i noticed my dreams seemed to have themes akin to what was going on in my life. as far as i can say this herb is quite subtle, but it truly does posses some spiritual qualities. my next venture will be calea. ill try drinking it and finally if nothing noticable happens i may smoke some. i hear it is extremely bitter but it smells really quite nice, very herbalicious.
  4. Magicseven

    Psychotria viridis

    i found a site that describes how you can propagate via cuttings http://www.plot55.com/growing/p.viridis.html im a bit hesitant asking you to give me a cutting. wether or not it will grow isnt an issue, im game and i need the experience so if it dies i wont be to upset. but there are legal issues concerning alkaloid containing plants. from what ive read on the SAB store seeds are legal but actual plant material can be illegal. ill do some more research into it, it shouldnt be that much of an issue after all you can buy whole plants. but id rather be safe then sorry so ill do some more research into the legal spectrum and get back to you about it. thanks for the offer, from what ive read on that site it can be achieved through just leaf cuttings but ill look into a bit more as well.
  5. Magicseven


    im in the middle of my uni exams and i was just wondering if anyone had any experiences with herbs that helped them with their study. ie through help in motivation, attention, memory etc. most nootropics are synthetic, and some are no go areas (eg amphetamines). ive used modafinil before but would rather a more natural study aid. any suggestions will do i just thought this might be an interesting topic, as well as being helpful for other people who may be looking for a natural booster to their study regime.
  6. Magicseven


    @ planthelper. im not claiming to know everything concerning aya and as always i procede with caution and respect concerning anything herbal. i really think ive come off the wrong way to you. as Dude pointed out this really isnt the place to post such things and i will be more mindful in the future. apologises for causing such a fuss
  7. Magicseven

    Syrian Rue

    ah k lol
  8. i just realised you were offering "seedlings" not seeds.

  9. hey man im very interested in getting some rue seeds. my local happy herbs place sells them but its pretty expensive. how much do you sell them for?

  10. Magicseven

    Dream Herbs

    well i just bought a box of tension tamer so ill tell you how that goes tonight. as for ginger, because i reckon ginger tastes so bloody awesome ill give your method a try as well. a quick look on wiki says eleuthero helps improve memory but nothing regarding dreaming or sleep. hopefully it works, if not ill just have a nice cup of tea ill comment tomoz on if it works wish me luck, id like to dream of flying
  11. Magicseven

    Syrian Rue

    $20 a kilo? geez thats pretty bloody cheap compared to happy herbs lol. if you find out where you got it for such a good price put it here in this thread
  12. Magicseven

    Acacia alkaloids?

  13. nice collection pacha, thats dedication
  14. Magicseven

    Syrian Rue

  15. Magicseven

    Dream Herbs

    well i had a look around and coulndt find anything about ginger. however i did find a tea called "tension tamer". apparently it improves lucid dreaming as well and you can pick it up from safeway for a few bucks, might go grab some tonight before my calea arrives. overall im going to have calea, silene and tension tamer so ill put up a post comparing them which some may find useful.