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    Hi all Looking for good podcasts, not necessarily ethno related. If this is already covered pls linky. Joe Rogan touches on some cool topics/people but I don't really like him so much I like nerdy, in depth stuff. Ethnos, mycology, conservation, permaculture, sustainable tech, science etc
  2. solomon

    Wanted - Mandrake & Cebil seeds

    Hey all I am hunting for some Mandrake seeds (my seed grown are yet to flower) and also some Cebil seed. Not after Yopo, only Cebil. Plenty of seed to trade in return, mostly cacti but some fresh Brugmansia sanguinea seed too.
  3. solomon

    EGA Garden states - SAB Volunteers call out

    This ^^ Really appreciate the EGA channel, best source for ethnobotany talks there is.
  4. solomon

    Want - Ashwagandha & Cebil Seeds

    Hey all (I am in NZ, trading international is fine, just check your local laws and customs) I am looking for seeds of: Ashwagandha / Withania sp. Cebil / Anadenanthera colubrina Mimosa scabrella Sassafras albidum (would like 100 or so) I can offer some NZ hand pollinated Tricho hybrids in return: FF x Andy's Blue Pach Andy's Blue Pach x FF Fat type wild collected Tricho seed Gymno Hibotan seed Brugmansia sanguinea seed Etc
  5. solomon

    Want - Ashwagandha & Cebil Seeds

    Still looking for: Withania Anadenanthera colubrina / Cebil Mimosa scabrella
  6. solomon

    Grafts -Photos & Updates

    Lucky! That is a very glaucous Peru. Here is a slightly dehydrated cut
  7. solomon

    Grafts -Photos & Updates

    Nice! Coromandel Cacti is a nursery over here with a number of Trich clones used in crosses like peru, cuzco, pach etc so you might want to check what the mother plant was <3
  8. Hi Ronny and crew Is there a date for the next EGA? Really keen to make the next one. Cheers
  9. Hey Sharxx Don't know if you only want Aussie seed or not. I'm across the ditch and Fathen comes up everywhere here and seed is almost mature now. Have been trying to convince my bosses to try it as they have planted quinoa this year (a relative). Depending on if you want things from overseas it would be my pleasure to send you some when they are mature. Also Sonchus is a commonly eaten weed here with a good nutrient profile. I believe it is a weed in many Aussie states. Can have a clean out of the seed tin and find the other weedy edibles.. Well the ones already present in Australia. peace
  10. solomon

    yopo seed pods

    Hey Zelly, any chance that they are Cebil rather than Yopo? Would make sense more with your climate. incognito (no longer active here?) / moon unit botanica harvest yearly from their tree. They are on FB, I can ask them to get in contact if you like?
  11. solomon

    Want - Ashwagandha & Cebil Seeds

    Bump Still looking for: Withania Anadenanthera colubrina / Cebil Mimosa scabrella
  12. solomon

    Solomon's Cacti

    Have been growing a lot more from seed these days. Zelly, Trichocereus Au and some homegrown.
  13. solomon

    Solomon's Cacti

    T. arboricola x Variegated red grandi
  14. solomon


    From the album: plants

  15. solomon

    Crest from a TBM

    Nice! I would graft in segments and then remove any "normal" tbm growth that appears to promote more of the cristata growth.
  16. solomon

    S.G Pod 2 Photo Thread

    Forgot about this thread, will have to update when I am home as all these crosses are starting to show maturity. Cheers Spooge!
  17. solomon

    S.G Pod 2 Photo Thread

    Murray Bridge cuzco, Goliath, Adelaide macro, SG cuzco, YT cuzco, Scop & Yowie X Open Pollinated Almost a year since this seed started getting sent around the world courtesy of Spooge. I can't seem to find any photos, please share if you have some of these genetics growing These were sown 15/8/16 Only a couple grafts, the rest are on their own roots and pretty indistinguishable still. Adelaide macro x OP Murray Bridge cuzcoensis x OP
  18. Inyan, great thread, will be attempting this soon. In the top photo is this B. sanguinea? As stock? I have a lot of B. sanguinea seedlings and wanted to know if I could use them as a stock for the less cold tolerant species.
  19. solomon

    Garden Update 2018

    Awesome work guys!
  20. solomon


    Nice, have you had any success with leaf grafts?
  21. solomon

    Happy Birthday Torsten

    Happy birthday T! Thanks for making all this possible
  22. That is an interesting plant, and flowering young too? Is HZ huarazensis?
  23. solomon

    I'm back!

    Hey Welcome back, not sure if we talked in the past. I'm in Aotearoa too, but in the South. I keep finding land in Peria when I'm looking for bare land in the Far North. Let me know what it's like living up there.