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  1. Qhorakuna tantani

    Tripterygium wilfordii - Thundergod Vine

    Ever thought about having intestinal worms? I believe capsules with eggs were sold long time ago for weight loss lol They are apparently v good for gentle immunosuppressant effect as they secrete chems to stop the I.S. from attacking them. When I heard about that, I wondered whether maybe a symbiotic relationship may have existed at some stage. Obviously an out there treatment, but you never know ;P
  2. Qhorakuna tantani

    WA schedules several cannabinoid agonists

    It's simply astounding that it often takes up to 15 years and $600m to produce to market a pharmaceutical product that might not even break even in returns yet some pissweak, 6 week clinical study can be evidence enough to have a compound banned, one that was actually generating tax revenue. Obviously not more than mining is making though right. Maybe a clinical trial of paracetamol should be done to see if mice given 5 times the recommended dosage, or sustained high doses, suffer any ill side effects that warrant its banning... It's so obvious its probably annoying to point out the two sided arguments generally presented to us: if we make money from it and the morality police don't have a problem, then you can be trusted to use appropriately. If its for your leisure, then absolutely not!
  3. Yoghurt is definitely a good long term treatment and as a douche may be uncomfortable, but can help. B-d paris creek yoghurt might be a good choice, it's not too thick and is not heavily processed. Probiotics would be a good choice too, maybe along with a prebiotic such as daily dandelion tea (generally good allrounds anyways.) Lapacho (Tabebuia impetiginosa) is really good for candida specifically and to boost immune function, as is Cat's claw. Take a tea 3 times daily. Siberian ginseng is good for recovery from chronic illness and maintenance of good health, but shouldn't be used when still ill. Same goes for schisandra I believe. Good luck
  4. Its also a bad thing in that people now fear or are suspicious of anything chemical and the science and chemistry behind these products sort of becomes lost and taboo in a way. Stoners aren't the only ones that are good at utilising what they find around the place ;)
  5. Qhorakuna tantani

    Safely making chimo/ambil

    Using ash has got to be better than burning your mouth with lime paste Although that's probably due to impatience I guess
  6. Qhorakuna tantani

    Whats the deal with SA

    Probably another example of the general populations apathy towards what the government is doing. I'm so sick of family first, should keep their narrow, misguided views out of politics and leave them in the church to affect only people who don't mind or won't do anything about it... oh wait :/
  7. Qhorakuna tantani


    Hey, just thought I'd post some pics n ask how long ya reckon till they're ready to open? Thanks btw :D I quite happy that there's two flowers starting on this branch, and about three more on another :D
  8. Qhorakuna tantani

    one of the best things you can do for your brain

    Think this is called the stretching-yawning complex or syndrome and it is common among some animals.
  9. Qhorakuna tantani

    Two plants in one pot

    Other plants will only benefit from N fixing bacteria on root nodules of other plants, if they fix an excess of nitrogen. For example, growing mucuna vines throughout a crop can fix up to 200kg N per hectare. Apo - I remember reading that there is a test you can do to see if plants are good companions. It involved taking some leaves of each plant, extracting and putting the extracts in a petri dish or similar, and a particular reaction occuring over time showed whether they were good to go or not. Looking just now, it seems this could be a part of allelopathy. Even if this doesn't perfectly describe companion plants, it could give a good estimation.
  10. Qhorakuna tantani

    Couple face khat drug possession charges

    So does the khat importation permit no longer exist? There is (or used to be) a permit analogous to the kava permit, for importing khat. You could probably get it fairly fresh if you could find somewhere that'd be able to send it express lol
  11. Qhorakuna tantani

    Kaktus Powder from HHH

    The full effects take a while to come on, so the caffeine seems to keep you entertained to some degree while you're waiting. M tends to be quite a good stimulant for the first hour or so or longer, then things start to get fun
  12. Qhorakuna tantani


    Hrm... Do you know if it would be worth letting this WA species of acuminata getting nice and busy, or letting it grow tall and trunky? Either way the weeping pattern is quite nice really.
  13. Qhorakuna tantani


    I was just wondering if anyone has some T. Bridgesii pollen that they could spare for a trade, or some cashola. Not sure if I have anything worth trading really, but I might be able to scrounge something up Pollen from good yielding T. Bridgesii is preferred, if I can also be a chooser ;) A bridgesii, which I planted before realising, has started flowering for the first time, and I'm making a B-plan just incase it isn't self fertile. Thanks
  14. Qhorakuna tantani


    Just wondering what you peoples think about whether this needs staking or not. Its leaning quite a bit, but it has always seemed to have somewhat of a weeping form. I think all the foilage is on one side because it got pretty windy through winter lol Just wondering if it will need a big stake, or whether over time it won't really matter if it has a bit of a lean or some twists Once again sorry for the shitty phone camera blur The picture is taken downwards a little bit, and the tree curves backwards somewhat as well. At first I thought it could be the extra hot weather, but I watered it heaps plus, as I said, its always been somewhat weeping
  15. Qhorakuna tantani

    Two plants in one pot

    Certain plants sure do love being planted together. Companion planting I think its called. Tomato and basil for example, not only great flavour combo, but they bother grow better when planted near one another. The reverse is true too, onions and beans don't like each other I think it is. In your case, I'm thinking that your only problem would be crowding