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  1. Hello, I have psilocybe cubensis spore prints for sale. The prints are $20.00 USA each. PM me or email me at: [email protected] for more details...thanks! Jamison Lee Schuetz
  2. Jamison Schuetz

    jamisons winter sale list

    *disclaimer* i cannot send banisteriopsis spp. or psilocybe mushroom spore prints or anything else illegal to: Australia, california, idaho or ohio, or to any other place where items are illegal. hey, i have the below items for sale, will take cash, or m.o., or western union, only: mushroom spore prints $15.00 each: psilocybe azurescens psilocybe cyanescens psilocybe silvatica psilocybe semilanceata other items on sale: banisteriopsis caapi seeds $10.00 for 50 seeds banisteriopsis muricata seeds $10.00 for 50 seeds ephedra viridis dried foliage $10.00 for 1 kilo. *note all of my ayahuasca and mushroom prints are all collected in the wild and are sterile fresh and viable, nothing i sell is mooched from other people or cultured, all fresh and are wild specimens. this is my only post here for another six months as i am allowed so quickly order, thanks, peace.
  3. Jamison Schuetz

    jamisons winter sale list

    sorry about me rude comment, i was frustrated because of this: all spore prints are wild originaly because they grow and we take prints and grow cultures of them. mushrooms were discovered by somebody, they took a print and they grew them. so these prints that are wild are originall generation of other mushrooms for other prints people grow. so, in fact sporeworks, thehawkseye sites and others are selling wild prints only because they live in the usa and so do i, and its illegal here in the usa to grow psilocybes so they all sell wild prints too, if you want more info than this goto: shroomery.org
  4. Jamison Schuetz

    jamisons winter sale list

    i dont see why you think that wils prints are not sterile, i have had success with zero contams reports about wild prints, and about my prints. i am not a rip off at all really, and i know its possible for wild prints to be sterile, do yourself a favor and stop acting like a jack ass, amateur.
  5. Jamison Schuetz

    jamisons winter sale list

    theyre printed on watercolor paper abd dank.
  6. *disclaimer* i cannot send psilocybe mushroom spore prints to australia, or any other state or country where they are illegal check your local laws before ordring my prints. hey, i have some psilocybe mexicana mushroom spore prints for $20.00 each, PM me.
  7. Jamison Schuetz

    white stemmed cyanescens

    *disclaimer* i cannot send spore prints to australia or any other country, state, or any other place where they are illegal check your local laws before ordering my prints. hello, i had the most wonderful journey collecting a white stemmed original psilocybe cyanescens. this mushroom is the original psilocybe cyanescens according to dr. albert hoffman. i am trying to sell some spore prints of these, i am asking $20 per print. these are the original type of cyanescens before all the new field guides like pacific northwest guide changed the id of the cyanescens mushroom. i also have some psilocybe semilanceata prints available for $10 each. you might want to hurry and get these cyanescens prints because they are a rare variety and prints are limited. PM me or email me at [email protected]
  8. Jamison Schuetz

    Pleurotus species WTB

    can anyone sell me any fungi or spore prints of: Pleurotus columbinus? or any other Pleurotus? PM me. i have psiilocybe stuntzii or psilocybe silvatica prints for trade.
  9. Jamison Schuetz

    white stemmed cyanescens

    i found these white stemmed cyanescens prints near the methodist church fields near osu campus in bark dust chips under some maple trees. mixed in withthese prints i have seen flushes of semis too. currently i am printing the prints on white computer paper and leaving them in books and piling the books on top of them so they print. i have heard zero complaints of contams from my prints with this method. so thats how i am printing them. if anyhone wants a free stuntzii priint or some free semi prints PM me. i also have seen a rather abundance this year in psilocybe stuntzii prints on lawn grass and on bark mulch around here. currently this time period is the best flushes i have ever seen where i live here in the pacific northwest.
  10. Jamison Schuetz

    white stemmed cyanescens

    (EEDIT, Notn apprpriate rambling) and, i am quoting dr albert hoffmans old webpage theonesthatstainblue.com that a white stemmed cyanescens exists in the pacific northwest and i do believe that i have found it and the stems stain blue. and since i havent sold any of these prints yet if you PM me i will send you some for free. i have had some experiences with a tan stemmed cyanescens does anyone know of a tan stemmed cyanescens. the white stemmed cyanescens i have found here in the pacific northwest is only mediocrely potent. anyone have any experiences with potent cyanescens? once again nobody is buying these prints so far so PM me and ill send you a few prints and who knows maybe someone could send me a print of something for trade? i did not soil any prints i am a clean printer the print just looked like that because there was an old residue and sortof was spore shroom print. oh well i sweqr im not a scammer just tryin to spread the magic. peace.
  11. Jamison Schuetz

    white stemmed cyanescens

    i changed my email addy because it was getting full.
  12. Jamison Schuetz

    psilocybe mexicana prints for sale

    yeah i dont agree with you calling that a bad print, *moderator edit, removed offensive name calling* peace, jamison
  13. Jamison Schuetz

    psilocybe mexicana prints for sale

    that picture of a print was a psilocybe cyanescens mushroom printed on artwork drawing paper. it seems i must have left a little bit of the mushroom on the print, is what the cylinder piece of it was just some of the mushroom that i left on the print. ITS NOT toilet paper or shit on the print or anything bad on the print. anyway, my prints are clean and sterile printed the same way as all the major suppliers like sporeworks and thehawkseye on plain white paper, i even used to be a supplier myself at jamison ethnobotanicals. so have a great day.
  14. Jamison Schuetz

    psilocybe mexicana prints for sale

    there was not a dirty towel print! i question that photo, i do. these are mex A psilocybe mexicana prints, if you order a print, ill make you a deal and throw in a free jumbo cyanescens print. damned bastards and their dirty paper towel print stinks! PM me i have jumbo cyanescens prints for $20 each, peace.
  15. Jamison Schuetz

    Jamison Schuetz super trade thread

    **Moderator edit:- some items in this thread may not be legal to ship or even possess in your state territory or country. Check laws before ordering** *disclaimer* i cant send b. caapi to australia, or any other countries or states where it is illegal! i can get kilograms of red banisteriopsis caapi wood for $10.00 each, i am looking for atropa belladona or any type of datura spp. or spore prints for trade. PM me.
  16. Jamison Schuetz

    treated brf

    i think u have used hydrogen peroxide. just use water only for this, and use nothing else for substrate. And dont forget to simulate and put your mycelium culture in refrigerator or something else to get overnight lows to simulate weather is best. Peace.
  17. Jamison Schuetz

    Chia seeds for sale or trade.

    hi. I have some chia seeds for sale or trade. the seeds are excellent quality from a local market. i am looking for datura or spore prints, or anything powerful for trade. if you want to buy chia seeds from me they are $20.00 per lb. PM me. I can also get valerian herb.
  18. Jamison Schuetz

    Free semi prints

    *disclaimer i cannot ship psilocybe mushroom prints to Australia, or any other country or place where they are illegal.* i would like to send the first 5 people to PM me, 3 free psilocybe semilanceatae prints! PM me. Sorry cannot send to australia.
  19. Jamison Schuetz

    War On Drugs fueling HIV Epidemic

    What is the longest time someone has survived HIV for?
  20. Jamison Schuetz

    P. Sub prints for trade

    How is there bark on a diviners sage? is there such a thing? It would be powerful if there was!
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    Does anyone know if ganoderma fungus is legal in australia?
  22. Jamison Schuetz

    Reseda spp.?

    has anyone tried reseda luteola or reseda odorata? I want to know the effects of reseda. Anyone?
  23. Jamison Schuetz

    [Edit] Packed & Posted: Liquorice (glycyrrhiza glabra)

    you gimme that liqourice right now!
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  25. Jamison Schuetz

    Jamison trade thread

    i have heaps of blackberry bushes fresh viable seeds and leaves for $5 a pound for either. PM me.