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  1. Jess

    First subs of the 2011 season!

    Yep absolutly, I went to my same place, and there was PLENTY!!! lol, I didn't expect to find as many as I did so quickly, but the season is most definatly on For some reason i am having alot of trouble uploading pics.
  2. Jess

    First subs of the 2011 season!

    * had to delete my post, was trying to upload my photos and my computer won't co-operate. I found many subs on Tuesday, have some great photos.
  3. Jess

    First subs of the 2011 season!

    I went for a trip to the mountains & found these babies
  4. Jess

    Spore Print ~ (Mycology purposes)

    Hi everyone, I am adding onto this post as I am looking for the same thing. I am doing some mycology studies and would like to obtain B+, or any other cubensis strain. If anyone could help me it would be much appreciated. I don't have anything to trade just yet, but I am willing to pay. Thanks so much
  5. Jess

    Pressure cookers

    I purchased a 15.5 quart all american cooker the other week, just waiting on it's arrival. I'm hoping i bought a big enough one now. But I figured it's just for my own home small experiments, should do just fine. So excited to finally put all the theory into practice.
  6. Jess

    New Zealand

    That's is awesome about the Salivia, I shall check it out:) And as for the party pills.. If they have taken the good stuff from them, i'll probably pass
  7. Jess

    New Zealand

    Thanks for that
  8. Jess

    New Zealand

    Hey, I don't know if there are any new zealanders on here, but i am heading across early november, and would like to have some inside info on where to look for some nice fungi? Just going for 2 weeks, and help would be apprecited. I am starting my own research now, but a leg up would be awesome. Thanks everyone:)
  9. Jess

    Warning on Subs

    I just had the most amazing weekend with subs:) I have had cubes before, but never tried subs. I tried a few fresh, which was fun, but only a mild experience. Then a couple days later, I blended up a few grams, ate 2 grams in caps, then I made the lemon juice tea. It was incredible. Made it with 8 grams of subs, and shared it between 3 of us. One of my friends had a minor freak out. She felt so far from reality, she did not know what to do with herself. I just had to sit there and talk her into a better space. I definatly will be making the tea again, the visuals where amazing, and I think I'd like to push my limits a little further next time. I would like to see the full power of this mushroom!
  10. Jess

    2010 Sub season

    Nice pics husk. They look delicious!
  11. Bring on the rain!!!
  12. A camping trip sounds great. There is just so much area to cover, so this would be a great help:) I'm heading back up next week for another look around. It's such a pretty place.
  13. Hey guys this is my first post:) Been hunting for a few months now, researching and the likes. Went up to oberon 2 weeks ago.. Found Many Amanita Muscaria's... Found no subs.. I know the conditions are just not right yet, but I am really excited. If anyone can help me with tips, or would like to come with me, that would be awesome.