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  1. http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=2878181322340651223#
  2. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1250872/Climategate-U-turn-Astonishment-scientist-centre-global-warming-email-row-admits-data-organised.html?ITO=1490 ??????
  3. souljourney

    David Icke

    Nice one blowng..thanks..... I see now though that no-one "makes" people fight with eachother because of differences in belief systems, religion etc. (and all the rest that people fight about) there is no victim... We are not victims of "the illuminati" or some super-power... When one finds love, and the power within; the inner voice/guidance; the ability to "go with the flow" allowing life's Mystery to reveal itself; seeing there is much we cannot control; giving up trying to control others and rather rejoicing in others finding and acting on the power within themselves... living with the awareness of the dissolution of this body and mind in every moment,the impermanence of it all and so living with no attachment... rather living in gratitude... well... this is freedom and all those guys causing suffering holding onto as much as they can living with greed harming others...they are losing... they are losing until they wake up... and find fearlessness within themselves... hmmm...so i am not angry at these people... they are way lost...lost the way...maybe never found it... hope they do... much love
  4. This is great...thanks Nabraxas.. I haven't listened to J.Krishanamurti for many years and i find listening expands my mind... I love when he refers to living with no time (internally)...time is a useful tool to function on the outside, though not needed internally... living without time,internally... much love
  5. souljourney

    Youtube vids

    yeah....beautiful!! all is manifestation/expression of God or Consciousness or Love ... Love Said to Me I worship the moon. Tell me of the soft glow of a candle light and the sweetness of my moon. Don't talk about sorrow, tell me of that treasure, hidden if it is to you, then just remain silent. Last night I lost my grip on reality and welcomed insanity. Love saw me and said, I showed up. Wipe you tears and be silent. I said, O Love I am frightened, but it's not you. Love said to me, there is nothing that is not me. be silent. I will whisper secrets in your ear just nod yes and be silent. A soul moon appeared in the path of my heart. How precious is this journey. I said, O Love what kind of moon is this? Love said to me, this is not for you to question. be silent. I said, O Love what kind of face is this, angelic, or human? Love said to me, this is beyond anything that you know. Be silent. I said, please reveal this to me I am dying in anticipation. Love said to me, that is where I want you: Always on the edge, be silent. You dwell in this hall of images and illusions, leave this house now and be silent. I said, O Love, tell me this: Does the Lord know you are treating me this way? Love said to me, yes He does, just be totally… totally… silent -Rumi- i'll add a doco/ vid... http://www.documentary-log.com/d444-kymatica/
  6. souljourney

    Youtube vids

    Wild.. looks like he channels many spirits....
  7. souljourney

    Youtube vids

    Spirit Songs: A Musical Taxonomy of the Amazon - 2007 teaser
  8. souljourney

    The Universe is an egg!

    The potential in the egg is very exciting....
  9. souljourney

    The Universe is an egg!

    Eggzactly!!!!... ..it does sound obvious.... but easy to forget... same as the dreamer is part of the dream... that which we call "I" is part of the dream... dream and dreamer..one... Soul
  10. souljourney

    The Universe is an egg!

    The players part of the game....
  11. I love reading your insights Reptyle... You wrote "Awareness of desire, allows the original state to arise"... I wonder if the original state is always here underneath the chatter of the mind...like the sky...when the clouds pass.. not something that comes and goes...
  12. souljourney


    This is sweeeet!!! Yes...we are simply following what we feel is true... being true to ourselves... much love ...thought to add this great website/book... http://www.spiritualpolyamory.com/ i just finished reading it.... loved it...it reflected many of my own insights....
  13. souljourney


    Yes....polyamory is not for everyone.... nor does anyone try and fit into any system if it doesn't feel right from within....from insights coming from ones own experiences... Personally, being polyamorous, i have found that jealousy, trying to control another, fear of being alone, and sense of 'owning' another have all left my life.... What a joy and relief....
  14. Agreed!!!!! I think more productive to lowering carbon emissions would be to stop chopping down the rain forests....and planting more trees....
  15. souljourney


    I am happy to vote that i use cannabis for medicinal purposes.... Cool to see the vote so high... Too much legal costs for police to fight this one in court... so I have been told...told to say (if ever found with cannabis) that it is for medicinal purposes...