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    national press club address

    Sadly the government will probably not learn anything and will just say "its different here, we know better".
  2. 700+ posts in a 5 month period is probably a bit overkill.
  3. mr me

    my first loph seedling!

    While I haven't used fongarid on lophs, it has saved me a few plants that otherwise would have been lost. I bought in at bunnings for about $16 and found it in pest control.
  4. mr me

    Automatic DST setting does not work.

    I've had the same problem, seems to be a somewhat common bug on IP.Board. The answer seems to be on the server end and is somewhat random..
  5. mr me

    Hoja santa wanted

    I bought P Subpelatum and P Auritum from SAB. Nice little plants, well packed and priced. I'm going to strike a few cuttings, so if you are prepared to wait a few weeks I can help.
  6. mr me

    BlackLotus1987 Have/Want

    I've had a couple too many red letters to try. I'm pretty sure that according to AQIS, you can import tobacco seed. Growing could be another issue though.
  7. mr me


    lol me want as well
  8. mr me

    Rising Food Prices

    There were problems with Russia's harvest as well which caused them to halt grain exports. Canada's harvests are also down quite significantly to excess rain. Prices keep going up with more mouths to feed and developing nations having more wealth.
  9. mr me

    The Great Global Cooling/Warming Thread

    They changed it from Global Warming to Climate Change so whatever happens with the temperature it is man's fault. My bet is on the volcano.
  10. mr me

    OHS Act .vS The COPS!!?!

    @dwork - that ticket thing between the OHS and cop is an old myth that has made the rounds for years. The only difference is the name of the place is different. A policeman can pretty much ignore any law they want to if they are carrying out their duties. An example would be chasing a speeding driver, they can also speed to effect an arrest. They have to obey Workplace Health and Safety Act but they can get around it as they are carrying out duties as a police officer. There are lots of grey areas were they could get into trouble but the brotherhood will stick together.
  11. Could be a coincidence but BP are still bastards and deserved to be keel-hauled through the very waters that they have ruined. Currently, I would be more worried about all the oil that was "broken down" with the oil dispersant that has now entered the food chain. As far as the floods go in Queensland they had worse ones in the past. Quite an interesting link, thanks.
  12. mr me


    While I would agree that mods should be personally known and mod status carries weight, people need to not get carried away with $500 transactions with someone you have never met. There are also things like paypal that can be used to help make transactions a bit safer. I feel bad for anyone who lost money and didn't get their stuff.
  13. mr me

    catha edulis seed give away

    Count me in as well. Thanks for sharing
  14. mr me

    Snails as fertiliser.

    I've had major snail problems in my garden and letterbox as well so putting the little suckers to some use would be good. Ways to repel or kill them them are; copper iron phosphate chickens and ducks diatomaceous earth beer or soapy water in a cup that has been submerged in the earth Quassia chips dog food will lure them away If anyone knows how to deal with the eggs that would be awesome info. Apparently ammonia does a good job but it is rather restricted.
  15. mr me

    Glaucium Giveaway

    I'd be interested as well. Count me in.
  16. I love my meat No cure for cancer
  17. mr me

    recurring teeth dream

    I've had some pretty vivid teeth dreams myself. They eventually went away due to me getting rid of stress in my life. Just pray you don't have the Vagina teeth dream.
  18. mr me

    USA caught killing bees

    I just bought some insecticide today that said don't spray when bees are active. I did not notice until I got home, I'll have to take it back. My garden is getting nailed by lots of bugs this year so I'll have to keep working away with more natural remedies. Even if Australia does have some of the healthiest bee colonies I don't want to contribute to their possible demise.
  19. mr me


    If they can invent life in a test tube then I say it belongs to the company. Since they are borrowing from nature then I don't really see how they can claim exclusive rights. I would have issue and so would the company if you did take their efforts and try to pass it off as your own. I highly doubt they will care if you are playing around with cultures in your back shed.
  20. mr me


  21. mr me

    Free HBWR seeds

    Count me in, thanks for sharing
  22. mr me

    calamus oil

    I was probably looking at $275 for product and postage. It comes in a nice metal container. The source is from F.P.I Oceania. I might have mistakenly told some people EPI was the source.
  23. mr me

    calamus oil

    I have 280ml of calamus oil for sale. It is a few years old now but it has been kept sealed up and stored in cool and dry conditions. When I opened the container to check the contents out my nose and the room was immediately filled with a good strong odour. Feel free to pm an offer. I might be interested in trades, but I might be moving soon... This retails on SAB for about $1.30 a ml.
  24. mr me


    It is very popular in sub continent. Used for cosmetics and in traditional medicine and in the treatment of a wide range of afflictions. It is apparently useful as a skincream for skin problems. It is not used in preparing food afaik.
  25. I have really good growth on cabages, caulis, pumpkins and the peach tree is going crazy. All this rain is working wonders.