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  1. kapitän kamasutra

    Unknown small brown mushrooms of the Psilocybe genus fruiting in NSW.

    beautifull finds. They do very much look like rather chubby miniature version of P. semilanceata on the photos. On some shots some are looking exactly like P.semilanceata. The brownish colour and average size is unusual for the semilanceate I see over here however. The circle mushroom on this picture looks like a lookalike, I think Marasmius
  2. kapitän kamasutra

    Inceptionism: Trippy output from Googles neural neworks

    Mad. Them might be onto something figuring out our brain and the nice visual paterns we see from time to time.
  3. kapitän kamasutra

    who is this Trichocereus?

    Ok, this is my plant I think might be related to Pimentos. You can see the greyish spines, it used to make bulbs on the bases a bit but as its growing older this tendency is fading it seems. I'm curious about this plant, as I don't think it fits well in the 'slim' San Pedro family pachanoi-peruvianus-(macrogonus)-cuzcoensis (left out bridgesii and scoph). Of course it could be a hybrid, so all speculation are a bit waste, but for me this plant is not screaming 'cuzcoensis', at least not like the full on 'KK242'-type cuzcoensis. On this site I have however seen pictures from wild plants that resembled them a lot in my opinion, I'm looking for them now. I'm not aware that form ( or those forms, if they indeed represent wild plants and are not horticultural hybrids) have a proper name yet to distinguish them from the other peruvianus/pachanoi/cuzcoensis-forms, which are a little bit different in some aspects.
  4. kapitän kamasutra

    ☽Footsteps along the Acacial avenue..⚡The Amazing AustralAcacian highway path to WattleB Grove☾

    I got wattle seeds from wildseed tasmania, they came to europe with no problem. Fast and plentiful seeds in the packs, too, so I advertise them here
  5. kapitän kamasutra

    who is this Trichocereus?

    I have one that looks very similar from a Köhres batch, its the slowest growing tricho I have. I'm looking for the camera right now, will post a pic later. I'm not sure what it is, but I don't think its full on cuzcoensis, maybe a cuzco hybrid...in the moment I think mine begin to look more and more like a green pachanoi, maybe the heavy spines are just a juvenil expresssion?
  6. kapitän kamasutra

    phlebophylla and courtii seed giveaway

    81, please awesome!
  7. kapitän kamasutra

    loph flower question

    sunshine really, give them a bright spot and a drink
  8. kapitän kamasutra

    dairy semen sexing. sexed semen.

    I think 'male' semen has slightly lower mass than 'female' because the y is smaller than the x. Might be the trick to tell them appart.
  9. kapitän kamasutra

    ID Cacti and Succulents (5 total)

    I think the second is an euphorbia crest, maybe E. lactea. first ans third are Opuntia, the last two both Echinopsis.
  10. kapitän kamasutra

    Nitrogen´s Connoisseur hybrids - pics and seed giveaway

    Hi Dreamwalker, sorry I missed your post. This one was TPCxJuules. It later decided to revert to normal growth, this is how it looks now. This one is TBMxN1, my first tricho crest maybe? This is psycho0xN1, I call it p0N1 like the small horse. I hope it keeps the knobby look, might grow into a beauty. They have been moved under the fluro now for winter. I want to grow them a few more cm, then degraft and root them for next spring.
  11. kapitän kamasutra

    Are we holding our hybrids back?

    my problem is limited space. 100 seedlings are cute in the takeaway container, but once they all need a pot for their own the trouble starts. Its hard for me to find enough people willing to help me grow them out. (europe people pm me
  12. kapitän kamasutra

    Fading labels

    There are special markers with uv-proof ink, but they are $$. I used one when I was labeling trees in a botanical garden. 4 years after the lables are still readable ( the ones that didn't get stolen)
  13. kapitän kamasutra

    Ice bucket challenges

    mass media is full of it. Maybe a great way to distract from more important issues? I'm a grumpy bastard as well lately
  14. kapitän kamasutra

    supersonic submarine supercavitation

    Clever idea with the gas bubble. I imagine it leaves a tunnel of death as it plows through the sea, boiling water and imploding fish...
  15. kapitän kamasutra

    what do you see?

    I think they look straight bridgesii, but so do confirmed brid X ... -crosses I have seen here. Not sure if the bridgesii I have in mind as reference are pure breed, too...