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  1. Just posting to say im out of prints peace to you all im taking a vacation
  2. Hey all, Just found these pics on my PC when i was cleaning stuff up. Its photos of one of my last grows i did when i was staying over in Limburg,Which is in the netherlands. The netherlands are awsome because growing psilocybe cubensis is a commercial industry there,which means its totally legal to grow. Its my favourite place to get away too. My best mate lives over there and he is also a microbiologist ( Like Myself :D ) And he runs a mycology company specialising in the production over various liquid culture strains , And the creation of spore prints for online vendors Which i help him with when i go over there (which is not as much as i wish i could,expensive airfairs!!) He has every strain you could think of , within reason ofcourse. And he has taught me alot i didnt get taught by my proffessor back at uni. He helped me get my Importation licence For P.Cubensis Prints So i could bring them home for microscopy research which i have endless fun doing. Soon With my freinds help i will be opening a discount australian online spore shop, Because i have been aware since 2010 that australia desperately needs a Localised Spore outlet, Ever since i first starting selling spore prints to the microscopy community in australia. I wasnt sure at first if there was a microscopy community,But after testing the "waters" i quickly found out not only was there demand for Spore Prints for microscopy research in australia,There was a Huge amount of people That where too apprehensive about using oversea's spore vendors too import the exotic Psilocybe Cubensis.A fear Which is well founded,Because i know from when i got my Importation Licence,I was told by the officer from the Import/export Licensing Grants department That Unauthorized importation/exporting Of Any Psilcoybe spore prints if caught,The Individual faces a $6000.00 Fine and Police prosecution charges of Import/exporting a Restricted Genus of Mushroom Spores. Which depending on the extent of what they catch individuals with,Can also result in a custodial sentence in prison for 6 months.(this is all regardless of the intentions you give for possession of the spore prints ). So I dont blame so many aussies being apprahensive about importing some prints. However The good news is that you can buy them of a licenced individual within australia without the need for a Importation Licence. As long as they are sold for microscopy Research only and are labeled as so,And Used For that reason. My Eyes As a result of introducing myself to the mycroscopy community in australia have been opened to the fact that AUSTRALIA NEEDS A LOCALISED SPORE OUTLET. One that Doesnt charge the ridiculous prices that oversea's vendors do. One That doesnt offer just spore syringes like they love so much overseas ( which always in my experience contain shithouse amount of spores , Im talking around 25% the amounnt of a spore print per 10mls solution). They are just a ripp off no matter how cheap they advertise them. Australia needs a Legitimate Spore vendor, That Offers Psilocybe Cubensis Spores And Medicinal spores like portobello,Oyster, Lions mane , Shittakes etc, At a decent price. A Price Like 3 Prints for 30$ , High quality prints will only be accepted by me for selling on the site. Screened when made by my good freind in limburg who will be making them. He checks every print to make sure there is a heavy spore deposit . And He also utilizes sterile technique in a laboratory enviroment, So i can safely promise that every print i will have for purchase is sterile and viable to give the most optimal experience when studying them under the microscope.( eliminating the possibility of contamination by Bacterial endospores,That ruins the viewing experience) As long as you follow sterile procedure when producing spore solutions for application to the glass microscope slide. I Assume 99% of people Know what they are doing when aquire prints for research,Because it is an eccentric feild,And You must know what you are doing if you wish to get anywhere,But ive known amatuars just beggining to have good results too. I hope All here on this forum have learnt that I am a person of convictions, I love My mycology and mycroscopy, As well as my Organic chemistry and Botany and Microbiology. I have a Postgraduate Diploma In microbiology from La trobe university in australia ( finished uni 2007) So i know my stuff. I would appreciate any input from the IPS community here ,Particualary the members that would benefit from a australian spore vendor. PS Please remember the attached photos were taken in Limburg, In the Netherlands. I am not advocating the cultivation of them by posting the pictures. I am merely supplying the photos from which all the strains of psilocybe cubensis Spore Prints i currently have for microscopy research,And the ones i will be selling on my website, Came from. Put simply,These photos are the strains that were grown by my associate over in limburg,And then imported them here for microscopy research. So As you can see how i do things is completely legitimate. PLEASE LEAVE COMMENTS BECAUSE I VALUE THE OPINION OF THE IPS COMMUNITY. I LOVE YOU GUYS !!!! Ole Dr Psilocin Is here to stay and wants to build a solid foundation here at IPS on which to build a good reputation. Thanks For Allowing me to be apart of the Great IPS community. Peace out and much love.
  3. LOOKING FOR CUSTOMERS WHO DIDNT RECEIVE ORDERS FROM ESKATARI BLUE LAST YEAR,I HAVE CUBE PRINTS FOR THEM. PM me please if you are one of them,currently looking for order list

  4. cant wait to try bann hua thailand and texas strain this new years =] MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL AND A HAPPY NEW YEARS EVE hope you all ring in the new year with a great big trip , i know i will hehehe MUCH LOVE AND PEACE TO ALL!!!

  5. correct , from oxidization from enzymes in our skin when it contacts the gods flesh =]
  6. is this open to everyone?
  7. www. Aussimushroomsupplies.com
  8. They are for. Microscopy research that's what I have them for mate
  9. I can help you out i have cubes , pm me
  10. Go to www.aussimushroomsupplies.com he has edible cultures of shittake , oyster , lions main etc
  11. For everything you need from a single aussi online mycOlogy outlet can be found at www. Aussimushroomsupplies.com he also does shittake and other edible prints and l/ c of those as well as steralizing substrates ;). Hope that helps
  12. Malt dextrose is best ;)
  13. Hello,Im currently doing some extensive research into the acacia genus in Australia and i would like to pose a question to all those people here on the forum that are familiar with Acacia berlandieri , i am very interested to learn whether this particular strain grows in Australia, Now i know its not a native , But remember neither are many other acacia strains that have taken to our bush-lands, Many were introduced by American cattle and many other ways im sure ! Surely somebody here knows whether Acacia berlandieri is growing in Australia , It looks very similar to quiet a few strains i have located growing in my local bushland , However i am not certain whether its possible any of them are actually Acacia berlandieri , but i will certainly be going to take a look and see
  14. Hello to all, i need some copelandia cyanescens (aus native preferably) ? , Anybody have any prints they wana sell/trade? PM me or contact me @ eska@live.co.uk
  15. Let me elaborate a little more. I want to know which acacia is the least uncommon to come across in NSW as i have seen 6+ different strains over the last week in my local bushland. And considering there is meant to be 1000+ plus strains of the acacia genus in australia,I begun to wonder what the most uncommon one was to come across. They are beautiful around this time of year, And ive got a sweet spot for the lovely aroma they release. Also much respect for them. Ive heard Acacia maidenii was a rare one.But i found one after 20 mins of walking in the bush Whats your opinion?