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  1. Owtovit

    Henbane Pilsener

    Normal sugar isn't usually used in beer because it gives of unsual, fruity flavours. If you have to use a sugar instead of malt, dextrose is the best becuase it fully ferments without a bad taste. Like foolsbreath said, the lower the temperature you can ferment at, the cleaner the taste will be. When my brother in law makes lagers, he tries to brew them at around 12 C or so. You can really taste the difference when it is brewed at a lower temperature. Also, different yeasts work better at different temps. Lager yeasts are meant for low temperature brewing and ale yeasts for higher ones. Also lagers are usually not as strong flavoured as ales, so you would probably want to try and get them as clean tasting as possible. When you use malt it doesn't fully ferment out, thus adding body to the beer, as well as a fuller flavour. I think that maltodextrin doesn't ferment at all, it just adds body and head retention. In regards to the purity laws in Germany, I think that they require that all that goes into beer is grains, hops and yeast, with no sugar or other herbs. This means that the beer will be fuller flavoured than the stuff that we dare to call beer made here in Aus, eg. XXXX, VB etc which are made with only a little malt for flavour and a lot of dextrose for alcohol content.
  2. Owtovit

    The dumbest thing you have done to get high

    yeah i agree with qhorakuna tantani birdseye aren't that hot, hell I've eaten 3 of them at a time without much more than a tingle. But habanero, shit, I only managed to eat half of one and i wasn't able to finish it or think straight for at least 5 min.
  3. Owtovit

    Kratom for Parkinsons symptoms?

    Dunno about kratom, but I remember seeing on tv a couple years ago that a guy in England with parkinsons got relief from his muscle spasms by taking ecstacy. It showed him beforehand, shaking quite badly then he took a pill and he was able to sit still and use his muscles normally... well at least until the pill started to fully kick in :D So maybe just a low dose would be good for sufferers?
  4. Owtovit

    Anybody else here make video's?

    Never tried it myself, but have a look at http://www.winmpg.com/ When I burn movies I just use nero because it can convert video files to DVD or VCD format. I can never get it to record DVDs properly though, I just use it to make the files up and then use CloneDVD.
  5. Owtovit

    m. hostilis probs

    Just wondering... Does sensitive weed contain any actives?
  6. Owtovit

    plants from my garden!!

    Which variety of hops is it? Bittering or aroma? Whoops, sorry 4 replying in trade list forum [ 23. July 2005, 18:43: Message edited by: Owtovit ]
  7. Owtovit

    lagochillus Seeds

    How long do seeds stay viable for? If they last a decent time I'll put in some money and help split the postage Jack
  8. Owtovit

    i found a new fave beer ;)

    The only aussie beers that I can drink are the coopers range and tooheys old, cos they have a bit of flavour to them compared to the other crap. The coopers home brew kits are good too, the pale and sparkling ales come up really nice.
  9. Owtovit

    i found a new fave beer ;)

    how can i get some of these amazing belgian ale yeasts?? Any good homebrew shop should have some liquid yeasts for different styles of beer, each with differing flavours and attenuation levels (how well they turn the sugar into alcohol). All you need to do is buy one and then use it to make up a few starters with some dry malt. Then you just use one of these in your brew and keep the others sealed and in your fridge until they are needed.
  10. Owtovit

    Cannabis makes economic sense

    Well said Gom! :D Now we just have to get the government to at least decriminalize it in QLD
  11. Owtovit

    Absinthe Kits For Sale Apply Within

    Sounds pretty sweet, nice mix of herbs and everything. How much absinthe do these kits make up and what percentage is this stuff normally diluted down to?
  12. Owtovit

    black stone picture

    Heard a story on the net somewhere... Apparently some guy went to Brazil (I think) and bought some cream or something to keep his dick hard for ages cos he wanted to have heaps of sex with the local women. He didn't obey the instructions and used way to much. Apparently his dick was still hard a couple of days later so he went to the doctor, who told him to make use of it while he still could because he wouldn't be able to get it up ever again. Don't know how much/if any of this story is true, but I probably wouldn't go overdoing any product along these lines.
  13. Found this on the web... Its for turing ammonium nitrate into nitrous oxide. Don't know how accurate this all is coming from the web. I'd get someone with some good chemistry knowledge (ie. a degree, *not* just high school chem) to look it over before you give it a go though... I think that potassium nitrate might be able to be substituted, cos it and ammonium nitrate have got kind of similar oxidising properties, but as I've only done chemistry in high school (and that was a few years ago now...) I'd ask someone with a bit more chemical knowledge to inform you if it can be substitued. ------------------------------------------------- !!!!!!!!WARNING!!!!!!!! DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME!!! NITRATES ARE EXTREMELY POWERFULL OXODISERS AND CAN CAUSE *LARGE* EXPLOSIONS IF YOU ARE NOT CAREFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHAT YOU NEED: -------------- o Ammonium Nitrate (NH4NO3) - get a good grade, it's a fertilizer and comes in 50lb. bags. Also available from lab supply companies like VW&R or American Scientific at a much greater cost. o Clean sand. Fairly fine grained (30 mesh or finer.) If you collect your and you get fresh water sand, it will be necessary to wash it thoroughly with water then dry it before using. You must also wash the sand before reusing it. o Electric hot plate (500 to 2500 watt) with variable heat. o Stainless steel dial thermometer. (This is the only metal item which may be used.) It must go to 250 C (450 F). Select the Erlenmeyer flask (next item) and the thermometer so that the thermometer can reach at least within 1/16" of the bottom of the flask through the stopper. o A 2000 to 4000 ml PYREX or KIMAX Erlenmeyer flask. o Several feet of 3/8" clear vinyl or surgical rubber tubing. o At least 4 8mm ID glass or plastic tubing "T's". o 1 120 degree bend 8mm ID PYREX glass elbow, with about 3" of tubing on each side of the bend. o 7 6-8" long pieces of 8mm ID glass or plastic tubing. o 3 6-8 feet long 1.5" to 2" diameter glass or clear plastic pipes. o 1 two hole rubber or neoprene stopper to fit the top of the Erlenmeyer flask. One hole should fit the 8mm ID PYREX glass elbow, and the other hole should fit the stainless steel dial thermometer. o 6 one hole rubber or neoprene stoppers that will fit the ends of the clear plastic or glass pipes. The holes in the stoppers must fit the straight 8mm ID glass or plastic tubes. NH NO ----------------------> N O + 2*H O 4 3 2 2 Ammonium nitrous two Nitrate oxide water Set-up ------ If you've gotten this far - remember - you MUST meet the exact quiality specifications of the equipment list. If you really want a do-it-yourself nitrous oxide generator, you want a sturdy set-up you can over and over and enjoy again and again! See IFF files included for the diagram of the set-up. Assembly -------- NOTE: When inserting tubing through stopper holes, ALWAYS WRAP AND HOLD THE TUBING WITH A CLOTH. Also moisten the tip of the tubing and the stopper hole with glycerin, soap, or spit. (never oil) 1> Into the stopper with two holes, inset the thermometer far enough so that when the stopper is put into the Erlenmeyer flask, it almost touches the bottom of the flask (but don't allow it to touch), and then insert one end of the glass elbow far enough through the stopper so that it sticks out 1/4" to 1/2". 2> Into the six one-hole stoppers, insert a piece of the 8mm ID glass (or plastic) tubing so that 1/2" to 3/4" protrudes from the narrow end of the stopper. 3> Now select your set-up space so that there is 1.5 feet of space clear in all directions around the hotplate, so that the three scrubber pipes can lie side by side where they will not be knocked over. 4> Take approximately 2 feet of the 3/8" flexible tubing and connect one end to the glass elbow in the two-hole stopper, and the other end to the middle of one of the 8mm ID glass (or hard plastic) "T's". 5> With short pieces (select lengths for a neat fit) of 3/8" tubing and another 8mm "T" assemble the INLET SET manifold and connect it to the bottom end of the scrubbers. Stoppers may then be inserted into the lower end of the scrubber pipes. 6> Elevate the OUT end of the scrubber pipes so that the upper end is 6" to 8" above the IN end, but no more, and then fill the pipes with water until they are full within 4" to 8" of the top (outlet) end, and insert the outlet stoppers. Try to fill all the scrubbers equally full. 7> With short pieces of 3/8" tubing and two 8mm ID "T's", prepare and connect the OUTLET SET manifold to the scrubbers similar to the way the set was connected in step 5. 8> To the last "T" of the OUTLET SET (of "T's" manifold), connect a fairly long piece of 3/8" tubing to reach a "safe" location (where connection and disconnection of the receiver bags will not disturb the scrubbers) and secure it. Then put the last piece of 8mm ID hard tubing into the free end. 9> Finally, prepare several receiever bags by inserting about an 8" piece of tubing into the top so that 3" or 4" sticks out of the bag and secure it in place with a rubber band. > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > CONGRATULATIONS < < < < < < < < < < < < < < < You are now the proud owner of your very own Nitrous Oxide Generator. Operation --------- First, prepare a quantity of a mixture containing 1/3 sand and 2/3 ammonium nitrate. Then pour enough of the mixture into the erlenmeyer flask to give 1.5" to 2" in the bottom of the flask. Put the flask onto the hotplate, and insert the two-hole stopper, firmly but not too tight. < stopper is your safety valve while the system is operating.>> --BUT-- WARNING-WARNING-WARNING-WARNING-WARNING-WARNING-WARNING-WARNING-WARNING W W A Once the heating of the mixture in the erlenmeyer flask has started A R you MUST REMOVE the two-hole stopper from the flask before turning R N off the heat. Otherwise as the flask starts to cool off, it will N I draw water from the scrubbers back into the hot flask and may crack I N or EXPLODE the erlenmeyer flask with the steam formed inside. N G G WARNING-WARNING-WARNING-WARNING-WARNING-WARNING-WARNING-WARNING-WARNING Now you may begin heating the flask. Turn the hotplate to medium or medium-high and watch the thermometer. If the temperature climbs very fast, turn the hotplate down, but be patient about turning it up. Occasional bubbles will be noted going through the scrubbers as the air in the system expands. At 210 C (410 F) a yellowish to orange-brown will begin filling the flask, and the bubbling throught the scrubbers will become steady. At this time, adjust the upper end heights of the scrubber tubes so that each one gets about the same amount of gas passing through it. Keep your eye on the temperature, and it should not climb much over the 210-220 C (410-430 F) marks. Also the gas at the top of the scrubbers MUST BE PERFECTLY COLORLESS! Otherwise, turn down the heat setting. If the gas flow is too low to give a steady flow throught all three scrubbers, increase the heat slightly. Once you've run your system a time or two, you'll know what your operating settings are. As soon as the gas flow is steady and clean, connect a receiving bag to the final outlet tube, and allow the bag to fill. It may be necessary to add more amonium nitrate-sand mixture to the flask from time to time -- wear gloves as the flask will be HOT when removing the stopper. It is also a good idea to turn off the hotplate while the stopper is out of the flask. Once you've filled a few bags with laughing gas, you're ready to try some. Just inhale from the bag and hold it in as long as you can. You'll know what to do from there. ------------------------------------------------- Hope this helps you Rev!
  14. Owtovit


    Just had a couple of pipes of blue lotus and sceletium, as well as a couple of beers. :D :D :D It all seems to mix together quite nicely, feeling rather inebriated typing this now. Cheers for the combo idea! Daniel
  15. Owtovit

    Mystery extract

    Very interesting How common is the plant the extract came from? Is it fairly easily available or is it something a bit rarer? Also, have you tried the extract with cannabis yet?