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  1. Splatt

    Wanted Kratom seedling

    Thanks for the info everyone - I wasn't really after seeds I actually wrote seedlings. Do you really think - noone would have this plant available in Australia? It sure would be good to get some for cloning.
  2. Has anyone got any Kratom (Mitragyna speciosa)seedlings for sale/or swap for somni - seeds? Cheers Splatt
  3. Splatt

    p.somniferum seeds wanted.

    Thanks reshroomed - these look similar in flower to my Tazzy's - but the pods seem a bit different shape. If you want to do any swaps for some of your Miners - I've got H&C's, Taz and whispers (burmese strain) Splatt
  4. Splatt

    p.somniferum seeds wanted.

    Hey reshroomed - can you tell me what miners ghosts are??