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    Learning as much as I can from Pacha Mama and the plant teachers.

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  1. grantoss

    Call to Spore Hunters in Northern Rivers area!

    Ok... How shall we handle logistics? A day everyone is free, car pooling? With blues n roots on perhaps somewhere other than Byron for meeting?
  2. grantoss

    Call to Spore Hunters in Northern Rivers area!

    Sweet... 3 is a lucky number lol!! Or should we wait for more??
  3. Hi all, was just putting it out there... Is there any lovers of fungi (spores for mycropscopy only of course) that would like to meet up and go hunting in the Northern Rivers/Byron and surrounding areas? I think it would make a great day out in nature with like mindeds. PM me or reply in the thread and see if we can get something happening! Peace Y'all!
  4. grantoss

    Aya and P-Vid pics!

    Actually the palm with the foot holes is an old Cocus (not sure of spelling) Palm that has been cut off just above where the pic shows. The other Palm is the Chinese fan Palm. Oh man... Love the interest but you are right the friend that sprouted them did not expect such good survival or germination. So you feel it would be safe to up root them and separate them. They were transplanted from a tray 2 days ago. I'd love to space them out more but have been worried about tearing the roots that are entangled. That being said... I will not look a gift Horse in the mouth, if you tell me it's safe then I have some boring arduous hours ahead of me. Thank you Kindly Planthelper.
  5. grantoss

    Best option for cacti potting mix

    Really? Take Bark Pieces out??? I thought the size of them would make for good drainage? I was using the packages of cacti and succulent mix and it seemed to be mainly chunks of bark, it is very expensive for the amount I need and my financial circumstances have changed since then. Thanks for the replies and keep em coming! Cheers
  6. grantoss

    Aya and P-Vid pics!

    Hi all thought I'd like to start a thread sharing my 2 fav non cacti plants! This time of year rocks for these babies, would love to see anyone else's pics that they'd like to share. Peace These lil babies were sprouted in a friends nursery although they are a little close together hopefully they'll do ok! The next one is a P-Vid I had replaced some time ago from SAB, I regret his location but I'm sure he'll get stronger as he grows! Then my jungle of Caapi, there are 3 different species (Cielo, Black and what Torsten called "Brazil Seed" @ the time) that were planted close to one another but they have taken off in every direction except up the palms as planned, can't complain though they really love being where they are and being planted on top of my Daughter (Aya Celestia's) Placenta may have helped them love it too... Only thing is these plants seem to be the fav hang out for a rather Large Carpet Python ( Maybe a Caapi Python lol) that curls up at the base... Will get a pic when he is next at home!!! A dif angle... Enjoy!
  7. Wondering why I have been away for so long!

  8. Hi all, I have just pulled my cacti collection out of the ground as it was not doing very well at all. I am in Nth NSW and I think the rain fall mixed with the soil of the Burringbar Ranges is not fast draining enough for them even though they were planted in the same mass of potting mix they had previously thrived in. Any way I was hoping to get the best recipe for them now that they are to be put back into pots. Can someone please describe opinions on which is the best formula for them to be potted in. I have easy access to a fresh water creek for river sand and stones etc have some gypsum and pots just waiting for the right recipe. Cheers and hi to all after a decent lay off from the forums. Much Love
  9. grantoss

    Behold the Mother Lophs!!!

    They did cost a bit... I thought that if I got hardened old sun lovin Lophs of such age that they would have to be very hardy and not fussy at all. I can get all the cuttings I'll ever need off of them and all would be good, I think I can rectify the problem anyway with help from Torsten and other great people here. I like to keep my greed and material wants to a minimum these days so a bike for living plants is OK for me. I would just be devastated if anything happened to them. One day when I really need money there is always the temptation to look back and say Damn I shouldn't have bought those plants or shouldn't have bought this or that... but as anyone who can self assess knows that answers to the present are rarely found in your past decisions. Peace.
  10. grantoss

    P. Viridis fruit?

    Actually it did Torsten... it had the little white plastic tag with "Psychotria Viridis" written on it. I displayed it proudly for the first few repots and eventually lost it. Anyone that came over I would take them through my plant collection and show it off I wouldn't be surprised if you get some orders from down vic way for P. Viridis and have complaints saying "this looks nothing like my friends one" Anyway next time i will def contact you first mate. But although I thought I could ID a P. Viridis anywhere after the amount of time I spent with my pepino I still needed help from the kind folk on the forum to ID it and confirm it wasn't what I thought it was. Peace everyone.
  11. grantoss

    Behold the Mother Lophs!!!

    If that is all then I am happy with that!!! It has been going through that all its 30 years... I know ants can be a sign of Mealybug on the roots... other than that are they a problem at all? They love to be all over and all in between the heads on this Loph.
  12. grantoss

    Behold the Mother Lophs!!!

    OK so I have been monitoring the Caespitosa closely since posting the photos and thought i might ask for some opinions on something. I have noticed a bit of discoloration and it appears to me to be kinda yellowy/pinky but i would say more goldy/yellowy... (sorry for the crappy description but that is all I can come up with) in a few of the heads. I know the Guy I bought them from had them in full sun and he said depending on the sun (and I am in a very sunny spot) they change color to a pink all the time and back to green depending on exposure. Anyway what are the first signs of root rot? I know the brown parts are fine as he took cuttings in November last year and there are lil heads poppin up from under this area. The only thing I am concerned about is the Yellowing or discoloration as it is not happening to the 50 year old beside it. They are both in the same potting mix that I mentioned above in a previous post and they both have seedlings germinating and both have been flowering heaps. I'm not sure if a Buried a little too much of the area that was previously exposed and that is causing rot or what but any help is appreciated. Cheers. P.S. here is a pic showing the coloring I was talking about but it is hard to capture on camera.
  13. grantoss

    P. Viridis fruit?

    Hahaha Thanks Neo, humor greatly appreciated... On a serious note though I STABBED that zombie necrophile bastard right through the heart with a wooden stake after reading the responses then littered it's corpse with Garlic cloves. Won't be hearing from that living dead plant again in a hurry brother.... Thanks too man I am happy to have such a plant in my collection that will smash cancer. A really great piece of info there, I'm gonna do some more research on that one... Cheers For everyone else, I wanted to let everyone know that SAB has been great in helping me rectify this mistake... Nothin but love for the almighty, all perfect SAB... from the heart yo!!!
  14. grantoss

    P. Viridis fruit?

    Thanks Alice, I have met the people at the nursery and they all seem like great people and they are very knowledgeable. I'm sure that SAB made no mistakes... Corporations make no mistakes because they are dead (hence the name), people make mistakes and they are always forgivable and like you said... No big deal. Peace.
  15. grantoss

    P. Viridis fruit?

    Well thanks a lot for your Uncanny ability to discern my mistakes from the perfection that is SAB. I wish to make you a bet about solanum muricatum if you will?? So just how long would it survive? cos I have all the proof including my account history and my paypal history and even a plant that is still living. My Muricatum must be some sought of freak then... X-plant or something?? I bought it: Order #6602 (Payment Confirmed) Order Date: Wednesday 24 September, 2008 Products 1 xPsychotria viridis Plant [NO EXPORT!]AU$15.00 1 xPhalaris arundinacea 'Picta' PlantAU$4.00 So unless it somehow invisibly died... removed itself from the pot overnight and put another plant the same size in its place then.... u know what? I think YOU must be right. I never knew such genius and developed ESP possessing folk like you moderated forums. Have you applied for a job with the CIA yet?? To me it looks alive anyway, and damned if plants are that sneaky but I guess I wouldn't know... thank goodness for folk like you who DO know and can answer questions and solve problems for dumb ass, plant killing, unobservant idiots like me. Thanks Mate!!! AAAGGGGHHHHH... Freak Zombie Plants!!!!!! Back from the DEAD!!!!