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  1. azza

    Virola theiodora

    Virola theiodora? give me a bit of backgound on what this plant is used for.
  2. azza

    cacti suspension culture?

    any refs? not here in front of me, but i can find some for you if you want. not sure of the plant source for codeine, i will find that also. another pharm produced via suspension i know of is the tropane alkaloids from belladonna. i personally think that it would be possible to produce alkaloids via suspension culture in cacti. such methods may even allow for greater yeild than with standard plant material. however i also know of the amount of research that is required
  3. just a thought, does anyone know of any research that has been done with the production of cacti alkaloids via tissue culture, cf. codine produced for pharmacueticals via suspension culture? Any research done in this field would be huge...but i'm interested if it has been done and if it were possible, in your own opinion.
  4. azza

    increasing potency

    i have noticed this elsewhere - the addition of a supplement, and am very interested in how your results turn out. Has anyone else experimented with certain supplements which act as a precursor to certain alkaloids in certain cactus? hypothetically of course, maybe you know a firend of a friend who you may share acquaitanceship with and if so how were your results. I have yet to find the research paper which conducted these experiments.
  5. azza

    HBRW's anyone

    what about someone over here in WA. any chance of finding some seed? give me yell.
  6. azza

    HBRW's anyone

    and im not far behind zu
  7. azza

    HBRW's anyone

    i looked through the archives and found only a few archives, ethnobotany, suculents, miscellanious, and one other, none of which montioned anything about this topic. is that all the info that has been archived or is there something wrong with my browser?
  8. azza

    HBRW's anyone

    im looking for some HBWR seeds, has anyone got some? azza [This message has been edited by azza (edited 07 February 2001).]
  9. azza


    im interested in ordering some ephadra spp. and am wondering about legallity in WA - laws regarding sending it over here. if anyone can help me out i would appreciate it...