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  1. Looks like I worked out the fruiting strain:


    At the risk of sounding like a capitalist (believe me Im not) we will be selling cultures of this strain shortly so I can pay some bills ;)

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  2. Gday mate - I have plates of a tested strain of King Stropharia and im working on my spawn, a commercial white oyster strain and a feral blue oyster that is very impressive and colonises very quickly, Lepista sublilacina, Calocybe indica, Turkey Tail if you are interested.

    In terms of what I grow at home its mainly piopinno to be honest because it tastes so damn awesome although kind strophs are growing on me. :)

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  3. Hi mate thanks for the response. Yes there are a few feral oysters around. A white and pink species up around Brisbane and Northern NSW seems pretty close to djamor and there was a brown one I found in the Yarra ranges that I guessed was australis.

    The local ones around here always seem blue.

    Results were the DNA sequence was 99% similar to American ostreatus and about 96% close to a similar oyster species - it was quite different from australis and Alan Rockefeller stated flat out that it was ostreatus.