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    San Pedro Cutting Help

    Ok before people get annoyed about asking a newbie question, I’ve searched. But can’t find exactly what I’m looking for. Possibly using wrong search terms... hmm Anyway I just got my pachanoi from SAB and don’t know which way to plant it I remember reading a thread some were that had identification to finding which way is up. But I can’t find it for the life of me Also not sure what to make of the black splotches on the pups, Id though it would be damage through transport, but better be safe then sorry. And is the red normally on the cuttings? J.
  2. Serpent

    cannabis;the evil weed/the man with the golden arm

    Id like to say something, I am bipolar with schizoid tendencies. I am very sensitive with cannabis (and psychedelics) to the point where I can feel something from a crumb. But I was smoking it before I was diagnosed and it DOSE make me very prone to psychosis where i have to be very careful when I smoke it.
  3. Serpent

    Spore collection from old (dried) mushrooms

    Ha im not pro enough to have agar but I will look into it this time round!
  4. I thought I would post this as I had some success with my method so I thought I would share. After loosing all my spore prints moving, I was a bit bummed as they are kind of hard to come buy these days plus I really liked my variety But I though why not try to get some spores from some old mushrooms I had lying around. Out of a total of 8 250ml rice/verm jars, 3 survived with healthy growth which was what I was expecting. I had 3 mushrooms to play around with, the mushroom were quite mature and the caps had a load of dumped spores on them, i used two approaches to get the spores. #1 Using an exatco knife I scraped the top layer of the mushroom cap into a small tray, were I mixed it with water and drew up into a syringe ready for inoculation. #2 Using water already in a syringe with a needle (drawing up needles make this much easier), I injected the water into and between the muchrooms gills slightly agitating as I injected, make sure you catch the water ha Method two not surprising gave a better chance of survival, one of the jars using this method developed some black mold but was overtaken by the mycelium, but is still under close watch :Phehe I will assume you know to sterilize everything that comes close to the mushrooms! J
  5. Serpent

    Sporeprint Give Away

    If you have any left Id love to get back into mycoscopy J
  6. Serpent

    TLC for Psychotria viridis

    I’ve just ordered a viridis, I’ve looked through what I need to care for it. But I suppose I would like some final clarification. So from what I have been able to get online. Soil : Well draining, rich soil? "sandy compost", but what exactly is that. I really only have access to bunnings gardening and I get totally lost when looking for soil. Would the dynamic lifter soil mix be any good? (Dynamic lifter mixed into 'normal' soil) Light/Heat: I live in SE Queensland so it getting pritty hot and sticky, but would it still be a good move to make a mini green house for it? Thanks J
  7. Serpent

    Bugs and Datura

    So my Daturas are finally flowering! But after coming home, I found all the leaves being chewed up by these little bastards. What should I use to kill them? So far they haven't spread to any other plants and I have moved them away. Also, one my more mature plant, one flower has opened, but 2 nice big juicy flower buds have just fallen off? Is this normal or is there something wrong? Thanks J
  8. Serpent

    Bugs and Datura

    I suppose I should have been more clear. They look like tiny cockroach, brown and wedge shaped.
  9. Serpent

    More Datura Porn

    My first flower
  10. Well I have looked around couple of sites now, i carnt seem to find what I am after. I just watched this video HERE and IIRC about the 1/2 way mark they had some monks or similar in a hall chanting. Not words but just sounds, well it shoot tingles down my spine, almost to the point i couldnt move. The closest that ive experanced that before with music, is when listen to lateralus - tool. But this was just unbelievable. I have to investigate this more, but i don't really know were to look. Could some one shead some light on where to find some, maybe sound files of this. Or point me in the right direction of where to look? Thanks J.
  11. Serpent

    The Howard years are over.

    his dancing is awsome though Theres a clip of peter costelo *spell impersonating his dancing lol
  12. Went for a walk and spotted to what i think.... to be Acacia maidenii? This is my very 1st ID, but it seems to match... The prominent lenticels, the twisty pods. The only thing is the Phyllodes seem to wide? Thanks J. also no cutting will be involved, there was some strong winds a couple of weeks ago and there is an abundance of broken branches on the ground.
  13. Serpent

    Youtube vids

    Rudd vs Howard
  14. Sad thing is if they read that, they will probably laugh
  15. Serpent

    Acacia maidenii ID

    O well the search continues thanks anyway Ill get some pics anyway. J.
  16. Well as far as memory is concerned for the short term. I have pretty bad short term, but during the after glow state (3-7days for me) my short term dramatically increases. ?? J.
  17. Serpent

    australia, the racist country

    IMO, to be able to speak English. I know this maybe looked down upon, but this is an english speaking country and when my family immigrated here during WW2 (German) they had to learn English.
  18. Serpent

    A different way to grow Brug

    wow that looks fantastic
  19. Serpent

    Spore Prints!

    they are all gone now, but should have some more in a little wile ;) btw i may take a wile to answer some pm'es, im capped a the moment.
  20. Serpent

    Spore Prints!

    Hey all, been awhile since ive logged in here, due to certain complications. But after some learning and experience i know have a 4 spore prints to give away to the first four who want them Golden Teachers J. For microscopy purposes only
  21. Serpent

    Purple Calea Z. Leaves

    Hey, I got my calea plant in the mail to day So i got stright into transplanting. Now thats done, im wondering is it normal for calea to have purply leaves on the new growth? There is other new growth that is all green? Is there anything else to help my newly transplanted calea grow? J
  22. Serpent

    Dinner for six - cubezilla

    thats awesome!
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    hehe no problems
  24. Made after some inspiration any one else?? Pure Magic
  25. Serpent

    Random Email.... You guys might like

    Ok... got another one