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  1. Raver Buddy

    Meet up: Melbourne

    A buddy is playing an old school, all vinyl, hard trance classics set night before & a bunch of mates are going. So I kinda have to go . All I'll be doin Sunday is smashing out Z's... (-_-) zzZ. Sure hope I can make the next one though! P.S. Any punks on here familiar with growin cactii & succs in mineral only setups? The search engine on here is a bit sh!t so I'm not finding much. I'm really over loosing too many indoor cactii to rot so I figure I may as well try my own mix. Haven't decided yet on whether I'll stick with 100% mineral only (rocks) or whether I'll add a bit of dirt in. The idea seems solid though. So called semi hydroponic drain to waste should be good at flushing away microbes that cause rot rather than helping em grow. Then again I'm just noticing that any home made soil I can mix will probably be a massive improvement on the so called store bought cactus soil I've been using. Says it contains wood chips, peat and one of those porus lava rocks. Like WTF?!? All of these are gonna hold water, grow microbes and promote rot aren't they? --Update-- Okay I think the problem I had with the search engine here was probably somewhere between where the drivers seat meets the steering wheel . As I just found a great post here on the forum, sat down and demolished a whole extensive article on primarily mineral based cactii planting and hear this with no extra fertilsers! Here's the link if anyones interested as has not yet checked it out: http://xerophilia.ro/wp-content/uploads/2013/08/The-Stone-Eaters.pdf Truely an amazing and extensive resource for my future amateur, tinkering & experimental cactii growing adventures.Wish me luck! Now all I have to find is some good crushed rock or rock I can hammer the f*ck out of to make it fine chunks. Seems granite, limestone and maybe some of those different lava rocks like pumice might be some of the best in terms of mineral bases for cactii and possibly ease to find?!? Will have to start hitting bunnings, nurseries and maybe even concrete/aggregate places till I can find something usable. F*ck yeah! Experimental cactii gardening for the win!
  2. Raver Buddy

    Ketosis as therapy

    I've been eating keto for 8 months now after previously being vegetarian for 10yrs. Noticed a big improvement in chronic insomnia and anxiety associated with PTSD. I wonder if some of my drastic improvements for anxiety was not solely due to keto but also because of eating meat or rather the 10yr lack thereof. I know it's purely anecdotal (& contriversial) but I've read of others who've done vegan or vegetarian diets for 5yrs or more having noticed significant health improvment in chronic illnesses after switching to eating meat. Hey Alchemica mate, just a reccomendation, you might wanna consider raising your intake of sodium rather than limiting it. Same goes for Potassium. This is just going off what the doctors from low carb down under lectures and other doctors are saying in regards to a healthy keto diet. Basically in ketosis they are saying the kidneys dump more sodium and this has a knock on effect to potassium I think too so it's reccomended to take more electrolyes on keto. The issues with increase of reported kidney stones in ketogenic diet for epilepsy in children may be because they are using dry fasts. I would not reccomend dry fasting or any stict limits on water, rather the opposite. I think with the added load of ketones and dumping of sodium it's safer to drink more water not less. I think this is where the version of keto used for epilepsy is less healthy than say a tried and tested keto diet like the Inuit diet that's been used for generations. I think the reccomended intake is around 3-7g for sodium and same for potassium but here's a website that has more info if you want: https://www.dietdoctor.com/low-carb/keto/supplements. I started keto primarily for potential benefits for anxiety & depression especially after hearing Mikhaila Peterson and her father Jordon Peterson on youtube. I've got a family member who's pre-diabetic and has been on keto for a few years now to keep their blood sugar down. I've also done a fair bit of reading and researching into keto as a potential cure for epilepsy since I've had a friend pass away from it and another friend who has it still gets seizures despite using medication. Having had chronic insomnia and anxiety for years I've noticed a lot of cross over between the meds prescribed for epilepsy and for anxiety so this made me curius about keto. Since keto is listed on mainstream epilepsy websites with really good results I thought I'd better give it a crack for anxiety. 3 days in I noticed I had a fairly decent sleepy/tired feeling. At first I thought oh I have to catch up on sleep as I'm often sleep deprived with insomnia. I thought about it for a moment and realised the last few days I'd had enough sleep and it was actually the diet! This was a nice relief, to actually feel relaxed and sedated from diet without having to take benzo. I did experience some headaches in the first few days or weeks which I hear is called keto flu and often caused by low sodum & potassium. I started supplimenting with extra potassium and sodium salts & this went away. After 8 months I've had some ups and downs with diet experiements but feel like it's pretty stable now. Here's what I've found... - Significant improvement in chronic anxiety & insomnia. This is not a complete fix IMHO but kinda like an taking a benzo but doing it through diet instead. It eases simptoms but it doesn't cure them IMO. Example: having PTSD, I still get triggered and have multi day bouts of insomnia with quite extreme anxiety. In the past after 3 or 4 days of insomnia of sleeping between 0-4hrs a night and I'd usually be waking in tears or close to it. In the past year I had a couple of the longest multi day insomnia bouts and I realised managing extreme sleep deprevation and anxiety is so much easier for me on keto. One bout was 7 days the other was 9 days (& averaged 3.4hrs a night). - Less anxiety related to hunger or before eating. As a general rule I find I can go longer before feeling anxiety associated with hunger. I think not having the blood sugar crash is a big part of it. Though I have found limits and this is my next point.. - I found intermitent fasting, all day fasting or multi day fasting let to strong anxiety that even continued after a meal sometimes. I tried different fasting methods for a few weeks or maybe a couple of months. I noticed I could definatley go longer between meals but overall if I pushed it too far to the point of hunger repeadely I found I would get panicy. I think maybe due to stress hormones being released or something I found that days I was fasting on even after eating a dinner I would have trouble sleeping becuase my heart was still pounding. I decided rather than go with the intermitent fasting fad to do the opposite. Eat when hungry and if I can I found it better for me to eat more often rather than less. 4 meals or so that are smaller seems better to me than 2 large meals spaced far apart. I mean on keto when I get hungry it's starts as a different feeling than normal hunger. I feel slower, more tired and even notice I'm getting cold. As soon as I eat I warm right up. Suggesting that eating more regular would be better if I want to keep my metabolism up. - Depression I didn't notice an improvement maybe more challenging because of the added tiredness. I found that I had significantly more tiredness from keto which was good for reducing anxiety but it really takes me some getting used to for depression. I've struggled with depression for most of my life and I find having that extra sleepiness in especially in the morning can mean somtimes I can want to just go back to bed or stay in bed. Depression can make most people sleep more but I think being depressed and on keto I can sleep more. Not sure but I feel like I have to make an extra effort in the morning to have a good motivation to face the day. Once I get up if I make sure I have a good meal & have my morning Lugol's iodine then usually 20-30mins later I find I've got heaps more energy and am much better energy wise. A friend who sought expert doctors years ago for keto weight loss said that if I'm tired all the time that I'm probably not eating enough. This makes sence as I know Jordon & Mikhaila Peterson spoke on this. They said if you're not used to eating only meat for a meal, you don't realise how much you need and it's easy to undershoot. I can't say for sure but lets say if keto is making my depression more then I'm okay with it. I'd rather be sleeping more and a bit tired & possibly depressed than crawling up the walls with terrible anxiety. - Ketoacidosis athough a serious life threatening condition seems to be over hyped and generally only affects people with type 1 diabeties (from what I've heard). Basically the keto doctors from low carb down under said so long as you don't have type 1 diabeties and therefore can produce insulin that this is what keeps the body in check and will stop ketoacidosis. Without insulin the keto process has nothing to stop it going into overdrive to the point of the blood becoming to acidic and worse case death. The doctors said insulin is the normal process that turns off ketosis (or gluconeogenesis) or rather keeps it in check if it's getting too high. - There are different methods for testing so see ketones to see if you're in ketosis. Each with their own level of accuracy or innacuracy and may not be worth purchasing. There is a great lecture on the low carb down under series on youtube that goes through these. Basically you've got piss, blood and breath. Piss seems to be the most inaccurate as you produce less of this ketone the further you get into the diet as your body adapts and becomes more efficient. Blood is said to be highly accurate but after reading the review forums I've found tons of reports of the simple diabetic meters from the pharmacy either braking or having results that can be wildly different from doing one test right after another. Since the ketone blood strips aren't cheap and there is pain involved with pricking you finger to do it it's just not convenient for most people to do multiple tests in a row to see if it's accurate. Lastly breath is the newest one. I believe it's using the same tech as is in those cheap crappy alcohol breath testers. Since that tech is often prone to pegging out after a breath or two with alcohol, I think it would be wise to see if the same issues are there for testing the acetone in the breath. I think this is very important for breath testing as they say the acetone they are testing sits in the bottom of the lungs and you need to exhail out almost all breath first. So if you need to do this in such a specific manner to get an accurate reading then it might be good to know if you can do multiple breaths in succesion or if the meter pegs out and gives false positives after 1 or 2 breaths like they do for alcohol. Bottom line I can make for testing is do you need it? If it's purely for safety reasons to make sure you're not getting into ketoacidosis then yeah a cheap piss test from the pharmacy might help. Otherwise I think a lot of the other methods are quite needless if you really are serious about making the diet a healthy lifestyle choice.
  3. Raver Buddy

    Meet up: Melbourne

    What are the deets on this plant sale at the bot gards eh obtuse? Like what time does it go till? Will they have a good range of small collectors cactii you reckon or more just massive big f*ck off plants? Would love to go but looking unlikely for me for 20-21st with the other stuff I got on but if I can't I'll at least tell my ethnobot friends about the plant sale.
  4. Raver Buddy

    Meet up: Melbourne

    I don't want to make problems with your date. Just thought I'd ask would Obtuse & others be available or not for another day than the 21-Oct? Weekends of 13, 14-Oct or 6, 7-Oct? If not that's okay just wanted to ask as I can't make the 21-Oct. I have a hard trance vinyl record night on (Tr!p @ Northcote) and birthday smashing to be done on that weekend. If 21-Oct is only one that works, don't worry I will just hopefully have better luck next meetup date.
  5. Raver Buddy

    Meet up: Melbourne

    ^^ Should I start a thread for a VIC camp to see if maybe there are more people interested or do you think mostly everyone got contacted from the regular VIC meetups? Failing this yeah I'm for sure up for another regular meetup. How bout a garden in the Eastern suburbs this time? Francois had some good suggestions and trams go right by. I'm thinking well seriously of making the massive mish up to the NNSW camp even if I have to do the drive alone over 4 days... fuck it! I need a holiday & why not spend it with awesome peeps like you guys! Also the weather shd be a bit warmer up there and I've always wanted to visit Byron, Nimbin & Mully. What better time than 20-Apr when there will likely be 420 day events/celebrations on!
  6. I'm also planning to be there. I'm looking to make the massive mission from Melbz. So hey, Obtuse & others, I'm keen for a road trip. I've offered my carspace to Francois le Danque. At the moment he's keen but unsure if he'll be able to make it. I should know in a couple of weeks if he's in or out in which case I might well be up for a driving buddy. So feel free to PM me (or if you have his phone number from the meetups in Melbz then give him a call and he can pass it on to me). Otherwise if ya just looking to convoy and have your own wheelz, I'm down with that too. I'm planning to arrive to Nimbin/Byron/Mully by Thursday night so I can spend the daytime on Friday checking out whatever interesting things will be on as seeing as it's 20-Apr (AKA 420) and probably some events worth checking out. I'll hope to arrive at the camp Friday arvo.
  7. Raver Buddy

    Meet up: Melbourne

    Yeah I need to be added to the PM. I was chatting to Amazonian at the last meetup about planning a camping trip. So I'm super keen. I was at the last 2 meetups @ the Bot Gards.
  8. Raver Buddy

    Flat earth debate

    What do you guys think about the phenomenon of this earthshine or no earthshine issue from the solar eclipse last year in the USA? I've seen some amateur telecsope photography from last year and there seems to be no earthshine in the dark part of the total solar eclipse (ie nothing but black). On the other hand space.com and various other NASA affiliated websites show the moon in the darkened part of a solar eclipse known as "earthshine". Has anyone run photo forensics to see how widespread there might be re-circulated photo shopped images claiming to be real?
  9. Raver Buddy

    Meet up: Melbourne

    ...but I was on the cans, so I kinda needed to water the rose bushes, often. I'm well up for another meetup before easter such as in March. Bring it!
  10. Raver Buddy

    Flat earth debate

    I really enjoyed watching the movie documentary called "The Principle" Narrated by Kate Mulgrew (the actress who played Captain Janeway on Star Trek Voyager. It was a real eye opener in terms of explaining each of the common theoretical physics models we use today, the progression and history and helping me to knock down how solid I thought some of these various models were. It's funny you say that because I thought it was the other way around! I'm only an amateur at best when it comes to physics but when I hear people like professor Julius Sumner Miller or Professor Laithwate talk it always facinates me as to how much we may probably don't know. It seems like the area is ripe for new discovery! (Laithwate invented the mag lift train technology and used to demonstrate how gyros counter act. Once of his experiments (that I believe pissed off the Royal Society) was were he would kind of counter act what we think of as "earth's gravity" by spinning up a heavy weight to high speed he was then able to easily lift it over his head. Before spinning it up it was way too heavy for him to lift over his head!). Here's an example of Professor Julius Sumner Miller who starts out his lecture on magnitism with this quote: "I'm Julius Sumner Miller & physics is my business and our very special business today, I have entitled 'Adventures in Magnetism!' This is a marvelous subject because it is filled with enchantment and with many things we do not understand." Here's the vid of Prof. Miller. Facinating experiments & stuff! https://youtu.be/C4EWxTTGW0s?list=PLxA8_oP9TgCYILhcl1oXX6pAWQLffhUF1 Also if anyone can explain how magnetism bends the light out of a Ferrocell I'd love to hear your thoughts! I bought one of these for my birthday around a year ago and love showing people the different beautiful 3D geometric patterns of holographic light beams that come out of it with different shaped neodymium magnets next to it. Ken Wheeler has a few videos where he attempts to explain some of it but he says that how magnets work is supposedly beyond Maxwell Equasions, Faraday or Tesla's documents that we currently have. Is this true? His youtube name is Theoria Apophasis and you can find the vids if you just seach youtube for "Ken Wheeler Ferrocell".
  11. Raver Buddy

    Flat earth debate

    This quote reminds me a little of the discussion I've heard surrounding the supposed constant "big G" from some parts of the physics community. I've heard interesting lectures to say that supposedly even after hard digging it is diffucult to find solid evidence for a fixed value for this supposed "gravitational constant". Although much of this goes over my head in terms of how they try to measure it (I was never very good at physics), I think I understand what they are getting at when they say there are major issues when it comes to replicable experiments for gravity and I think that maybe why it relates to a measurement issues. (Eg who commonly has a lab in their basement that is supposedly far enough away from the earth's "field" or "force" (that we call gravity) to test this "force" in terms of other objects that may or may not have their own "field" or "force" (that we also call gavity). Bottom like, it's kinda crazy and facinating for me to see physics experts give a lecture where they pretty much seem to destroy much of the basis for what we think of as the law of gravity and rather they seem to have almost reduced it to nothing more than a theory and possibly even a somewhat flimsy one at that.
  12. Raver Buddy

    Flat earth debate

    I came across a few interesting finds in the last year or two researching this topic... When you see the numerous photos and videos of the skyline of the city of Chicago visible across the massive distance of lake Michigan the bottom of the tallest buildings all seem to be hidden below the horizon line. The missing bottom of the buildings is often attempted to be explained through the calculations of supposedly accurate earth curvature measurements. I found it interesting when I realised that the same phenomenon of the bottoms of the buildings dissapearing can also be attempted to be explained from just simple 1 point perspective drawings of the vanishing point. This is similar to the phenomenon in the picture from my post above where it shows the parallel train tracks converge or the same height telegraph poles get smaller the further away. I do have some hand drawn 1 point perpective drawings that might help to demonstrate what I'm talking about with the buildings. I just need to scan them and can probably upload tomorrow if there's interest.
  13. Raver Buddy

    Flat earth debate

    I suppose you might also be able to say parrallel or convergence is also relative. Before long you might even follow the train of logic to say everything is or at least could be relative. Maybe the more pertinant question is relative to what or whom?
  14. Raver Buddy

    Flat earth debate

    Seeing as this discussion thread seems to have devolved into a who's who of "Yes it is flat!", "No it isn't flat!", I thought I might lighten the mood with this picture I took out the front of my place... One day I strangely found this in the front of my driveway and I can say without a doubt that it looks pretty damn flat to me.
  15. Raver Buddy

    Meet up: Melbourne

    I also do like Francois' suggestion of a park in the eastern suburbs for a future meetup. The one near the 70 or 75 tram line west of Hawthorn Station. Sorry if I wasn't my usual conizent self. The dual 4hr sleeps over the last 2 nights kinda turned Saturday into "Scatterday".