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    Ethnobotanical Beer

    I'm a few weeks away from buying a home-brew kit. I'm wondering what else can be brewed in beer to give it a distinct ethno feel. I'm talking legally, and hypothetically here. I'll be brewing a few different types, but the first type will probably be an ale or stout, as I'll just miss summer by the time i set everything up and a brew is ready. So I'll want my 'winter' beer to be warming, and relaxing. Something I could kick back with on a cold night. EDIT-What dissolves in alcohol?
  2. DocAzz

    Visuals on acid

    I think I've figured out why I have problems with visuals on acid. My brain won't let me see them (or hear the auditory hallucinations). Everything starts to warp, then move back. Its all constantly swaying in an out of reality, even on massive doses. I figured this out last time, when the TV was on. Everything on TV looked exactly like how I had pictured a typical acid trip should look like. The rest of the room even stopped moving, and the trees and stars outside looked normal so long as the TV was in my sight. It is as if my brain "unleashed" the acid in the space of the screen, because I had no real point of reference. There is nothing to say the movie didn't actually look like that, as I had never seen it before. The same happens with music - if I haven't heard the song before then it always ends up being really quite bizarre. I was starting to flip out last time, as my friends are big on musicals, and one is starring in a local production of Jesus Christ Superstar. So this was playing. I felt like I was getting told off by christ! I quickly ran to the laptop, and put on some Rammstein (that I know inside out) just to have a point of reference. It's also why I liked DXM (the only other hallucinogen I have had experience with) as it completely removed me from my surroundings, so all the visuals were really intense! Weird ay?
  3. DocAzz

    Current Blotters

    I got the idea from Sphinx and his thread "Strawberry - blotter" Just wondering whats going around, and what people think of them... where legal, of course. A foaf has a stack of these Hard to explain the effects - No real visuals to speak of, although things look a little different. Its a real fun time on it - everything is fantastic and funny. A doco came on, while he was laying in bed, about the weather. A group of scientists made their way to Darwin to study their monsoon season. He taped it to watch it again later, just to make sure it was actually funny, and not just the cid. Dead boring - except for seeing the darwin scientists standing around in shorts and thongs. The mind raced at a million miles an hour. It made meditation impossible, but he didn't give two shits as he was having an awesome time. Him and his brother, and some other mates, ordered more and more!
  4. DocAzz

    Current Blotters

    They were so fucking amazing, it really wasn't funny. the trails - holy shit! when you turned your head, the whole room trailed, not just your hand or a light source... it was 12 hours SOLID visuals, the colours were so vibrant! I've never had anything like it ever...... WOW
  5. DocAzz

    190 proof

    You'll find a couple of bottle shops that sell a 500mL bottle of 95% vodka - for atleast $55 I'm sure some forum members have access to certain solvents of interest
  6. DocAzz

    Vote for your favourite dissociative?

    I've never drank the cough syrup - whats the point when you've had pure powder??? No need to even try the extraction myself. How much DXM did you ingest to feel charged "back in the day" ? Sounds like one bottle tops, which is no more than 600mg - I'm talking atleast 1gram of pure.
  7. DocAzz

    Current Blotters

    A foaf says he's gotten the best visuals, so far, from DXM. FYI: He hasn't had a fullon DMT, Sally or K-hole yet.... but a fair amount of cid, and mushrooms. Fortunately for him, he gets pure powder.... so one doesn't have to drink down two bottles of cough syrup!! He loves every thing about it, except for the hang over. It SUCKS!!!
  8. Cheers Paradox! Thats come good Mate, mate Will be ordering some more soon!!
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    ~~ RETRACTED ~~ It seems I had the wrong idea about Agar - pardon my ignorance And Thanks to Harry for his help!
  10. DocAzz


    Does anyone have agar (pref. already in petri dishes) for sale?? PM me please!
  11. DocAzz


    I topped my advanced organic class, and i still wouldn't touch it.... yet. ;)
  12. DocAzz

    Anyone like NIN?

    Ha! I'm going friday night with a head full of acid Can't wait for it!!!!
  13. DocAzz

    Drugging Other People

    Here is a story I've found: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Lets call the two people in this story Mr.Black, and Mr.Green Mr.Black was over for a couple of drinks, and he had a few cones too. They got to talking about psychedelics, and Mr.Green mentions Sally. Mr.Black has no prior experience with psychedelics, but is curious about Sally. Mr.Green has enough left for one cone (10x) and offers it to Mr.Black for free. He gives Mr.Black a very basic rundown on Sally, and what he can expect physically, but didn't mention anything about its historical usage or any trip-reports. Mr.Black was happy to give it a go. He took it all in, and held it. At T+0:30sec Mr.Black burst out laughing, and then suddenly slumped right down into his chair at T+1:00 and then slid himself down onto the floor. He wasn't responding to anything, but his vitals were fine. T+2:00 he started to ramble, and gradually began making more and more sense, until he was sitting back up on his chair, and was talking quite coherrently at T+5:00. He was then quizzed about certain aspects of the trip. Did he feel a female presence? no, nothing like that at all. What colours did he see? The most beautiful green he'd ever seen. The main part of the trip was still a little obscure to him, and he needed a little more time to put all the peices of the experience back together in his head. He did describe it as truly amazing, and told Mr.Green to find some more, as it is well worth exploring. Mr.Green will quiz him about the experience again soon. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I found it a really interesting in this story that Mr.Black had no prior experience with the drug, and knew nothing else about its effects and hadn't read any other trip reports. Does having prior knowledge of a drug predetermine, atleast to an extent, a trip? Mr.Green has felt Sally before, but he was expecting to... It certainly seems in the story that, although the drug wasn't administered without warning, it was given without any information other than what Mr.Green believed to be entirely necessary. The effects certainly were positive in this instance!
  14. DocAzz

    Tender (pissweak) lungs

    Ok here's the deal: I've never smoked cigarettes, and I've only had a couple of puffs on the sweet leaf. Neither appeal to me. I've come across a few substances of late that I really would enjoy smoking, but have found them to be too harsh for my poor little lungs. What I'd like to know is how I can train my lungs.... Do I really just need to sit down and start pumping a few cigarettes into me a day? cos the thought of that really doesn't rock my casbah! Is there something really quite soft and easy (and enjoyable nonetheless) that can be toked to build up tolerance? Or is there something that can be smoked beforehand that has a numbing effect? The only time I really smoked pot, I initially coughed my guts out. I then grabbed a bottle of vodka, sank a quarter of it, waited 2 mins, and then got stuck in. No one else was impressed because I completely smashed the rest of the stash while they were watching in amazement!! Please help out my sorry excuse for a pair of lungs....
  15. I believe in logic, which is subjective... and thus, doesn't make a great deal of logical sense. For example, I think that logic dictates that there is a creator. It just seems so illogical that all that exists is random. The infinite complexity of nature (and the human body) just cannot be random. I think everything in nature (and pretty much everything else) has a purpose for existence. I don't think evolution is all that logical, it is just a means to explain certain observations. I don't think christianity, or any other man-made religion, is logical either.... honestly, where does a 300kg fat man get off preaching about self-control?? (sorry buddhists, but someone has to say it!) I could go on for a while, but my point is that someone else reading this will deduce that what I have said isn't logical. That is entirely up to the reader. Whatever floats your boat and agrees with your own logic is good for you. btw - no beliefs, only suspicions: too true!
  16. DocAzz

    Road Trip to Oberon

    Hey all, I've mentioned the idea to a couple of peeps, and I've gotten quite a positive response. I'm just tossing it up in the air right now, as I don't have a specific date in mind. As Oberon is only a 3ish hours out of Sydney, it leaves a few options: 1) Head up there one morning, make a day out of it, and come back at night. 2) Head up there during the day, go out collecting, camp there for a night (or two!) and then head back. Is anyone familiar with the town? Camping grounds etc etc? Its generally my style to just wing it, as the worst case scenario will mean I sleep in the car, and that doesn't bother me in the slightest... but it might be a prob for anyone else sharing a spot in my car having to put up with my snoring! Any out-of-towners wanna come? If so, we'll try and wrap the dates around you! Any one got some dates they would prefer?
  17. DocAzz

    Road Trip to Oberon

    too easy - I should be up there saturday, but i haven't worked it out yet. might have to wait till next weekend...?
  18. DocAzz

    cop jokes

    Man ya told that asshole stretcher joke all wrong!! It's meant to start off as "sphincter stretcher" so people don't pick up on it until the end. Its a long one, and ya gotta work people up with it, like you're working a sphincter.... so use alot of finger and hand motions. A guy got pulled over by a copper for speeding, and being a smart-arse copper he asks the driver if he was in a hurry to get somewhere. "Yes, actually I am, officer... I'm late for an important appointement for work." When the cop inquires about his job, the driver replies "I'm a sphincter stretcher." Dumbfounded, yet curiously aroused, the officer presses for more information as to what this job actually entails. The man explains "first we start off with your ordinary run-of-the-mill sphincter, officer, we lube it up and give it a little massage *makes a circular motion with his thumb* to loosen it up. The whole process, officer, is quite long... so once its ready, I'll penetrate the tip of my thumb and make slow circles stretching it ever so slightly until I can fit a second thumb in there. *now making graphic thumb motions* When that gets wide enough, I'll then slip the first two fingers on each hand in, so i can get a bit more grip on the sphincter, as this makes it easier to stretch out at a faster rate. I'm trying to work it so i can get all fingers in there, as obviously, using two hands makes the stretch easier to do. Once this happens I call my assistant in. He'll grab one side of the sphincter, and I take the other... we are trying to stretch it until its roughly 6 foot across..." The copper interjects with "now what in the fuck do you do with a 6foot asshole??" "Stick it in a blue uniform and give it a radar gun." Well I shouldn't really say the original joke was told wrong, I just improved it
  19. DocAzz

    Road Trip to Oberon

    Ok, well I've come up with a plan, but it will require me to run it by my mate who lives in wentworth falls - as the plan involves using his house as a place to cook up the edible mushrooms picked before going on a bushwalk! Basically it goes like this, let me know what you guys reckon: Get up to his place at Wentworth Falls early-ish on a saturday (maybe even this saturday?), drive out to Oberon (its only an hour-ish from Wenty) and pick some goodies. We'll get back to his place in the afternoon, cook them up, then go for a bushwalk in twilight. Or even just drive up to Katoomba and go picking there... All depends on my buddy!
  20. DocAzz

    Road Trip to Oberon

    Sorry fellas, I can't make Oberon anymore. A massive workload just fell in my lap over the last two weeks... I can see that you've noticed I haven't been around for a while! I could probably fit in a day trip...? I'm generally up wentworth falls/leura way fortnightly regardless, so I'm happy to go just a bit further up to Katoomba for a hunt.
  21. DocAzz

    Tender (pissweak) lungs

    Nice one - thanks guys!!
  22. Based on the fact that it will be coming out of the ground regardless, you'd obviously rather the profits staying with BHP by the sounds of that comment! How do you figure thats a fair way to do it? I say, its in our country, therefore it belongs to everyone in the country. That aside, I really don't follow how you concluded that we'd be poorer selling our product? It will be leaving the country via exactly the same means as it currently does, but instead of the profits going to a select few group of people, it will go to the entire country. I think if you read what I wrote, you'll find that I was using BHP to illustrate a point, and not suggesting that we merely piggy-back them. I'm saying we're a naturally rich country, but not a rich people. Use any example of a third world country, and how lucky we are already - It is their sovereign right to rule their country anyway they see fit. If they can't figure it out for themselves, that is essentially tough luck until the time comes when we can fix our own problems, rather than instantly looking abroad for a problem we, ultimately, have no influence over whatsoever! I agree the state that Tibet is in is attrocious, but China is the next world superpower - there isn't one goddamn thing we can do to change what they want. Who said I was a capitalist? Since when was sharing the wealth among the people called capitalism? I agree that alot of work needs to be done - If I had my way, there would be a goverment supplied solar panel on every roof and that is just one example. It just shits me when people look overseas for problems to solve (or tell themselves they can help solve) when we have our own shit on our plate that we CAN actually help to fix! Thinking globally is just a tool used by the governments to take focus off the stunts their pulling right under our noses. Anytime they point overseas, they're really saying "don't look here." Its a sleight-of-hand trick that magicians have been using for centuries - they direct your attention away from what they're really doing.
  23. DocAzz

    alternative living forum?

    "Off the Grid" or something to that effect. Top idea!!
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  25. I meant shoot me a PM lol Lets just say, for arguements sake, that every natural resource Australia has was owned by all Australians, and that profits from it should go directly to the public. What are the implications of that? Take a look at BHP alone. For 2005/2006 they pulled in a record profit of almost $14 billlion! What if there was a levy on every tonne of ore that came out of the ground? How much tax do you think we'd be paying? Not only would we not be paying tax, but from BHP alone, the whole country would be millionaires... we could have world-leading infrastructure/health-care/education etc etc Remember, this is just BHP alone... they aren't the only ones using our natural resources. Why doesn't this happen? They figure "donating" to a few politicians, and their campaigns, is better than giving to the whole country. The politicians are focused on immediate gain rather than working for their country. We work for them, not the other way around. Not the way it should be. What if the only companies allowed to use our natural resources were state-owned? Russia does this with their natural gas, with which they supply most of europe, through the state-owned Gazprom. The problem in Russia is corruption further down the line. Don't you think that our own resources are rightfully ours?