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  1. Hey everyone, I posted a while back about some tickets I needed to sell off since I can't make it anymore Both tickets have gone to happy homes, but I do still have one pass for a powered campsite. Free to anyone who wants it Cheers, and happy EGA
  2. Hey all, nice to join you. If anyone hasn't purchased their EGA tickets yet, I have 2x early bird tickets plus 1x powered campsite. I can't go as I've just relocated overseas. I originally offered them on Facebook for $750, less than the $805 I paid, just to see them off to a good home. But no-one seems to want 'em, so if anyone here is interested feel free to bargain. I hate to see them go to waste (and to not recoup any of the outlay, let's be honest). Happy to show proof that I actually have the tickets and ID to match