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  1. I wouldn't wish that upon my worst enemy
  2. They look fantastic mate! Here are your plants, first off the awesome Oscar x Helen mutant (1st pic is from last year, September 28): --> The named misplant hybrids (same thing, 1st pic from when you came by): --> The mystery mix (2015?) plants: --> Gorgeous blue coating on the Psycho0 x Sharxx Blue Really love those plants man, can't possibly thank you enough!
  3. Sorry I wasn't as welcoming as I should have been, my plants being at my parent's house make things complicated and i was at a bad place in my life at the time. Hope the winter wasn't too harsh with your plants. Will definitely post pics tomorrow.
  4. Beautiful army of scops man, you're really gifted with raising trichos from seed they're all so uniform, congrats! The plants I got from you last year are powering along, the Oscar x Helen mutant especially has grown a lot I'll post some pics. This graft is shining for me at the moment, Psycho0 x OP. I don't dislike the Yowie x Scop "Brad" next to it either.
  5. Hey guys, A friend and I recently launched our website for the sale of Mitragyna speciosa seeds: m2seeds.comWe source them from a professional kratom farmer in Malaysia we've been in contact with for a while, not far from Kuala Lumpur. I did a giveaway of some of these seeds a few months ago.We currently have 2 strains available, but more coming soon: Green Malay (local name "Urat Hijau") Red Malay (local name "Urat Merah") which was originally sourced by the farmer up north near the Thai border so technically this is what kratom sellers call Red Thai. The seeds are fresh and germination rates are great, see below for pictures of some seedlings. We're running a free shipping worldwide promotion until the end of July, check us out! We ship from Europe, if you're in Oz please pm me before placing an order.
  6. That's amazing! Did you put it there as a seedling?
  7. Absolutely stunning garden, I'm drooling over here!
  8. @ElectricDawn So how's it looking now? It sure does look like it has something funky going on in the 2nd pic
  9. Beautiful! Is that a scop x tersch as well?
  10. Really loving those R1 x BB Scop genetics! Fat, lots of ribs and short spined for that age. I just found out I still had some R1 x R2 seeds left, gonna sow them and graft a few as well. Unfortunately I botched the Whiora's. @Master B Would you happen to have a pic of the R1 & R2 parents please?
  11. Inyan do you keep your freshly done grafts outside in the shade? I always bring mines inside in low light, not even on a windowsill, but your comment made me realize it might not be a good idea. Speaking of Opuntia, I've done a few grafts on Austrocylindropuntia subulata lately, seems like a great stock. Loves water, has leaves, growth extremely fast and has a large cambium. The unions seem to happen very quickly too, only 6 days since I grafted this one and it's already cracking the parafilm seemingly. Here are my smallest grafts, not in terms of scion but in terms of stock. Young hylocereus undatus seedlings. Want to do a kind of tricho bouquet, I had way too many Clyde x Chalaensis seedlings so I thought what the heck let's try it. The test one I did beforehand at the front took. Btw, I followed your advice and purchased some parafilm, loving it so far!
  12. Current favorite of mine, open pollinated Dawson Pasacana from seeds anmember here sent me a while ago. Just love how it looks so far. Took a little while to grow out of this spiny ball stage, this pic was taken 3 months ago:
  13. Just gorgeous, I love 8 ribbed trichos. 4 ribs might be the 4 winds but 8 ribs is a full on compass Lovely spination too!
  14. Holy shit are those some kind of processionary caterpillars?
  15. Was literally about to post the same thing, that presentation was fucking great.
  16. Waiting to see if it pups for you and in what timeframe before I attempt the same thing Would also love to see an update on the one where you grafted several variegated areoles in place of areoles in the stock, if you see which one I'm talking about.
  17. Since the past 5 or 6 months I have been experiencing extremely frequent sleep paralysis, sometimes more than 5 times in a single day. And at least 3 or 4 times a week. I am almost certain kratom plays a big part in that, and on dreaming in general. I have been using kratom daily for over a year, following 8 years of heroin then methadone addictions. I am also a very heavy cannabis user, and prior to using kratom I absolutely never ever would remember any of my dreams. When I began using kratom I started having extremely vivid dreams several times a night and was able to recall them very well when I woke up. I even kept a journal for a while. About 6 months ago is when I was at the peak of my daily intake, at around 35g a day. I have since managed to taper down to about half that. This was when the sleep paralysis started happening. I also had a shitty sleep schedule at the time and had one of the best batches of sedative kratom I ever found, a red "Bentuangie". Most of the time it happens while I'm nodding/falling asleep, and always while on my back. I get this sort of electrical surge throughout my body sort of akin to extreme fear/startlement but not really, a buzzing sound in the ears which amplifies and amplifies, and this feeling of falling a bit similar to nitrous oxide. It is extremely powerful. I am completely unable to move, appart from slight finger movement when trying to move my arms, opening my eyes and gasping/breathing loudly when trying to produce any kind of sound. I can clearly hear myself gasping and I feel very much awake and conscious when this happens. It usually lasts about 15-30sec if I try very hard to make it stop. At first it would last only a split second and the adrenalin from not knowing what was happening woke me up immediately, but I would get it like 5 times in a row when trying to fall asleep, spaced by a few minutes. This was completely new to me at first and I was very worried it was some sort of neurological issue until I identified what it was. I do not get the paranoid hallucinations that some people report, like feeling a presence in the room or feeling someone is pinning you down and choking you. The interesting thing though, is that I have been able to do slight decorporations/astral projections/whatever you want to call it while in that state, if I try to not wake myself up and let the experience happen. Which is pretty difficult because the experience is so strong and overwhelming and really makes you panic no matter what. But for example, I clearly remember feeling like I was being pulled by my right leg in an upwards diagonal direction, and definitely feeling my whole body slide along with it. I also had my eyes open and the room was exactly my room. At this point I was too overwhelmed and "woke up", and I manifestly had not moved at all or I would have been on the floor and dropped from about 1m in the air. Another time I remember trying to let it happen, and when it got to the point I chicken out I tried lifting my chest to get in a sitted position and it worked. I had my eyes open and my vision shifted perspective just like it normally would when going from laying down to sitting up, but it also sort of felt like my chest and arms were emerging of my actual body that was still laying down, like a ghostly double of my upper body. Woke up shortly afterwards. What is very weird is that although I feel completely awake and conscious when this happens, and my eyes and ears perceive things the way they actually are, there is still some sort of waking-up process, everything stops abruptly and even if my eyes were open a second ago it feels like I'm opening another layer of my eyes if that makes any sense. I really feel like there is something there, and I'm somewhat happy to be able to experience this state and facet of my psyche. Any of you guys are familiar with sleep paralysis? Let's hear your stories!
  18. I was repotting a batch of E. foemina cf. fragilis "Greece" seedlings and I was surprised to see two of them have 3 cotyledons. Coincidentally or not, those tricotyledon ones seem to have been the fastest growers out of the ~30 seedlings so far.
  19. As far as I know, Kathleen Harrison (Terence's companion) still owns the land and the Botanical Dimensions garden still exists. You can find out more info on their website:
  20. Funny synchronicity, we were talking about that on another forum and someone made a great case which I'll try to sum up. My advice is do not buy dried cactus, it's a liability. You buy live cacti because you like the flowers and they're cool plants, but if you buy dried chips it's pretty obvious what you intend on doing with them and there's not much you can defend yourself on. People in the US have caught charges for that before, shroomery users even. More importantly, if you enjoy the ability to grow Trichos legally, buying & selling those chips is asking for a crackdown honestly, it only brings unwanted attention. It's our responsibility as a community to keep this accepted as a horticultural hobby. Not only that, but depending on where those chips are sourced from it could encourage overharvesting in south america like mimosa, if that became common practice. And with the quantities on offer I wouldn't be surprised if it's imported, takes like 50kg fresh to make 1kg of chips. Edit: damn and he's got lophs too, now there's no doubt it's either imported or a trap
  21. That's not true, especially if you have access to the clones which have been analyzed already, but it's also been established that gramine is not soluble in naptha.
  22. I have been growing my variegates indoor under lights after burning a couple of variegated loph seedlings in the sun, but I want/need to move them outside. How do you guys care for your variegated trichos, and what kind of position do you give them to avoid burning but still get good girth and avoid etiolation?
  23. I guess that would be 2-(1H-Indol-4-yl)-N,N-dimethylethanamine DMT is 2-(1H-Indol-3-yl)-N,N-dimethylethanamine
  24. Thought this listing might be of interest to you Inyan, doesn't even look like a tricho to me but the seller seems pretty reliable even though everything he sells is wildly overpriced. Purple Crested Pachanoi from Thailand:
  25. Not sure what you mean by wrapped around, but basically, DMT with a hydroxy group on the 4 position of the ring is Psilocin (4-HO-DMT), with a phosphoryl group it's Psilocybin (4-PO-DMT), with an acetoxy group it's 4-AcO-DMT.