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  1. The only issue with localbitcoin is you're basically gonna pay quite a big premium compared to the current bitcoin price, especially if you don't want to have to provide an ID. All the exchanges that you can buy BTC on with fiat will require ID verification one way or another. I found Coinbase's process to be the easiest tbh. You should be able to use a smartphone camera instead of the webcam, they send you a link via SMS, you click that link and from there you can upload pictures of your ID, recto & verso. I'm not looking to sell any btc right now or I would have sold you some Horsey. I would definitely agree with Northerner that right now the gains to be made are in altcoins, not bitcoin. Although I just saw bitfinex has printed another 100 millions tether dollars, so it could mean another btc bullrun is brewing... EDIT: you could also try to find a bitcoin ATM near you to buy from, there seems to be quite a few over there in the UK:
  2. How many months has it been? I also have some rooted leaves that have been potted for over 3 months now that still haven't sprouted but from what I've heard 3 to 5 months is the timeframe we're looking at. Albas seems to sprout faster, all 6 of my pieces of leaves planted at the same time as the viridis have now put out plantlets.
  3. That's a goddamn good question because I topped some of mine and they seem to be dying. Not sure if it's because of them being brought inside or because of the topping. I'm still assuming they can sprout "branches" from the base of the leaves.
  4. I've never taken cuttings from mines so far but I believe you could just snip the top and root it in a glass of water. Best way would probably be an aeroponic cloner imo.
  5. You can plant those directly, they sprout easily. P. brachy doesn't spread through rhizomes, it will only make one stalk per seed, but it's much thicker than P. aquatica or arundinacea. It can be propagated by cuttings though.
  6. Hahaha so true Notherner! But for us the way I see it it's the pullback we've all been waiting for, time to heat those credit cards up.
  7. Hey guys, I have an opportunity to buy this plant on the cheap, it is labeled pachanoi but I'm 90% sure it's a scop. That would be a great deal considering the prices scops yield around here. Let me know what you think, thanks!
  8. Thanks a lot for the answers guys, scop hybrid is probably right. Although I didn't think about the cordobensis route, could be too like Halcyon said. Either way I ordered the plant I think it looks nice. Will post some pics on arrival.
  9. Lmfao that news article bardo, Aussie tricho markets are a bubble! For real though, never seen these kind of prices on european ebay, last time I saw a comparable cut it was a variegated pachanoi "Saquarema", a good sized beautiful cut, and it went for around 170€. As far as hefty price tag though, right now there's these gorgeous loph crests I'm drooling over :
  10. An early adopter of bitcoin is donating 5k btc (about 86M usd) to six different charities, including MAPS: Worlds collide
  11. Hey guys, I have a dilemma. I've been selling Phalaris brachystachys seeds on ebay for a little while and lots of people have been asking to buy rhizomes of my sought after clones (namely AQ-1, Big Medicine, Turkey Red and Yugo Red). Should I go ahead and put some up on ebay, or do you think these genetics should remain in private circles? I believe these genetics should be spread far and wide, but at the same time I highly respect the work of the breeders and the history of trades within the community. I know WorldSeedSupply does sell some YR and BM clones, though. What do you guys think?
  12. Hahaha SABcoin to the moon! Buy it to support the server costs and use it to trade plants & seeds with other members! But yeah, everyone and their mother are trying to cash in on the ico craze, it's basically kickstarter but with more profits and no obligation to deliver lmao. You got all types of people who have no clue about blockchain launching and or backing ico's these days it's hilarious. For example rappers (Ghosftace), boxers (Mayweather), actors (Jamie Foxx), basketball players (Dennis Rodman) and whores (Paris Hilton).
  13. Haven't heard of this ICO but It's not well rated on icobench, I'd personally stay away: Even if the project is the most amazing project ever keep in mind ICOs basically run on hype and marketing. If you see everyone talking about an ico, it could be a good one to get in and dump as soon as it hits an exchange. Unless you're looking at long term, then it could be a good idea to invest if you really strongly believe in the project, but even then it's risky and better wait to see how it does and what exchanges it gets listed on if you're going for the long term. A friend of mine made 11x his investment in Electroneum a few days ago by dumping as soon as it hit the exchange. It has since dropped over half. I remember seeing a lot of hype and shilling around it at the time of the electroneum ICO... Hell I even have the app on my phone from pondering if I should buy in to it or not and unfortunately didn't...
  14. I definitely agree with you but honestly I think what we're seeing now is a simple case of "buy the rumour sell the news" because of the futures. But I'll also agree that I'm biased and don't want to be pessimistic haha. Either way if we don't sleep through tomorrow we should all be fine.
  15. I wouldn't call that a bubble popping, that sets us back what, 5 days of price action if that. A week ago we thought $10k was crazy. Tomorrow should be interesting though with bitcoin futures launching, I'll be keeping my eyes on btc/usdt.
  16. Looks a bit stressed and massively overpriced imo I'd buy the previous one over this one any day.
  17. Just made x2 on $XEM, feels good man Called it in my post yesterday too. This coin is going to the moon and beyond within the next few months, I'm gonna hold some when I find a good re-entry.
  18. Still no slowing down, 17k usd on coinbase and 21.3k usd in south korea! Altcoins are bleeding bad though... I'm holding a few bags but thankfully I was only 75% in alts before the bull run. Could be a good time to buy some alts though, $OMG, $ADX, $WAVES, $STEEM, $XEM, $QTUM, $EMC2 are in a good entry zone right now to name a few.
  19. Of course bitcoin will remain a trader's commodity, like gold is. But I definitely could see a future where you are paid in crypto at your job, in fact Russia and Venezuela both announced their plans to issue cryptocurrencies backed by their oil and gold reserves, and most likely not anonymous of course (bitcoin is far from being anonymous though). Think about it, most of your money is already virtual, you check your bank account on the internet, you are paid directly to your bank account, you pay with a credit card. To the average people it wouldn't make a difference at all, they wouldn't even have to know if the inner workings of their banking system relies on blockchain or not. The only difference is there would be no need for banks, as there is no cash to keep in safes.
  20. I seriously doubt any sizeable correction is going to happen soon, unless some huge bad news strike. The "your coins could be worth nothing tomorrow" argument is bs. Even with the China fud it only took a few months for the market to hit new highs. Same with Mt. Gox. And these were not just waves of fud of people realizing the market is volatile, these were actual huge threats to the bitcoin network. Never try to short btc is all I will say, I hope you didn't sell your btc when you posted about the "rough weekend" ahead. Like you quoted, with so much new people and institutional money coming in the space, it increases demand so the only way is up. I mean, are we in a bubble? Most likely, but didn't some of the earliest companies of the dotcom bubble pull through it and actually changed the world? (amazon, google...) And aren't their current valuation way over what it was during the bubble? I think bitcoin and eth are here to stay, and I think the current valuation of bitcoin is still far under what it could be in a few years when the hype is over and markets become less volatile.
  21. Blockchain adoption is coming, brace yourselves. Hold on to your alt bags, they will recover. Big Bang Theory made an episode about bitcoin where the protagonists realize the bitcoind they bought years ago and forgot about is worth a lot. Crypto kitties are making a killing. There's rumors Apple might be buying $EMC2 which would be their announcement on the 19th. Jamie Dimon from JP Morgan Chase finally admitted bitcoin was akin to gold after bashing it several times in the past. The list goes on and on...
  22. I'm very interested in seeing how that leaf graft turns out, do you have any older ones that took?
  23. Hey, so I was wondering if any of you guys tried using triacontanol (or even just alfalfa meal) on your cacti, and if so what positive or negative effects did you notice it's had? I found triacontanol to be quite effective on everyone's favourite plant to increase growth and yield, so I'm thinking of doing an experiment on some trichos this spring.
  24. I've always grown alfalfa, crimson clover and yellow mustard as a cover crop for my cannabis plants in soil, I mow the cover crop when it gets out of control and let them compost on top of the soil. The clover fixates nitrogen from the atmosphere and then releases it when composting, the alfalfa gives triacontanol in small amounts and the mustard helps prevent diseases and acts as the frontline for bug attacks. But for a couple rounds now I've been using a "booster" product in hydro, which contains tria and it definitely seems to make a difference. I found this side by side timelapse for example, it's even more noticeable on bigger, flowering plants. Curious to see what this product would do on trichos. It basically speeds up photosynthesis. Here's a description of its effects: