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  1. Skunk

    What's the best thing that's ever happened to you

    I have 2 very blessed memorable days. 1) hearing the words Dad from your two step kids. And on days like today 'Father's day' when they do those special things for you. It's blessed to know they consider you their father and look up to you. 2)The day my daughter was born this year and I brought her into this world. When she looked up and reached for my hand. Very humbling. 6lbs 8 OZ of pure joy!
  2. Skunk

    Skunks Adventures

    Sensitive Plant - 'Mimosa Pudica ' Been Struggling with this plant after last fall when I brought her back in for the winter. She just hasn't bounced back and is on the verge of perishing. I tired sowing the last of my seeds about 7 days ago and now visible germination as of yet. Migjt have to source some more seeds and start from scratch. Last fall: Currantly: SkunK
  3. Skunk

    Skunks Adventures

    Ololiuqui 'Rivea Corymbosa' -This one has finally picked up some growth for the past year she has been in a state of Hibernation. Morning Glory 'Heavenly Blue" -There are coming up slow this year with our wacky weather. Hiofully they pan out this year for some lovely deck vines Moon Flowers 'Ipomoea alba' -Been Chasing this plant for a good year. Just has never worked out for me. So here is one last attempt with the Seed I had remaining. One sprout. Hawaiian Baby Woodrose ' argyreia nervosa' - these seedlings decided to pop up in the sowing trays so I'll continue to grow them out as space permits. We sprouts and my 7 month old Vine. SkunK
  4. Skunk

    Skunks Cacti

    Skunks Hybrid Trichocereus Grow: -Well about a year and a half ago I embarked on my cacti journey. I ordered a wack load of Hybrid crosses and began sowing! I have over 20 different types of hybrids. Today I was giving them a once over and have decided in the next week or two I'll have to think about potting most of them up. I gave a quick heads count and came to a rough total of 400 seedlings ranging from 7 months to a year and half old that's only counting my Hybrid Cacti.... looks like I'm gonna have to invest in a pot manufacturing company to get plant pots at a discount. So this will just be a quick show and no tell. When I begin to pot up my collections I'll go into a little more depth and list my Hybrid crosses. Anyhow here is a brief photo journey of the past year and a half. It's been an interesting and educational journey I've learnt so much with this project and can't wait to sow a few hundred more seeds this comment winter. Skunk
  5. Skunk

    Skunks Cacti

    Euphorbia Trigona: Dragon Fruit: SkunK
  6. Skunk

    Skunks Adventures

    Skunks Papaver Somniferum Well last year's poppies were amazing. Such a wonderful garden I'm excited to see what come my way this year. Unfortunately it's been a slow start and we have been having really shitty weather so we will have to wait and see how it pans out. Here are some photos from last year's blooms. (The one next to the cannabis plant, at this time I was a legal medical cannabis grower. Currantly I'm waiting on my medical grow card as I let it lapse last winter, hoping our government was going to change the laws like they had made promises to. . I see the error in my ways as I'm currantly waiting for the paper work to go through b4 I can fire up my garden legally and have to pay for my medicine in the mean time which has been hard at best with a family of 5 with animals been a real struggle the last few months) Currantly my poppies for this season are still a ways off there really isn't much to see so stay tuned I'll share as progress happens. Skunk
  7. Skunk

    Skunks Adventures

    Mimosa Hostilis: -Well last season I had a beautiful Mimosa tree growing she was just shy of a year old and doing really well. Being in a Zone 4b or less I have to bring my plants indoor come fall time. We'll our favriot tree came out of Summer looking like this..... And ended up dying about 3 weeks after bring back indoors for the winter months. To be honest I'm not exactly sure what happened to cause her to take the plunge so quickly but it was a very sad day! This is the last picture I took of her b4 she's perished . About 1 week ago I sowed the last of my 10 Seeds I had remain. Only one germinated into this seedlings. So hopefully I'll have better luck with this plant. She will remain indoors for this summer while I get her established into a decent seedling and hopefully she will stick around a little longer than the last one. She's about 4 days since losing her seed coat so still very young. I'm also on a quest to expand my collection of trees used on our patios around the house and my next goal is to get some Acacia Species germinated and growing. I've had success in the past but lost my seedlings last winter in my absence while we had our baby girl last winter. So this will be attempt #2 to expand into growing Acacia Acuminata ' raspberry jam tree ' -Currantly have one seedling and have another couple sprouts in another pot I haven't taken pictures of. They will follow as progress happens. SkunK
  8. Skunk

    Skunks Adventures

    Yopo - 'Anadenanthera Colubrina' -Sowed 8 seeds about 3 days ago. And this little seedling decided to have a shot at some life. So attempting to make something of it. So here we are at 3 days since germination hiofully I can get it through the first few weeks. I've heard a lot of People struggle getting them past their second set of leafs. I will be sowing a few more of these seeds once my seed Sowing trays begin to thin out this spring. SkunK
  9. Skunk

    Skunks Adventures

    Salvia Divinorum: Here is my second attempt at growing this Plant. My last attempt was successful. I was able to turn 1 cutting into a rooted plant and then make 3 cuttings off that plant b4 life got in the way and in my absence I lost all my cuttings. So this morning I went to meet a friend who is local to the skunk and he gifted me one lovely cutting I was able to turn into 3 quality cuts. I'll root these cutting it straight Spagnum moss like I did the time b4. I'll place them into a make shift greenhouse and mist twice daily for the next week and slowly reduce the mistings and drop the Relitive humidity over a 2-3 week time frame until plants are actively growing. Cutting #1 Cutting #2 Cutting #3 Cutting #4 there was aittle leaf bud sites on one of the stalks I had left over so.decided to roll with it and see if I can get it to root and grow. No loss if nothing happens, but worth the shot. Mini GREENHOUSE
  10. Skunk

    Skunks Cacti

    Thanks for he Welcome MountainGoat, been holding off posting for the last while. Finally decided to join in on the forums. I have lots of cacti to share and properly will have lots more in the future as I expand my collection. Currantly I have a few hundred seedlings at various stages of growth. That's the vast majority of my collection so far. I do have few succulent plants as well and a very large Prickly Pear & Euphorbia Trigona I've been growing for years. When I get the time to take pictures I'll Share all my related plants to this thread. Skunk
  11. Skunk

    Skunks Adventures

    Skunks Psychotia Garden: I'm growing Viridis, Bach#6 (Viridis), Alba & Carthagenensis. Been struggling with these plants due to our dry air. with the new lead cuttings will be setting up a large tararium to try and have a better grow over the winter. Psychotria Leaf Cuttings: SkunK
  12. Skunk

    Skunks Adventures

    Passion Flowers: I'm growing a few different kind of this vine at this time. But only one is mature enough to Flower currantly. Hopefully in the near future I'll have flowers of Panama Red Hawaiian Gold Red Fruited Caeruea Native Passinflora (unsure as to weather is an Australian or Florida plant as I can't remember who sent it to me unfortunately) Currantly I'm going all these vines in one Communal Tub in our dinning room. She's been cut back this fall but usually ita stretched out across the roof and walls. My most mature plant flowers year round. Blessing us with the most prettiest flowers weekly! Has never set any fruits so might be self sterile. Not too sure. SkunK
  13. Skunk

    Skunks Adventures

    Devil's Trumpet -'Datura Inoxia': -Well grow these strictly for their beautiful blooms. Both indoors and outdoors. Our indoor ones bloom almost weekly with is a fine site to see. Our outdoor ones have July begun gpwth so not much to see. Still shitty weather rain rain and more rain. Jimsom Weed- 'Datura Stramonium' -Same as the above SkunK
  14. Skunk

    Skunks Adventures

    Erythroxylum Novogranatense var. Novogranatense: -Been growing this plant for the past 10 Months. She's coming on a treat. Have some more seeds in the mail so should have a couple more seedlings come end of Summer. Plant is about 6 1/2 Inches tall. Since hardening her off to grow our doors this spring/summer and switching to rain water she's been really picking up growth, especially branching out. Hawaiian Baby Woodrose 'argyreia nervosa' -Been Growing this one for about 7 months she's well over 6 feet long and has recently begun putting out shoots from leaf nodes. This particular plant is a house plant growing in a south facing patio window. I have 2 other plants outdoors they aren't doing very well. Growing in a 4B zone is tricky with exotic plants. Being so close to the mountains we get some big shifts in temps at night times and sometimes they can ravage plants.. SkunK
  15. Skunk

    Skunks Cacti

    Skunks San Pedros: -Well I've been growing these San Pedro cuts for about 2 years. I started off with 2 foot long cuttings and have since turned them into 5 plants. My plan now is to grow these out for the next little while. SkunK