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    HI @Mosh, Trent here from Grandawood, SE leads me to this page I did not know you are in this forum too. are you Mr M_k? Since you are interested in incense, would you be interested in shop agarwood chips too? Currently, we have our cultivated oil and incenses (buy 2 get 1 free) on special for Black Friday, Buy 2 get 1 Free (and Free Shipping if over $70)
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    Rhynchites auratus

  3. Would you like to know which trees requiring damages to grow to become more valuable? Trees should be loved, hugged and protected. Trees should be planted healthily. In general, the healthier the trees, the more valuable they become What if we told you that there was one exception to the rule, one species which required the exact opposite to be valuable. We love the damages done to it. We love to wound it, to injure it, to make it painful. We encourage insects to attack it, we drill multiple holes in the tree. In short, we try to wound it so it defends itself. During this healing process, an amazing thing happens, a precious substance was formed by the tree to fight against the attacks, and diseases, this substance is known as agarwood only created by wounded Aquilaria tree. The story is a metaphor for our life. We experience toughness in our lives. If we gave up, we lost the fight. However, just like this Aquilaria tree, we stay strong and fight back despite the odds being stacked against us. Not only we survive, but also we thrive. We create our own “Agarwood” in our lives. When it is healthy, when there are no pains, no wounds, no injuries, Aquilaria is worthless, like firewood In adverse conditions, it thrives and survives. It develops agarwood, known as Wood of God mentioned in the Bible, Quran, and Buddhist Scriptures. Be extraordinary, be unusual and unique, be strong like agarwood, you will grow and live a better life.
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    What trees required damages to grow?

    Thank you for your response. It is Aquilaria Crassna, a plantation product. We have been growing for decades.
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    Agarwood Hydrosol

    Hi Gimli The yield is very small. On average, commercial distiller, 1000 kg of agarwood will give you 1 litre of oil. However, the yield could be double with heavily infected wood.
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    Agarwood Hydrosol

    Agarwood Hydrosol distilled in Western Australia, is available now · Perfect use for Water-based perfume · With Electric diffuser · Room Spray https://www.grandawood.com.au/collections/cultivated-oils-distilled-from-agarwood-plantation/products/agarwood-hydrosol-from-hydrodistillation-cultivated-oud-product-of-australia
  7. Hi All, we have a 20% off for all chips and incenses til tomorrow https://www.grandawood.com.au/collections/cultivated-agarwood-chips
  8. Hi everyone My family has an agarwood plantation site back in Vietnam. I have woodchips and agarwood oil for sale. Available at: http://www.grandawood.com.au/products/high-resin-cultivated-agarwood-chip Wood chip is perfect for olfactory enjoyment and the Oud oil could be worn daily or blended with you perfume Thank you
  9. Sweet like desert wine which has been aged for years https://www.grandawood.com.au/collections/agarwood-oil/products/scent-of-enlightenment-queen-noble-liquid-gold-steam-distillation
  10. Agarwood incense. No perfume oil blended, no sharp or bitter burn note like the $3 in the market, not just 10 minutes of burn but 30 minutes per stick (70 sticks circa in a tube). Agarwood incenses were made with 100% agarwood powder grinded from resinous wood chip with makko powder as natural adhesive and left for "natural fermented" for 6 months. The scent is very quite distinctive, and unique. The scent from the Wood Of God https://www.grandawood.com.au/collections/incense
  11. I was 6 years late to discuss a topic
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    Our latest distillation, super woody scent, 100% pure agarwood oil !
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    @mindperformer, Hi, good on you, it takes 7 years to be healthy enough to "ïnnoculate" or put in simply, wound it to start provide agarwood. It is available in Australia now http://grandawood.com.au/ We have incenses and especially oil which offers various scent profile. Any question please ask Trent
  14. Intoxicating smell, absolute no pungent at all, steam distilled super high resinous heart wood. If you are after some special smell, unique, evocative, something which is rare, hard to find, this is your choice. Sweeter than honey, gets better with age , ladies, you will fall in love with this 100% purity from Borneo province Indonesia ! https://www.grandawood.com.au/collections/agarwood-oil/products/wild-borneo-supreme-wild-oud-oil-steam-distillation
  15. Just a friendly reminder that we are doing a 3-day Expo this Friday 11 to Sunday 13 March. Please come and join us with other Mind Body Spirit people ticket is now online at: MBSFESTIVAL.COM.AU DISCOUNT CODE: 50%: BRISEXVIP16 We look forward to seeing you there Thank you
  16. Cut the log scrap away the white wood We will have wood chip for sales or grind them to make incense or oil distillation white wood scrapped off, leaving beautiful resinous chip. To obtain these chips, it takes circa 10 years, 8 years for the tree to grow and 2 years for the infection spread out. Oil distillation: we use white wood which we scrapped off during the chipping process to fuel as otherwise too much unused wood would accumulate. For wild oud, in the forest, hunters will collect and pass on to us or other distributors, mainly for chips and logs for making beads (jewelry), decor, the below are highly sought after, mainly China, Japan and Middle East Countries. For example like this: This is from Jember Province Indonesia Brunei Sir Lanka What is decor for? Well sometimes for Feng Shui or simply life style http://www.grandawood.com.au/blogs/news/48795331-fortune-prosperity-longevity-natural-agarwood-display-evergreen-forest In Australia, the concept of feng shui is not popular, but "scent" which is evocative. Hence, the oil, incense and wood chips were introduced. If you wish to learn more about agarwood, please go to kyarazen.com, an excellent resource from an incense artisan who has affiliate with no one. He is driven to make incense and obsess with tea and fragrant wood.
  17. Hi Alice, will up load soon but you could see here also roughly, will provide more (please not we only do agarwood oil) Here are some pictures of our distillation factory on plantation site http://www.grandawood.com.au/collections/agarwood-oil/products/agarwood-high-grade-oil
  18. new Wild Oud, merauke oil, steam distillation !!!! http://www.grandawood.com.au/collections/agarwood-oil/products/specialty-merauke-wild-agarwood-oil-steam-distillation
  19. 7 year-old Aqualaria tree with an additional of 2 year of infection to create lovely agarwood inside. It is time to get "oil". 2 days left guys for 10% off before going back to normal. I am also doing an exhibition of MIND BODY SPIRIT at the Brisbane Convention Centre from Friday 11 to 13 March 2016, STALL G31 Use the code below for 50% off ticket. You could use this ticket for the Courier Mail Home Show as well, 2 show for the price of 1. EVEN BETTER 50% OFF
  20. Doublebenno, THANK YOU FOR YOUR POSITIVE FEEDBACK May I please know your name? Where are you based? If you are in Brisbane area, I would love to show you more at my meet up http://www.meetup.com/Brisbane-Wood-of-God-agarwood-health-benefit-sleep-better/
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    Essential Oil Still

    copper apparatus will do https://www.dropbox.com/s/pdmc7f2szyc81f5/f6fc303bdc1e2b1bc10a0c38a89010d6f79287051ad77acffd257a89aa48c410.jpg?dl=0
  22. Thank you for your support
  23. Liquid Gold is back. Available in samples size from $20 Real Oud, not synthetic, very complex scent. Not like oud perfume in the market, even high end one still use synthetic. http://www.grandawood.com.au/collections/agarwood-oil/products/new-agarwood-oil-sample-kit
  24. New more affordable oud oil, does not compromise quality, on sale now $30 for 1.5ml blend with your own perfume, best match with spicy and sweet scent
  25. New floral oud oil, arrived today !