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  1. Malverde

    I like big buttress I cannot lie, and other trees I can't deny!

    Hi, thank you very much. Do you think this little tree... ...could, one day, become something like this? Best regards.
  2. Malverde

    Trichocereus ID

    Hi, thanks everybody. Specially to Evil Genius and Derkshaman. At first I thought most of them could be bridgesii, or bridgesii hybrids, but actually I have no idea. The problem is that in some trunks in the lower section you can find many long spines, but in the top section it is spineless. Two more pics from the same garden: Greetings, and thank you again. P.D.: Hi theuserformallyknownasd00d. It is in Spain.
  3. Hi I know a Cactus Heaven garden where these beauties grow. As the winds break them, I sometimes take fallen broken trunks from the ground before they end in the garbage. I am not very good telling if they are T. bridgesii, pachanoi, an hybrid like Trichocereus bridgesii X Trichocereus peruvianus, or another species. Not all are the same clon. I have a few, and young spines are bright yellow. Some plants have long spines in the lower parts while lack spines in the upper sections. This one is in the same garden. It is somtheing like a T. terscheckii, T. pasacana or another species. I don't know. Greetings.
  4. Malverde

    I like big buttress I cannot lie, and other trees I can't deny!

    Ficus benghalensis Timmamma Marrimanu. All that forest is only one tree. More banyans: Greetings.
  5. Malverde

    I like big buttress I cannot lie, and other trees I can't deny!

    Hi Really wonderful! This is Istan Holy Chestnut tree (Castaño Santo de Istán) And this is William Wallace's yew tree, in Elderslie: Greetings.
  6. Malverde

    Traditional tobacco curing techniques

    Hello everybody I found this in other forum some years ago. I hope it would be interesting for you. Greetings.
  7. Malverde

    Mandrake cultivation discussion

    Hi Mutant I am from Spain. There are Mandragora autumnalis here in the country. Now it is impossible to find them, but when the rains beggin they will appear. There are many legends and lore about Mandrake. Such as you need to tie to them a black dog to dig up the root, or they shout a mortal scream when you dig up them, so the use of the dog. Or you must make a circle around them with a knife or a sword before to dig it up. One very strange is that they, or the better ones for witchcraft, grow under the spot were a man was hanged. I think such stories are known in every country, not only here. Greetings.
  8. Malverde

    Post your native plant pics

    Hi, some Ficus macrophylla growing great far from their home. The first two pics are from the same tree. Greetings.
  9. Malverde

    New members giveaway

    Hi Glaukus Thank you very much. It would be great if you have some Acacia seeds. Anything like A. acuminata, A. courtii, A. floribunda, A. obtusifolia or A. simplex would be great. Here grows Acacia saligna everywhere. And there are a few A. mearnsii, I think. I am not in Oz, so I don't know if you can send seeds abroad. Thanks again. Best regards.
  10. Malverde

    "Every Wattle has it's porn" thread !!! (hope there isnt already one but kinda do too)

    Hi It is beautiful to see de great diversity of Acacias you have. Here I can only find A. saligna, in huge amounts, but that species only. Greetings.
  11. Malverde

    New members giveaway

    Hello I am late. Anyway this is my second post so I think It wouldn't be right to ask for seeds so quickly. Greetings.
  12. Malverde

    Mandrake cultivation discussion

    Hello everybody I am new and this is my first post here. It is nice to see you are growing mandrakes. Here they grow wild everywhere. But now in Summer they are "Missing in Action" like Chuck Norris They usually have fruits and seeds around Christmas. Greetings.